50 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids


Thinking and creating crafts for your kids can be really hard especially if you are that type of person that is not into making toys out of something. But did you know that you can actually create a lot of toilet paper roll crafts from an empty toilet paper roll? Yes, and there are 50 craft ideas you can try.

50 toilet paper roll crafts

1Toilet Paper Roll Fish

If your kid is a fish lover, you might want to try making this toilet paper roll crafts fish. This is quite easy doing, you just have to click here to see the instructions in creating one.

2Koinobori- Japanese Flying Carp

This is also an another idea of fish toy that you can make for your children. Your children will surely love them for they can wave it around the house. Click here to see the full instructions on how to do it on these toilet paper roll crafts.

3Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Ease your kids’ boredom by doing some crafty stuff. If your kids like birds, you can try making toilet paper roll crafts owls. If you want to know how to do one, click here.

4Toilet Paper Roll Cars

Toy cars are always a hit to kids especially to boys. There is no need to buy expensive toy car for you can actually make one for them toilet paper roll crafts. Click here to see the instruction on making a toy car and start this fun project.

5Toilet Paper Roll Watches

If your kids like watches and clocks, you can make one in just two minutes. Click here to know how to make this super easy craft.

6Coffee Tea Cups

Tea party is something your daughter loves to play with her friends or even to her stuff toys. Here is the step by step process on how to make coffee tea cups and start a tea party with your kid.

7Crocodile Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

A great way to introduce kids to animals is by making animal toys. And making crocodile toy for them can be a nice way on introducing them to this fierce animal. Click here to know the steps in making crocodile toilet paper roll crafts.

8Little Monsters

These cute little monsters are perfect for Halloween just a simple for your kid who likes role playing. This actually easy to make and you can let your kids help you in doing it. Just click here to know how to make one.

9Count Dracula Toilet Paper Roll

Be crafty on Halloween with this Count Dracula Toilet Paper Roll crafts. It is actually easy to make and your kids can even help you out in doing it. Click here to know the steps in making it.

10Toilet Paper Roll Bats

Be crafty in giving kids their treats on Halloween. Here is an instruction on making Bats out of toilet paper roll. Don’t forget to tuck your candies inside the paper rolls.

11Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Making a cute little angel is actually simple to make and I’m sure your little one will love it. Here is the instructions on how to make a toilet paper roll angel.

Toilet Paper Roll Angel 2

If you are the type of person who loves painting, you can also read this one on how to make angel on toilet paper rolls. The difference of this one to the other angel toilet paper roll crafts is that you paint the angel the way you want them to be.

12Valentine Bear

This adorable bear is so easy to make where you can encourage your kids in making it. They can use it as a gift to their love ones on Valentine’s Day. Here is the instruction on how to make one.

13Toilet Roll Minions

Minions are so adorable and little kids loves them so much and making one for them will surely excite your kids. Don’t worry, they are so easy to make. Just click here to see the procedure in making toilet roll minions.

14Three Little Pigs Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Children loves story telling. But it would be more exciting to tell a story when there are some props you can use. In this article, you can have an idea on how to make story telling more fun. The three little pigs can be a good start for you for a new way of storytelling.

15Dinosaur Craft

Let your kids show off their crafty side by letting them do their own toy. Dinosaur toilet paper roll crafts can be a good start in encouraging them to be crafty. Click here to get a guide in making a dinosaur craft.

16Marble Run

If you want your kids to just play indoor, marble run can make them busy. It is easy to make but a sure hit to your kids. Here is an instruction on how to make one.

17Groundhog Play Set

Make groundhog’s day a fun day for your children with these DIY groundhog play set. This comes with a groundhog, his hole and a shadow. Click here to get the full instruction in making a groundhog play set.

18Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Turn your empty toilet paper roll into fun and cool toy. An example of this is an octopus toilet paper roll. Click here to know how to do this cool toy.

19Roll Snakes

These cute and adorable roll snakes are so easy to make. In here you will learn how to make one and let your children have fun playing with it.

20Toilet Paper Roll Earrings

Making earrings on toilet paper roll crafts can be a fun way to make your daughter enjoy her role playing activity as a fashion model or a pretty lady. It is easy to do and your daughter will surely love it. Click here to know how to toilet paper roll earrings.

21Toilet Paper Roll Necklace

Doing a necklace for your fashionable little princess is also easy just like how you do toilet paper roll crafts earrings. To know how, just click here.

22Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Be creative and crafty by making Butterfly toy out of toilet paper roll and paper plate. You can also develop your child’s painting skills here because you need to paint the butterfly’s wings. Click here to know how to make butterfly out of toilet paper roll.

23Paper Roll Dolls

Making paper roll dolls can be perfect for you and your daughter as a bonding time. This will surely be an enjoyable time for the two of you since both of you enjoy playing dolls. Don’t worry because making paper roll dolls are so easy. Click here to know the step in making toilet paper roll crafts dolls.

Paper Roll Dolls 2

You can also try reading this one, to get more ideas in making paper roll dolls out of toilet paper rolls.

24Paper Roll Shape Stamps

Teach your kids on how to recognize shapes and colors with paper roll shape stamps. This craft is an educational yet enjoyable game your children will love. Click it here and see how simple it is to do.

