8 Unique Ways To Recycle Your Old Pair Of Jeans


We all have that pair of jeans that can’t be bothered to be worn yet is too good for the garbage bag. We end up keeping them in our closet for no reason, so it only takes up additional space. However, thank goodness there are already many homemakers coming up with unique ways to recycle an old pair of jeans, something that is doable and practical. If you’re going to “Marie Kondo” your home, you might as well grab that pair of jeans and a pair of scissors, and put on your “crafty” hat.

In this listicle, you’ll read all about the wonderful ways to recycle your old pair of jeans, so they won’t end up in the trash bin or at the back of your the closet.

1Recycled Denim Coaster


If you’re new at recycling things and making DIY craft projects, you can start with something easy and simple like this denim coaster made of old jeans. Cut two hem strips from your jeans and glue both ends really tight. You can use a glue gun to make sure your coaster doesn’t easily detach by itself. Roll the jeans hem until you get to the end and fasten it well. You can use these coasters for special occasions such as reunions and birthdays.

2Denim Beaded Ring


If you think that you can only wear jeans on your lower body, then think again! There are many and unique ways to recycle your old jeans, and one of them is turning the small cuts of your jeans into rings. You read right – rings! Instead of throwing out the tiny pieces of your old jeans you have left, you might as well turn them into sometimes really crafty and still useful. Saw on small beads to put colors on your denim rings. To make it easier, use your needle to get the small beads from a plastic container since they’re a bit hard to work with individually.

3DIY Denim Bracelet


Aside from wearing it as a ring, you can also wear your old pair of jeans as bracelets to decorate your wrists! This makes great accessories if you’re going to a denim-themed event like a Cowboy-themed birthday party. It’s a great way to be crafty without spending a single cent on your new project. Like with the rings, simply cut pieces from your worn out jeans and stitch both ends together. You can also use bracelet clasps to hold each end together. You can decorate the seams with beads or laces for more oomph.

4Denim Organizer


Another useful and crafty recycled jeans project you can do is this DIY denim organizer, which you can attach to your wall for easier access. This denim organizer will keep your things in place while making full use of your old jeans. If you have enough jeans to recycle, you can cut out all the pocket areas and stitch them together to create a DIY denim organizer. You can hang this organizer on your wall like in your bedroom or bathroom to organize your stuff while having something crafty decorating your home. You can use this denim organizer to store your belts and accessories, pens, notebooks, paint or makeup brushes, and other similar items that can fit in your jeans’ pockets.

5Upcycled Jeans Seams Coaster


Here’s another design pattern to make your DIY jeans coaster. This is a little harder than the first denim coaster design, but it’s nothing that you can’t do with your own hands. Start by cutting your jeans’ seams and collecting them into a large stash. You can collect as much as you can, so you can make many seams coasters.

To make one coaster, take seven strips and stitch together on both sides. Next, weave the other seven strips through, alternating between going under and over the first patch of strips. Once done, stitch everything on every side and trim the edges for the excess. You can do this with other colored jeans to make colorful coasters.

6Transform Jeans Into Shorts


What’s an obvious way of repurposing your jeans than transforming them into a pair of shorts? If you’re tired of wearing the same jeans and you have enough pairs in your closet, maybe you can let go of one pair to turn it into shorts instead. For this DIY project, you will need your old jeans, a pair of scissors, chalk, and a cup to design your jeans. You can add oomph to your old pair by giving it a floral-inspired design. Use the cups to create the patterns on the hem of your jeans after cutting it to your desired length. This will immediately give your outfit a nice touch even without buying new clothes.

7DIY E-Reader Cover


This next DIY jeans project is a bit challenging, but once done, it will be useful for your and your gadget! This e-reader cover is big enough to carry your iPad or reader. This is particularly useful if you tend to drop your reader. It’s also a nice way to decorate your gadget and have something crafty and useful around it. To make this e-reader cover, you will need your old pair of jeans, organic cotton canvas, recycled wadding or batting, recycled book board or thick cardboard, and elastics. Some measurements are a bit complicated, so if you’re not sure how to do something, ask a professional dress maker to help you out.

8Recycled Jeans Apron


What’s nice about having a pair of jeans is being able to wear it in different ways. For this denim apron, you will need your jeans, 1/2 yard of woven cotton fabric, matching thread, fabric scissors, cutting mat, iron, and sewing machine.

First, cut out the front of your jeans and trim until the end of the crotch seam. Next, take your cotton fabric and cut out measured pieces for the waist tie and hem ruffles. Make sure to sew the ruffles on the wrong side, so when you flip it down and iron it out, it shows the right side. Next, create the apron top using the jeans’ leg parts and stitch the sides with the same cotton fabric. Make sure you leave a long strand for the neck strap. Cut out the jeans pocket and sew on the front of the apron. Finally, attach the bottom and top pieces together. Once done, just cut the excess threads. Voila, you have your DIY jeans apron!