21 Smart Tips For Every Solo Female Traveler


Touring the world is listed in almost everybody’s bucket list, We all want to experience that mixed feeling of euphoria, delight, and curiosity whenever you see a place something different then what you are used to. But, what about travelling solo? People who have gone alone before describe their first trip as one of those moments you will never forget to the extent that it is almost spiritual.

Travelling Solo is a chance to take in your surroundings at your pace it can be your ultimate form of self-indulgence. However, it is impossible to predict the situations you might get stuck in while travelling. So here are some tips that will surely come in handy and help you make the most out of your trip.

21 smart tips for every solo female traveler

1Plan before you leave

Having a plan before leaving for a vacation is the key to achieving a headache-free and smooth travel. First, make a checklist of things you will carry with you. Or, better yet make try to make a creative planner that will help you accomplish things you want to achieve in your trip, Consider travel insurances. For a reasonable fee, they already cover all manner of unexpected costs like medical and dental emergencies and don’t forget to research about the place you want to travel.

2Research your destination


Travelling alone is a voyage of self-discovery, it is one of the best ways to see the world so you should know where you are going, and that is where the importance of research comes in. Like if you are travelling to India, learn about their culture, search for the best hotels in that area, check out the best tourist spots and don’t forget to visit travel blogs that have done reviews in that place. Not only will researching help you in making your itineraries but it will also assist you with managing your finances, especially if you are on a tight budget.

3Blend In

As much as possible avoid wearing clothes that make you stand out too much or clothes that scream “TOURIST!”,Be as low-key as you can. If the women in the place you are visiting dress conservatively, then try to dress as they do, this will help you in not attracting the wrong type of attention and won’t make you a target of scams and pickpocketing. Blending in with the locals can also vivify your experience, and your efforts will surely be appreciated.

4Pack light


Golden Rule: Only take half of the clothes you were planning to bring and double the amount of your pocket money.

Do not over pack. When travelling abroad it is inevitable that some of the things you brought will get stolen or even lost, so try to carry as little as you can, or if you can “layering” helps. Travelling with a few clothes in your bag is a chance to awaken your inner fashionista. Mix and match clothes or you can always add a few accessories to your OOTD to spice it up. You do not have to carry your whole wardrobe with you to your destination and remember to leave extra space for souvenirs.

5Always carry a tissue in your pocket or purse

You never know what sticky situation you might get into, so it is best always to have a handy tissue in your bag. Especially if you are going to less developed countries in which tampons, napkins and sanitary towels can be hard to find. And if you’re going to carry a toilet paper roll remove the inner tube it compresses more in your bag.

6Learn emergency phrases in the Local Language.


You don’t have to be fluent in the local language, but it doesn’t hurt to know a bit. When you’re travelling in a different country, it is best to know a few emergency phrases or words especially when you’re in a non-English speaking country. You can also download the Google Translate app or any apps that are handy when you’re having any language barrier problems.

7Do not wear expensive or flashy jewelry

Avoid flashing your jewelry especially in crowded streets and places that are known to have many thieves and pickpockets, if you can just wear a watch or even none. However, if you really want to accessorize try using blings that are fake or non-expensive.

In many large cities in the world, thieves hunt their preys by lurking secretly in the shadows. They watch you pose in monuments and take pictures in fountains. While your trip will most likely finish without any major incident, it is best to be prepared. Look out for signs of situations and troubles that you must avoid. Remember being a smart traveler will help you especially in times of trouble.

8Let someone know your travel plans

Unless you aspire to be like James Franco in 127 hours, don’t do this. Kidding aside, always tell someone back home where you are going to be or, at least, leave them an itinerary for emergency purposes. This tip is especially useful if you’re going to solo travel mountains or remote areas.

9Make copies of your travel document

Make copies of all your travel documents like your passport and send them to your email or save them in your Dropbox, that way when you lose them, you will have copies to show the authorities. And while keeping your passports and other travel documents, stash them in places that are well hidden.

10Comfortable walking shoes

Nothing beats the equation of leisure and comfort, and you cannot have comfort without any comfortable walking shoes. Mostly when vacationing in European places people prefer to walk because it makes you appreciate the scenery more, so whether it be your prized leather oxfords or your favorite pink fit flops it’s always nice to know that after a long day of walking and picture taking you won’t have nasty red blisters on your feet.

11Take only what you need


Before leaving your hotel or the place where you’re staying, you surely want to check out your bag and its contents and bring only things that you need. Keep your passport and your cash in different places and preferably carry a small pouch or if you’re going to use a backpack put it in your front that way you can guard it, and it doesn’t hurt to bring anything that you can use for self-defense.

