Red Tea Detox Program Review (UPDATED 2020): Does It Really Work?


You keep on trying different workout routines and various slimming medicines, but none of them worked for you. Have you ever wondered why Hollywood celebrities, despite their busy schedules, still keep their bodies adequately toned and slim?

No. It’s not just because they have enough money to do so, but they have found out the right way to do it. Slimming green tea is becoming more popular in the market today because this drink can help you to lose belly fat.

Now, if you are wondering what we are referring to, allow us to introduce the Red Tea Detox by Liz Swann Miller. It is one of her latest creation, and it’s been creating a buzz in the market.

Here is a full guide for this detox program along with our unbiased review whether this is one of the best red teas in the market for losing weight or just another product that can burn a hole in your pocket.

So, let’s get started with the eight things that you need to know before you begin the Red Tea Detox Program:

1 What is Red Tea Detox?

red tea detox work

Let’s start by defining this skinny tea. The red tea detox refers to the diet that includes the red tea by Liz Swann Miller. If you have watched her video, she claimed that through her serendipity in Africa, she was able to lose approximately 14 pounds in just two weeks.

Now, if you want to lose weight faster just like her, you need to follow her recipe on how to make the red tea. She will also give you a list of the things that you are allowed to add and avoid while drinking this slimming red tea.

The meals that you are going to eat for the rest of the week also depends on the detox program. You are going to follow a list of acceptable foods that you should consume, and this list may change as you go through different phases of the detox program. Contrary to the common misconception, you can still drink coffee while you are on a detox diet.

Aside from the diet, you are also required to have an exercise routine that can take for about half an hour per day. It’s not a mandatory requirement for the detox program, but if you want to lose weight faster, you might want to consider exercising regularly.

2Who is Liz Swann Miller?

Now, let’s proceed to the creator of this detox diet. Who is Liz Swann Miller and how is she qualified to create such a weight loss detox program?

Liz Swann Miller is an author and private coach for losing weight. You can visit her page on Amazon and see for yourself that most of the books that she published are about losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

You can also visit Liz Swann Miller’s website to find out more about her. But we will not reject the idea that Liz Swann Miller could be just a pen name. Let’s focus our review of the product that she’s selling.

3 Three Major Components

When you read the guide, you will notice that is divided into three major segments. To make it easier for you to comprehend and follow what Liz Swann Miller wanted you to do, you will focus on each section of the detox program.


First is the diet. Eventually, you need to tweak your food once you start drinking the red tea. In that way, you can achieve the desired results. Similar to China slim tea and Tazo green tea, there are a group of foods that you are encouraged to include in your diet, and there are foods that you are not allowed to eat anymore.


As what we’ve mentioned earlier, you are also encouraged to take the regular exercise routine included in the guide. This exercise works well when you drink red tea. As a result, you can lose belly fats faster.


Last is the motivation. It’s not easy to tweak your diet and start doing exercise all of a sudden especially when you’re not used to it. Hence, you need to motivate yourself. Some people bought the red tea detox program guide and stopped in the middle when they couldn’t see any visible results. But remember that there is no shortcut to losing weight. You need to invest both your time and money before you can look at the results of the program.

4 Detoxifying and losing weight

red tea detox recipe

Upon reading the book, we noticed that Liz emphasized detoxifying your body. Although detoxification and lose weight are two different things, according to the author, there is a link between the two of them. And that link will help you to lose weight in the long run.

The first chapter of the book discusses the importance of flushing out the toxins from your body. To achieve the detoxification, you are required to eat a particular group of foods (most of them are composed of vegetables, fruits, and other liquids) for a specified period.

By doing this, you can flush out the toxins from your body. All the harmful ingredients you get from consuming foods full of preservatives and the free radicals that the stress generates will be flushed out.

Even natural health practitioners around the world agreed that detox cleansing is indeed, an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle for every individual.

5How can I lose weight with this product?

Liz emphasized that detoxification is an integral part of losing weight. How so? By flushing out the toxins from your body, you can achieve a faster metabolism.

It is true that excess fats from your unhealthy lifestyle can cause your body to run slower. Aside from that, it will also affect your organs and the way they function.

Once you get your body thoroughly cleansed, you will notice the sudden weight loss now that your system is functioning better. For us, this method of Liz makes sense.

