16 Top Spring Break Destinations


Finally! After long and torturous days of school and work, spring has arrived and as we all know spring break is a time of the year where the people are frantic where to spend it and enjoy their holiday, many are excited to go out and enjoy themselves to many different relaxing and joyful destinations.

However, the problem here is where will you go? Where can you enjoy the fun and exciting season of spring break? Maybe you want to party and get wild in Miami, or probably want to dive into the gentle waters of the Caribbean, or maybe explore the wonders of Europe, perhaps indulge in the rich culture of Asia.

There are just way too many places to go and do all the things you want to do during spring break, and these are just a few destinations that most of the people are thinking of going. So, we summed up a few places where you or your family can enjoy your spring break. These destinations are not just in the United States, but all over the world.

Moreover, this list is definitely for every person who wants to enjoy the glorious sunshine and conviviality spring brings. So whether you are married or single this list will surely help you in making the best choice to know where you’ll get that gorgeous tan and relaxation that you have been dreaming of.

16 Top Spring break destinations

1Miami, Florida


If you are looking for a place crazed with wild and ridiculously fun parties, then Miami is the place to be. Located on the Atlantic coast of southern Florida. Miami is the home to almost every spring breaker who wants to be in a place that can get them in the mood to be wet and wild and a three-day EDM party is held every year. The nightlife scene in Miami is just gorgeous, and it is the perfect escape for anyone who wants to inhale the fresh breeze of the beaches or view the scenic and glitzy nightlights of the upscale buildings and lounges.

Now, Miami is not only known for its clubs and numerous nightlife hubs but also for its vibrant cafes that showcase the city’s Cuban influence. Examples of these famous cafes are “little Havana” and “Versailles”. This bustling city also has places that are excellent and ideal for families who are looking to spend their quality time in Miami, like the Jungle Island and Miami Seaquarium.

Miami is also a great destination for anyone who is not fond of spending his/her spring break being sun-kissed or in the midst of a crowd during a party. The city also has its unique art scene like the sidewalks filled with colorful murals and paintings that will surely get you in the mood for spring break.

2Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Ranked as the second most popular spring break destination in Mexico, This coastal resort town in Mexico is climbing its way up to be one of the many all-time favorite destination areas of tourist not only in spring but also during other seasons. The city is known for its palm-lined beaches that are surrounded by gorgeous white sand and cool, crystal clear Caribbean waters.

Playa Del Carmen also gives out that trendy, boho-chic vibe that is a sure hit to everyone who want to unwind and relax during their spring break. The place offers a lot more than just beaches; it has many clubs and bars that are world class level. It literally offers every type of nightlife hub you would want from Latin bars, and loud foam parties with neon lights theme to just simple, laid-back bars with low-level music where you can just chill.

Playa Del Carmen also has many small shops and restaurants, and although it is a Mexican city it has had its fair share of international influence that has shaped the city’s food and culture. Stores and small boutiques in the area offer many souvenirs and other objects for a low price. From hotels to leisure areas Playa is definitely the perfect destination for families or even singles who wants to have a spring break that won’t leave a hole in their pockets.

3Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is an excellent choice. A beach resort stationed at Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas. With a sun-drenched scenery nearby crystal clear ocean that could earn you a sun-kissed skin alongside a vibe of lighthearted pleasure.

Zona Romantica or Viejo Vallarta is the main pivot for tourists around the world to be in their hotel of choice, dine in the most exotic restaurants with their mouthwatering dishes, guzzle up in bars, stop by Taco stands and learn more about culture in the Historic neighborhood of Zona. Blankets, silver and tequila could be found in souvenir shops to preserve and make your trip a memorable one.

In Puerto Vallarta, live every moment of your vacation with bliss. Enjoying the bright heat haze of the sun and take a glimpse of the scintillating crystallines of white decorating the never-ending dome of the night.

4Cancun, Mexico


Indeed, a topper when it comes to listings about where the best places for spring break are. Cancun is a place bordering the Caribbean Sea; It is a favored place by many spring breakers due to its upbeat and vibrant atmosphere. The beaches are perfect for every type of leisure and fun activity, from having an all-out party till dawn to just simply lying down and soaking the heat. A paradise, as some might call it. Cancun is not just a place for single people who want to party and have the time of their lives.

