Cute And Creative Pop-up Cards to Make


Pop up cards is so fascinating and cute that they can be a perfect greeting card for different occasions. It is one way of remembering and tell to someone how important they are to you using sending greeting cards. And it would be more meaning if you are the one who created that card. It simply shows how much you value that person and how important it is to make them happy by doing personalized cards. Pop up cards is also awesome to make and to give for they are creative and cool. That’s why we’re showing you on this article some cool ideas of pop- up cards to make.

1Piano Pop-up Card

Piano Pop-up Card - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


This cute piano card can be a great greeting card to a loved one who is a piano fanatic. There is two design you can choose from: The first one has a shape of a grand piano that holds a gift card with the size of 4-1/4” and can fit in a standard medium envelope. While the another one has pop- up keys when you open it which can be fitted to small open end envelopes and has the size of 6-1/2”x 3-1/4”. These can be a great theme for invitation especially for those who are music lovers.

2Mariposa Magic!

Mariposa Magic - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


This beautiful artwork is so gorgeous that you want to make one right now! And making it is so easy you wouldn’t believe that a greeting card like this one can be done easily. It just takes a lot of patience and creativity for this to be done. The butterflies are made by stamping them with a stamp set then cut with scissors. You can then use background paper that suits your taste and on the design of the card. The instruction and tutorial on how to do this are pretty easy to follow. It might look difficult at first but it is truly easy to make, and you just have to let out the creativity in you.

3Hot Air Balloon Valentine Pop-up Card

Hot Air Balloon Valentine Pop-up Card - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


This Valentine’s Day project is so cute that the person you’ll give this card will surely feel loved on that day. The heart balloons are so cute and simple to make at home even its envelope. However, this one will use a lot of ink, and a laser printer is much preferable to making it. Don’t worry! There is a ready-to-print template of the pop-up card that is in PDF file format and has five pages so it would be a piece of cake in doing it.

4Floral Pop-up Card

Floral Pop-up Card - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


This one is so colorful and beautiful and can be a perfect gift for mothers and flower lovers out there. You might think that creating this one is difficult but actually it is not! It is very simple to make with the help of detailed picture tutorial of it which can help you a lot in doing and following it. Doing the 3D flower is so fun to make, and you would enjoy doing this for your loved one.

5Balloons Pop-up Card

Balloons Pop-up Card - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


This pop-up card is simple to make and use the basic technique in making pop-up card. You just have to fold the card into two and cut some parallel lines in the middle of it. To make a stand for the decorations for the card, you need to push the flap forward. You can then start decorating the card with the balloon cutouts on the folded-out flaps. When you are done crafting, and decorating, you can take the second card and glue it to cover the first one and you are done. Pretty easy, right? This one also has detailed picture tutorial, so you won’t be having a hard time following the instructions in making this cute pop-up card. You can also apply this technique in making text cards or by making rows of trees and flowers card.

6Mom, I love You Pop-up Cards

Mom, I love you Pop-up Cards - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


This is a perfect gift on Mother’s Day because of its elegant and classy look. Its silhouette effect is quite fascinating and brings a classic aura to the card. There is no special equipment needed to use in making this card. You just need to download the Silhouette file wherein there are lines that are punctured. You just have to cut it and cover with colored cardstock you like. You can then decorate it any way you like. This is another way of making pop-up cards, and it is actually fun and easy to make too.

7Welcoming Fence Gate and Garden

Welcoming Fence Gate and Garden - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


Receiving this kind of card is really heartwarming. The beautiful design and background make you feel so important and well-loved because you know for a fact that the card was made with love. Of course, this one is time consuming in making it but a with the help of detailed picture tutorial, you won’t be having a hard time making this one. The outside of the card is so inviting with all the colorful decorations like grass, butterflies, and beautiful fence. And as you open the card, you’ll see a beautiful bench with a beautiful tree which is very nice and elegant to look. It’s one of the gifts you can give to someone that is worth to keep.

8Polaroid Pop-Up Card

Polaroid Pop-Up Card - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


Have you ever received a card and got an instant photo inside it? This Polaroid pop- up card has it! But before that, you need to have an instant camera template and print it as well as the mini instant photo you like to have with polaroid frame on it. When done printing, you can then cut them. The other procedures are same as on how to pop up the decorations you’ll put on the card. The only difference is you have to insert the mini instant photo inside the polaroid, so when they open the card, a photo will pop out on the Polaroid.

93D Chair and Window Pop Up Card

3D Chair and Window Pop Up Card - 9 Cute And Creative Pop Up Cards to Make - All Time List


Making this one might be time-consuming but I must admit this card is so cute and can be a great thank you card to someone you love. Textured impression mat folder is used in doing it as well as Phrase and Friends Sizzlit. The curtains are cut in rectangular form and gathered at the top then stapled. Making the tiny cushion for the chair is enjoyable to by sewing 2.5 inches on each side. Other procedures are posted on the pictured tutorial, and you’ll see how enjoyable it is to create something like this 3D chair and window pop- up card.