After all, it is hard to lose weight if you can’t let go of your bad eating habits. It is important to condition your body first before you start drinking slimming teas to achieve a desirable effect.

In the book, you will find an entire section that will talk about the toxins and how it can affect our body. Upon reading it, you will learn a lot of things about toxins that none of your 8th Grade teachers have mentioned before.

Numerous academic articles from before also proved that toxins could pose a severe threat to our body when left neglected. This is the reason why we need to “flush” them out. And this detox program will teach you to do so.

6 How does it work?

Let’s proceed to the actual process of the detox program. Once you get enlightened of the importance of detoxification, you will start with the three-day cleanse period.

After that phase, you can proceed to Phase 1 that will consume approximately five days. Step 1 will focus on detoxifying and cleansing your body. This five-day detoxification will help you to lose weight faster.

Phase 2 is the shortest phase among the three, but it is also the most restrictive phase. Do not skip the phase 2 if you want to achieve desired results afterward.

Phase 3 will focus on healing and be getting your liver function correctly. When you ingest toxins in your body, you are burning your liver without even knowing it. Since the phase includes a primary organ in your body, it is counterintuitive. However, the author cited some research to prove that the step is safe and effective to try.

Note that in each phase, the author will tell you what foods to eat in the process. Aside from that, she will also show you when to eat and when not to eat.

In that way, you can burn more fats from the intermittent fasting. It is safe to say that you are going to limit the food you used to eat once you start with this red tea detox program.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat any of the high-fat foods anymore. In fact, Liz will encourage you to consume some of them during the first phase of the detox diet program. Most of the time, you are only allowed to consume 30 grams of low carbs in a day.

An interesting fact we’ve noticed in Liz’s book is that she mentioned that saturated fats are high for women’s health. Eating foods with high-fat content will not cause you to gain weight as long as you eat the right foods. Yes, right foods that contain high fats exists.

And of course, the infamous red tea. You will drink the tea a lot. At least six glasses a day is recommended when you are still in the detoxification phase. It is your way of cleansing and flushing out the toxins from your body.

All in all, the phase will comprise of 14 days only. The first two weeks is hard, but as soon as you get a grip on it, you can repeat the cycle for as long as you want. You can even incorporate it into your daily lifestyle to keep your body slim and toned correctly in the long run.

7 What Makes Red Tea Useful?

red tea detox reviews

Perhaps you’re already wondering from the very beginning of the article about the red tea. Why red tea? What’s in the red tea that’s not present in other drinks such as bae tea, skinny 23 tea, hibiscus tea, flower tea, or fennel tea?

One good thing about this red tea is that it contains ingredients that are crucial to speed up your metabolism. Hence, if you drink this tea regularly, you will not only flush out the toxins from your body, but you can also improve the overall well-being of your system.

It also helps you to feel full most of the time. The red tea is formulated to help you avoid food temptations in the process. It will suppress your appetite and help you to discipline yourself when it comes to your eating habits.

When preparing the tea, it will take about half an hour to do so. You are also required to drink at least six cups of tea regularly. The recipe is intended for six cups of tea, but since it is time-consuming, you can double it if you want.

But if you are not a fan of teas, do not worry because you can add the red tea in your lattes and smoothies. This delicious beverage is healthy and highly-recommended even for people over 50 years old.

8Pros and Cons


  • You can still eat the foods that you like as long as it’s “right.”
  • The ingredients are not costly, and you can find it in your local grocery mart
  • The book is backed up by lots of research and academic journals
  • The book is written in a detailed manner, allowing you to understand the concept in every phase
  • Liz Swann Miller is a legit author
  • The exercise regimen included is realistic and manageable


  • The audio format requires another charge
  • Liz’s claims are difficult to validate (unless when she’s citing research)
  • The ebook is too long; there are parts that are already redundant

9Our Final Verdict

red tea detox buy now

So, should you try the red tea detox diet? Based on our review, we recommend you to try this one. However, it’s not as easy as you think.

You need to make sure that your body is ready before you jump into the first phase. If you have any illness, make sure that you consult your doctor first before you try the detox program.

Aside from that, always keep in mind what Liz says again and again in the book—detox diet requires commitment and self-discipline. Anyone can effectively lose weight if they want to. It may take time and money, but the results are rewarding.