10 Reasons Why You Should Travel More In Your 20s


Realistically speaking, there is only a small percentage of people who do not like to travel. They would rather enjoy where they already are and settle with the things that they already have. Many people tend to think that traveling is only for the wealthy and privileged or for those who find it fitting in their lifestyles. For example, businessmen who fly in and out of countries for meetings, models that make private planes their second home, athletes that travel across the globe to win for their countries, and many others.

While a hefty amount of cash and a zeal for traveling are bonuses, there are plenty more reasons why you should travel in your 20’s. Buckle up as you read this article because you are definitely in for a ride.

1Travel because you can


They say to travel while you are young and able. Being in your 20’s, there is no reason for you just to let life happen while you sit down and think of your could have been’s. Cliché as it may be, if there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s better to travel now while you can than let 30, 40 years fly by and look back at your life wishing you did more for yourself. Why not do it now while you still can?

Stuck in a tight budget? No worries – start small and travel locally. Hike a mountain or go to a nearby beach. Invite your friends to go with you or travel alone. The most important thing is for you to enjoy yourself. Forget about everything else and leave your worries at home, and just travel because you can.

2Travel to find yourself


Being in your 20’s is difficult. It feels like being a child all over again and questioning everything that is happening in your life. It could be about career, relationships, personal growth, what have you. All that is certain in your 20’s is uncertainty, more often than not. While traveling can drain your bank account, of course depending on your itinerary and destination, traveling is a natural way of finding yourself, holistically speaking.

Whether you are traveling with a group of friends or are trying to be more adventurous by enjoying your own company, you will definitely know yourself better, learn more of your likes and disliked, know what irks you, what tickles your fancy, and most of all, learn how you will survive in the greater world that is waiting for you out there.

3Travel to be cultured


To be cultured means to have refined taste, manners, and good education, as per the dictionary. However, you can be cultured without having to go to an expensive college or having to dine with elite individuals. Many people plan to travel the world, but here’s a better idea, stop planning and start traveling.

One advantage of being an avid traveler is getting to know another country’s culture better. It is one way to embrace your culture and another to be a local wannabe in a foreign land. With your experiences come learning, so why not educate yourself in a traveler’s way?

4Travel because there is so much to explore


A lifetime is not enough to really know a person. It is also not enough to travel the entire world even if you have all the money and time for it. Travel while in your 20’s because you are still young to settle with what you have now and old enough to explore the possibilities that the world offers.

Traveling can have you pack all sorts of happy, sad, funny, heroic, scary, and nostalgic stories. You might want to start collecting them while you are young and able than wait a lifetime before you feel the need to see more beyond the corners of your own home.

5Travel to face your fears


Traveling is an exciting activity at its best and daunting at its worst. It’s normal to have jitters on your first trip abroad and alone – even local flights can be nerve-wracking if it’s your first time – but traveling is a beautiful way of facing your fears whether it’s to travel alone, to blend in a foreign place you are unfamiliar with, to try cuisines that haven’t been introduced to your taste buds yet or even to simply hop in a place and explore unchartered waters. In the long run, facing your fears can make you braver, wiser, and more courageous.

6Travel to have a wider perspective of the world


Have you ever looked at a young girl innocently playing with her ragdoll and thought to yourself, “She has so much to learn”? That is probably how the world is viewing you right now. Despite your problems and amidst the vastness of the universe, you are nothing but a speck of dust. Your problems, worries, and stress are not your identifiers. It is a matter of perspective and handling tricky situations well.

When you go and explore the world, you will most likely feel how small you and your problems are. Once you realize this, you will start to acknowledge the fact that you are limitless and are capable of anything. So go to seek the great perhaps and you will not fail to be in awe of the spectacular world around you.

7Travel to unwind


Traveling has its different destinations. You could go anywhere that you please – see colosseums, visit museums, go skydiving, trek a mountain, read a good book by the beach – but wherever you want to be is always a notch higher than being where you usually are.

Traveling is good for the soul because it lets you unwind and embrace your time – things that we cannot or refuse to do when we are too busy working, studying or attending to our chores that we forget the beauty of nature and different cultures.

Travel to unwind and come back home with a clearer mind and a fresher perspective. Travel to see things that you usually do not, to hear a language that you do not in your neighborhood, to eat meals that are not served on your table, to ride a different kind of transportation. Anything that is not in your comfort zone is a brain booster.

On the other hand, you do not even have to go beyond the borders of your country to appreciate some alone time. Pick a serene location out of town. Traveling a few miles away from your home is enough to let you rest your mind.

8Travel because memories last longer than material things


You can spend a hundred bucks on some fancy clothes, maybe a fine dining meal, and a trip going back home. Or you can travel and go on an adventure with the same amount of money but with more thrill and excitement. It is unusual to go back to a place where you once were, but your memories of it can speak volumes if you embraced your visit well enough on your first trip.

Photos may be material things once you print them but they have the power to bring you back to a place and tickle your memory pedestal by reminding you of the food you ate that day, the funny situation you encountered, the nice local who guided you or even the unfortunate event you had to endure but ended up finding as a blessing in disguise. No material thing can match up with a memorable experience on your travel. All the things you go through when you travel makes a great story – stories that are worth sharing with your friends and families, stories that are worth remembering.

9Travel to be resilient


If there’s one thing traveling teaches us, it is to be resilient and to be able to get back on our feet when some things fail because, for one, we do not have any choice, and two, it comes with traveling. Going to an unfamiliar place has its downsides.

While photos make it seem cool and enjoyable, traveling has its difficulties. Therefore, it makes you flexible to changes and quick on your feet. Traveling may stretch you, but it will never break you. More so, it will teach you a thing or two on being dependent on no one but yourself. At the end of the day, this makes you a smarter traveler, alone or with a company.

10Travel to develop your skills


Being out of your usual circle and stepping away from your comfort zone once in a while helps you learn new things and try different adventures. Overall, this helps you develop your skills whether in talking to strangers, improvising a material for another use, locating yourself when you have zero skills with mapping and logistics, and with other matters. You can seek help from your friends or work with them to make a great team. They say that there is power in numbers. But there is also power in knowledge and knowing how to get out of tricky situations because traveling taught you how.