25Paper Roll Frog

There are a lot of frog crafts and ideas that are viral in the internet. But if you are looking for something easy to do, here is a frog craft that you and your kids can do together.

26Paper Roll Turkeys

Let your kids engage on toilet paper roll crafts project to unleash their creativity with this paper roll turkey craft. Here is a sample of it you can adapt and let your kids have fun.

27Homemade Binocular Craft

Let your kids play as travelers or hunters with this homemade binocular. It is pretty easy to make and the materials can be found at the comfort of your home. Click here to know how to make it.

28Fireworks Painting

This toilet paper roll crafts is also a great way to show your kids creativity. You just have to prepare the materials and let your children paint fireworks. To know how and what are the materials needed, click here.

29Toilet Paper Roll Train

Kids love train. And you can make one in an inexpensive way by using recycled materials. Here’s the procedure on how to make a train and let your child play with it and let it choo-choo around the house.

30Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Lorax

If you and your kids are a Lorax Movie Fan, you are going to enjoy this Lorax craft. It is easy to make although requires a lot of cutting. To see a sample on how to make it, click here.

31Toilet Paper Roll Plants

If you love plants yet you don’t have that green thumb, you might want to try this kind of craft. This craft will let you show your love to flowers and plant. This is also a good activity to teach your children how to take care of plants. Click here to see how to create toilet paper roll crafts plants.

32Toilet Paper Roll Palm Trees

Doing this craft is actually easy to do that you can actually let your kids do it. Here is the step you can follow in making toilet paper roll palm trees.

33Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Shakers

This craft can actually only take you 10 minutes in doing it. This is a great toy you can give to your child who wants to create noise at home. Click here to know how to make this in 10 minutes.

34Pixar’s Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Craft

The movie Inside Out is really a good movie for children to watch. It teaches children to recognize and know their own emotions. This craft can help you in teaching them in recognizing them and can be a good way to start a conversation. In here you will see the procedure on how to make Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.

35Toilet Roll Aero plane

Aero plane craft can be a great toy to give to your child just to keep him busy as he moves around the house zooming the toy on his hand. Here is a guide that can help you in making toilet roll aero plane.

36Toilet Roll Bunnies

These adorable bunnies are so easy to make. In here you will how to make toilet roll bunnies easily.

37Superhero Toilet Paper Tube Dolls

Make your child’s imagination about adventure more fun with this superhero craft. Click here to know the steps in making this amazing craft.


This is another toilet roll crafts your kids can enjoy. In here you can see the procedure in making a sophisticats.

39City Stacking Toy

Recycle your empty toilet paper rolls and turn them into this kind of awesome toy. It is easy to make and encourage creativity. In here you will see the process in making a City Stacking Toy.

40Hula Girl and Mermaid

This craft is so adorable and I’m sure your daughter will love this. Meet hula girl and her bff mermaid girl. This kind of craft is perfect for role playing or story telling that practices a child’s imagination. Go here and know the steps in making it.

41Toilet Roll Ninjas

Unleash your sensei skills in making this toilet roll ninjas. This is perfect for ninja theme parties or just a toy your child can play on his role playing. In here you can find the tutorial on making this cool ninja.

42Recycled Pillow Box Favors

Empty toilet paper rolls can turn into many things. You can actually turn it to in a pillow box with treats inside where you can give it to your child as a reward for a job well done at home or at school. Click here to know how to this pillow box craft.

43Mummy Treat Container

This is an easy last minute idea that you can use on Halloween as a treat to children. Just fill in treats on the toilet paper roll then wrap it with white paper to keep your treats. Glue some googly eyes in front then wrap your crepe in half like the way mummies are wrapped. Just like that and you are done making a mummy treat container for Halloween. Here’s a detailed instruction.

44Tube Bracelets

This craft is a perfect way for sisters and your kids’ playmates to bond. In here it will show you how to make tube bracelets and after doing it, watch your kids and her friends do their own fashion show.

45Pull Piñata Garland

This craft is fun and enjoyable to children and can be a fun activity to others in celebration for Cinco de Mayo. Here is an step by step ways to make this colorful piñata garland.

46Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Gift

Use your empty toilet paper rolls as wrappers for presents this Christmas. To get an idea on how to make one, click here.

47Mini Reindeer

Decorate your house this coming Christmas with this cute mini reindeer that is made out of toilet paper roll. See the instructions here on how to make this cheap art project.

48Gingerbread Man

This is a cute Christmas art project your kids can make at home or at school. Click here to know the steps on how to do this craft.

49Santa’s Elf

Santa’s elf is also quite popular as decoration during Christmas season. The good thing about it is that you can do this craft with the use of toilet paper rolls and with the use of simple materials. In here you will see how to make Santa’s elf.

50Santa Going Down a Toilet Paper Roll Chimney

This is a new and fun decoration you can do at home. To know how to make this cute craft, just click here.

And there you have it, the 50 cool crafts you and your children can enjoy. It was actual fun researching all these cool ideas because I tend to realize how a simple object can help unleashing one’s creativity which leads to an educational and fun bonding of family and friends.