Cancun is also perfect for every couple who want to reminisce their younger days. If you are a couple who wants to have fun but can’t because well you have responsibilities- A.K.A “Kids”. Then stay at the 5 star Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Hotel, and you can just leave your kiddies in their kid’s club while you and your spouse have your secret rendezvous in Cancun’s romantic beaches. Moreover, if you are a single lady looking to have some fun, beach parties are sprawling everywhere during spring break. Your fun is not limited to parties in Cancun. There are also other activities that will keep you engaged like Swimming with whale sharks, dive trips, doing watersports and going snorkeling.

Cancun is a wonderland not only for beach lovers during spring break but also for thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Head on to Chichen Itza and gratify your inner historians longing by climbing along its Mayan ruins. Remember though that Cancun caters to the spring break crowd so the prices for everything might be a little elevated, so it is best to have your cards or a few extra moolah ready in case of cash emergencies. Cancun has many places with dozens of activities waiting though it might be a bit costly the beautiful beaches and fun activities will surely make your pay and stay in Cancun worth it.

5Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


The place is located in the easternmost part of the Dominican Republic. Unlike most spring break destinations, Punta Cana has a much laid back atmosphere. The region is very famous for its posh resorts and clear waters.

Most of the resorts in the area are all-inclusive, so you can enjoy almost everything at an affordable price, and like most Spring break destinations Punta Cana also has clubs where you can dance party. Another great thing about spending your Spring break in this place is that aside from it laid back and relaxed atmosphere it is also a perfect place for romance or finding love. Punta Cana is also a famous honeymoon destination.

6Nassau, Bahamas


Snooze in the gorgeous white sand beaches in the Bahamas. The place is one of the many popular destinations in the Carribean, not only will you find the place as a perfect paradise you will be pleased to know that the locals and Bahamians are humorous and friendly. Most of the residents also speak English so it’ll be easier for you to navigate and explore. Though, it’s nice to add a little bit of creole to your dictionary. If you’re an art virtuoso or a history junkie then go on a trip to the Bahamas, you’ll find many museums, building, and streets bursting to the brim with history and art. So book that ticket and head on to Nassau.

If you’re an art virtuoso or a history junkie then go on a trip to the Bahamas, you’ll find many museums, building, and streets bursting to the brim with history and art. So book that ticket and head on to Nassau.

7Santorini, Greece


If you want to have a unique spring break experience with yourself or your significant other, then book a flight to Santorini. Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea with a view of the place that will take your breath away.

Over the last few years, Santorini has repeatedly been voted as one of the most beautiful Islands in the world, even more increasing its popularity among tourist. Sunset viewing in Santorini is a must if you’re touring there, Oia Castle is among the famous areas for watching the sun rise and set.

Have a romantic dinner in the caldera or if you are going solo then try to have a little food trip with their local cuisine and wash it down with a glass of their famous Santorini wine. Though going overseas can be a bit expensive, spending your spring break in this Greek Island is surely worth the money.

8Daytona Beach, Florida


Florida is definitely a state full of cities perfect for spending the spring break and one of the choices you get to have is spending it in Daytona Beach. The place is very famous among racing fanatics, the city is known for the Daytona International Speedway and hosts the Daytona 500 Nascar race. The city has a variety of cultural venues and eclectic culinary cuisines. The beaches are ideal for swimming, surfing, shelling and of course, tanning.

Visit the Daytona Lagoon with your family and enjoy their water park and laser tag. Alternatively, you can opt to visit their Museum of Art and Sciences and learn about the history of Florida. Plenty of activities can be done in the city and best of all it caters to all types of lifestyle and budget.

9New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans or also as the “Big Easy” is a melting pot of various ethnicities and culture such as the French, Americans, and Africans making the city diverse and abundant regarding its historical and cultural upbringing. It is a town in Louisiana on the Mississipi River. The place was and is still famous as a spot full of jubilant and lively music. New Orleans is known around the globe for its many unique architectures which showcase the city’s historical roots and multicultural heritage.