12Drink moderately

Drinking different concoctions from different places is one of the best things when travelling. From the beer gardens of Munich to the Guinness factories in Ireland, and local pubs across Britain and Australia. However, we all know how bad it is to get drunk at home how much more when you’re in an unknown place filled with strange people. Getting drunk abroad can be a recipe for disaster, and while in some countries socializing while drinking is the norm it’s best to know your limits.

13Stay in touch

Travelling can be lonely especially if you don’t have any companions, So whether it’s through Skype, Facebook, email, or any other social media application, it’s good to have someone to talk with abroad. It’s also a good safety precaution, plus you can have someone to gush about your travels and adventures or that cute foreigner whom you had a conversation during your trip

14As much as possible, travel during the day


If you’re going to a country, city, or place that’s new to you, it is best always to travel during the day because it is a lot safer and you can explore more freely without having to worry about your surroundings. Travel during daytime can somewhat make you appreciate your surroundings more, and it will make you feel a whole lot more safer since most people walk around during daytime than night (Unless you’re in a buzzing place like New York or Las Vegas where the city never sleeps). But you have got to admit some places though are great to explore around during nighttime like the northern lights in Norway or the gorgeous symphony of lights in Hong Kong. But just be aware always of your surroundings.

15Try new food


Having a vacation is not just a getaway experience, it is also a chance for tasting different and various exotic foods that only exist in some places in the world from the Caribbean’s Jamaican morsels and Aruban treats to Asia’s daring cuisines like the Philippines famous ‘balut’ or South Korea’s ‘Beondegi’.

But if you get squeamish or scared about the idea of trying new dishes here’s a bit of something to consider. Not only do new tastes stimulate your palate, but they can also create new connections in your brain. Sampling exotic foods may improve the way your brain reacts to things, and it will undoubtedly widen your knowledge in culinary, and you never know along the way of your taste testing you might find something you’ll love.

16Talk to locals

Travelling is not just for leisure, fun, and a photo opportunity to have for your social media accounts, it is also for you to have a chance to meet new people- AMAZING people. Travelling is a great way to meet all kinds of people from different walks of life, Try talking to some people whom you might pass, try talking to the staffs in the hotel which you are staying, spike up a chat with that cute barista. However, also, remember to consider your safety, If someone is making you uncomfortable try leave in the politest way you can.

17Save local emergency numbers

Always do this. Keep emergency numbers in the area you are travelling. Especially if you are in a none English-speaking country, or if you know someone in that place whom you can trust, Save his or her number. Saving numbers you can call for emergencies is something that you should do, the numbers in your cell phone will be handy especially if you get lost or if you find yourself in uncomfortable situations.

18Be confident


Going on a solo trip for some people can be intimidating, Which is unfortunate because having a long weekend for yourself can be empowering, meaningful, and of course, fun! Every girl in her lifetime should, at least, get a chance to experience the amazing and exciting feeling of being in a city filled with wonders beyond thinking. Shyness and timidity should not stop you from reaching far and wide or even beyond the corners of this world. You do not have to rush yourself; it’s okay to take baby steps especially when you are trying to get out of your comfort zone. However, always remember to make your comfort zone as vast as the whole universe.

19Safety over cost

One of the foremost concern of a solo or single traveler is safety. You are in a different place and without anyone to watch your back, you are more vulnerable to criminals, pickpockets, and scam artists, and as well as health problems. Not drawing attention to yourself as a tourist is a way to stay safe. However, if staying safe means having to buy that tad bit expensive wardrobe piece or having to take the taxi every time during your travel then by any means do so, It is always better to be safe than sorry.

20Download Travel Apps


We are in the age of the pocket traveler, meaning? All the practical and handy information we need can be saved or in our case downloaded in our nifty little smartphones. Innovative and ingenious developers have designed applications for your phones that will make your travels smoother, cheaper and more fun. With just a touch of your fingertips, almost everything that is essential for travelling can be done easily.

Before you would bury your face in a translation book in search of the right French words, or, identify a cliff by the contours of its peak and structure, or try to negotiate for a lower price for that cute accessory in broken Japanese – now your phone does all the hard work for you. So before you pack your belonging and take a trip see the world, never forget to download your travel apps.


It is a scary world out there, but don’t let your fears get the most out of you. Going on a solo trip is a chance to discover yourself, It is a rejuvenating experience, Embark on an endless trip but don’t forget to enjoy your company. Your solo trip can make a huge impact in your life, be empowered and have fun!