7 Makeup Tips and Tricks You’ll Love


Women love makeup; there is no doubt about that. It is like painting on a blank canvas but with a different set of brushes and using the woman’s face as the canvas. It gives women plenty of makeup choices and different ways to express their creativity through these colorful cosmetics.

The following are seven simple but useful tips to help you create a more flawless look for your next date, for a girls’ night out or simply for when you want to try a different look.

7 Makeup Tips and Tricks Youll Love

1The Secret to Long-lasting Lipstick


Have you ever gone through a meal and found all traces of your lipstick gone? Unless it’s an extremely long lasting one, you’d always have to re-apply your lipstick. While this is true for most lipsticks out there on the market, it’s worth knowing that there are ways you can make your lipstick last longer even without the unique formula and without using any expensive tool or by-product.

A moisturized lip is always a good start. Make sure your puckers are free from dry flakes by exfoliating, followed by a hydrating lip balm. Pat some foundation or concealer on your lips for the base, but don’t cover it entirely so the natural blush of your lips is still prominent. Your foundation or concealer will help cover the dark edges of your lips and will make the color of your lipstick stand out. Use a lip liner to fence your lips and stop the color from bleeding. Apply the same lip liner to the rest of your lips to make your lipstick stay put and last longer. Make sure to choose a shade that is lighter than your lipstick.

Next, take one pull of a tissue paper and fold it in half. Place it on your lips and dust off translucent powder onto it. This helps set the color without leaving traces of powder on your lips. Remove the tissue paper and dab more lipstick on for a finishing touch.

2How to Magnify Your Eye


Learning how to make that sexy eye makeup is always helpful for when you need it at the spur of the moment. It’s better to be prepared with a tutorial etched in your memory than experiment with your makeup at the last minute and make a complete mess. Now you don’t have to worry about having squinty eyes – you can totally fake big, bold eyes with this makeup trick.

For this, you will need a white, light beige, and light brown eyeshadow, eye brushes, and a dark brown eyeshadow or a black pencil. You might want to magnify your eyes, but you also want it to look as natural as possible. After setting your eyelids with a foundation and a primer, pat on white eyeshadow to create a base. Take your light beige eyeshadow and apply it over the white base, focusing on the upper part of your lids. Next, take the light brown eyeshadow and make a crease on your lids, right where your eye bone starts.

Using your angled brush, make up your upper and lower lash line with the brown eyeshadow. Make it pop out more by making a thin line on your upper lash line with a black pencil. You can also create a subtle line on your lower lash line with a white pencil for another option. Whip on mascara on your lashes and you’re good to go!

3The Power of Baking Your Face


Baking is a term that is still new to some women. There’s contouring and then strobing. Now why do you even need to bake your face, what is it for, and how essential it is when applying makeup? “Baking” has been widely used in the drag community but which is now making its way into the women’s makeup vocabulary. Baking is done to leave your face with a flawless complexion by letting translucent powder sit on your face for 5-10 minutes and dusting it off after that.

Baking is done when you’re ready to set your face and you want to cap it off with a flawless finish. Using a fluffy brush, apply your translucent powder at the bottom of your eyes, just above the apple of your cheeks, making its way towards your ear but below your temples. For a more polished look, you can also opt to apply the powder on the small of your forehead – just between your eyebrows, on your chin, and on your jawline. Afterward, let your powder bake on your face for 10 minutes and then dust it off with your fluffy brush.

4How to Achieve Those Seductive Lashes


Winging those long, perfect lashes always makes your makeup look better, if not perfect in itself. However, you’d want to avoid those spidery lashes that look too much on the face. For this makeup trick, you will only need your regular mascara tube, loose powder, and different mascara with a thinner wand. The loose powder will help give your lashes more volume.

Taking your mascara, roll the wand in your loose powder until you get a generous amount. Remove the excess powder by tapping your wand on the edge of your container. Instead of holding the mascara vertically, apply the powder on your upper lashes horizontally. Take your wand again and, this time, apply mascara on your lashes.

Use your mascara with the thinner wand to apply mascara on your bottom lashes. This is optional, but it somehow completes the look, so your lower lashes do not look dull. Apply more mascara as needed and don’t forget to wiggle your wand to avoid clumps.

5The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Brows


In makeup, eyebrows can make or break your look. Without the perfect set of brows, your flawless face can look a bit off. To do those perfect brows, take a brow brush and subtly brush your eyebrows upwards and then sideward to the tips. This will make your eyebrows a bit bushy, creating a more natural look. Choosing the right color for your eyebrows is important for you to perfect your brows. Choose an eyebrow color that is nearest to the shade of your hair.

To know where your eyebrows should begin, place your brush at the edge of your nose, making the tip of the brush parallel to your eyebrows. Using your angled brush, start applying your brow product. Begin with a thick lining, making it thinner as you reach the tip. To find your brow’s arch, move your brush from your eyebrows outwards to line it with the outer part of your pupil. To find the end of your eyebrows, angle your brush towards the outer corner of your eyes. Once you outline your eyebrows, fill it in, starting with a light shade and topping it off with a darker color. The thicker your brows are, the younger you look. Brush it off with a spoolie for a natural look.

6Decoding Color-Corrector Concealers


A concealer is an essential tool to make your makeup look polished. You can use it to cover those dark spots on your face or to even out your skin tone. But not all concealers are the same. Like other makeup products, a concealer is not a one size that fits all. Learn from the infographic provided to know which concealer you should grab for your next look.

A green concealer eliminates redness from your face and covers your pimples as well. It gives contrast to the face, thereby making it look toned evenly. Yellow concealer lifts that sunken eye look which makes your face look hollow and tired. Salmon or orange concealer blends well with any skin tone and covers dark under-eye circles well. Lastly, pink concealer is good at masking age or sunspots, and scars.

7How to Nail that Highlight and Contour Combo


When we don’t have time to make a full-face makeup, our no-makeup makeup seems too dull, lifeless, and flat. A highlight and a contour is a killer combination to give the right amount of shadow and light on your face. Contouring is used to make your face slimmer and to create illusions of shadows whereas highlighting puts some shine on your face.

The principle of highlighting and contouring your face is to apply streaks of the products on your face and blend it off using a brush or a sponge to make it look more subtle and less pronounced. For your contour, apply a streak on each temple, on the bridge of your nose, on your jawline and just below your cheeks, and below your chin.

For your highlight, focus on the center of your forehead, just above the bridge of your nose, above your cheekbones, on your upper lip, on your chin, and on the area below your eyebrow’s arch, which is optional but can add a glow to your face. Once you apply your contour powder and highlighter on the right areas, blend it off with a brush or a sponge, and spritz on a setting spray.