New Orleans is one of the top ten most-visited cities in the United States. New Orleans host many fun and exciting festivals and Carnivals, like the Mardi Gras where you can dress up in colorful costumes and parade the streets. There are also many famous music festivals like the Jazz Fest, which is one of the largest music festivals in the nation, where in many people of different crowds from around the globe spend their spring or summer just to enjoy the music, food, and arts. Taste their famous beignets and enjoy the soulful jazz music. Spending your spring break here will surely be very unforgettable plus it’s accessible, and it won’t be too hard on the pocket.

10Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is ubiquitously known for its rich culture and fervent passion for sports, particularly in football. Geographically, Barcelona is situated in the Iberian Peninsula and under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Spain. As a hotspot for tourists, it offers great deals on attractions and sceneries which are pleasing and time-worthy. Though the fare in going there may be expensive but once you are in there you’ll never regret the money that you’ve spent because you’ll surely say “’Till we meet next time Barcelona!”

11Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Myrtle Beach is a famous vacation destination, and it is a good place to let loose and relax. The place is ideal for when you’re with your family or well just yourself. You can walk around the boardwalks and admire the brown-sugar-colored beaches, play all day in the arcades or have your adrenaline pumped in their old-fashioned family amusement park.

Myrtle Beach also has plenty of golf courses and exciting rides so you will never get bored all throughout your spring break. Myrtle Beach also offers many restaurants with astonishing and unique ways to enhance your dining experience, like the Crooked Floor Tavern that is situated on a rooftop with a patio seating design, you can soak in the nightlife in a relaxing way while enjoying the music and crisp evening specials.

12Austin, Texas


Claims to be the “Live music capital of the world”, Austin is full of fun attractions and activities that will make your spring break so unforgettable and fabulous. Whether you’re bringing kids or going on a spring break with your girlfriends, Austin has more than enough to offer. Head on to Zilker Park and paddle a canoe or have a picnic in the McKinney Falls.

If you want to have a more upbeat night than Donn’s Depot is perfect for when you want to twirl or tap to that Texan country and rock n roll beat. Austin also offers different ways to tour the city like sampling their craft beers or just soaring above the night in their helicopter tour.

13Disney Cruise


Your spring break destination doesn’t always have to be on the land. The sea is perfect too! Riding the Disney cruise will make your spring break exceptional and plus it will be something to boast about. Kids will have plenty of activities to occupy them like being able to meet their favorite Disney characters and swimming on the deck pool, and the adults get to enjoy the musicals and deck parties. This cruise is like no other, but it can be quite pricey so make sure to book in advance. It also offers many facilities where you can enjoy your time, relax, and make you stress-free like their spa, pools, and adult and youth clubs.

14Phuket, Thailand


If you are planning to go on an out of the country trip, I suggest you go to Phuket in Thailand. It is the perfect trip for that indulgent getaway. If you want a place to party and play, then Patong beach is the ultimate site to do that. The place can be a bit overwhelming, but it will leave you mesmerized,

Patong is notoriously known for its bustling nightlife and chaotic atmosphere so if you’re looking for a place to relax and appreciate the exotic east then I suggest you skip Patong and stay in Karon Beach. Equally enchanting but more relaxing, Karon is perfect for people who want to skip the nightlife and just lounge in places with great sceneries. Phuket can offer you the best of both world so just walk at your own pace and discover the full meaning of “mai pen rai”- which roughly means “Don’t worry, Be happy.”

15South Padre Island, Texas


Not everyone can afford an out of country Spring Break, I mean let’s face it it can be quite expensive, and everything needs cash from the airplane ticket to the meals and, of course, the souvenirs. However, South Padre Island is the perfect escape, and it is not expensive too! The place has huge condos and Incredible beaches, and you can party until the break of dawn and unlike most beaches bringing Kegs and alcohol are legal on the beach. The island also has fun activities to do like learning to surf, scuba diving, and parasailing plus you can enjoy even on a limited budget.

16Panama City Beach, Florida


No list about Spring Break is complete without Panama City Beach in it. Panama City Beach is the ultimate Spring Break destination. PCB will keep you hooked all throughout spring break with its fun festivities and wild parties. The place has beautiful sandy beaches and great theme parks that are enjoyable for people of different ages. Panama is also home to many college spring breakers, and the fun will never end with music blasting left and right and parties that swing all day long. No wonder Panama City Beach is also known as the Spring Break Capital in the world.