10 Makeup Brushes for Beginners


As much as you can’t write without a pen, you can’t put on your makeup without a makeup brush. While there are so many brushes to choose from, most of them often looking too similar and with many functions, this listicle will help you break down which makeup brushes you need in your collection and how to use them individually. Having the right makeup brush will help to improve your makeup skills in the long run.

1Foundation Brush (Flat Top)


Putting on your foundation is the trickiest part of your makeup routine. Your foundation can make or break your look when it’s impressively smooth or hideously cakey. Most women make the mistake of choosing a cheap foundation brush that leaves streaks of a product on their faces. A flat-top foundation brush is your best bet and is the most basic makeup brush you need in your stash for a flawless makeup.

A flat top foundation brush provides smooth application. It can get into those hard to reach corners on your face and completely covers your pores since the top is flat, allowing you to cover every inch of your face with your favorite foundation. On top of that, a flat top type is the best foundation brush you can use for a pseudo-airbrushed, flawless look.

2Powder Brush


A powder brush should first and foremost be soft and fluffy. Its general use is to help you distribute powder on your face and remove excess product. Every woman uses powder to set their liquid foundation and concealer, so it’s wise to invest in a powder brush to add to your collection.

On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter what brand you use as long as it works for you. Real Techniques brush collection tops any beauty junkie’s makeup brush essentials. You might want to give this a try – almost every makeup lover swears by this!

3Angled Brush


An angled brush is an essential makeup brush because it helps with contouring, with bronzing, and even with blushing! It’s a multi-purpose makeup brush that you can’t do without on each of your makeup sessions.

You can use the angled brush for difference purposes, but it’s always better to separate your makeup brushes depending on what product you’re using. For example, don’t use one angled brush for contouring, bronzing, and blushing altogether or you will end up mixing the products and applying them where you shouldn’t like blush on your temples or contour on your cheeks. Your angled brush should have the right combination of softness and firmness to effectively apply your makeup.

4Blush Brush


As mentioned earlier, make it a habit to separate your brushes for their individual uses. If you’re already using your angled brush for contouring, invest in another makeup brush for your blush business, precisely, the blush brush.

Similar to a powder brush, the blush brush is equally fluffy but with a more pointed tip and a bit smaller. This is because you wouldn’t want to overdo your blush and focus on where you want the color to stand out. This gives your blush an excellent pigment. Choose a fluffy blush brush over a thick one to make that perfect ombré effect and not two circles on your cheeks.

5Fan Brush


A fan brush is truly a life-saving makeup brush. This has so many uses, and you can easily stash it in your bag for emergency makeup retouches. Its primary purpose is to set your powder and give your makeup a flawless finish.

Other than that, you can use it to remove excess product on your face to lessen the cake effect, to apply your blush or contour if you don’t have your designated makeup brushes with you at the moment, to pack on your foundation or to blend your makeup and create a polished look.

6Beauty Sponge


A beauty sponge is like a makeup tool sent from heaven. It has so many functions, and it’s pretty compact enough to fit in your makeup purse. It also has a quirky look that makes you want to collect every color available. Women are so hooked on the famous Beauty Blender, but don’t make the mistake of calling every beauty sponge in the market a Beauty Blender – it’s not. A Beauty Blender is just but one of the hundreds of brands of a beauty sponge.

A beauty sponge is capable of giving you that flawless look, almost like an airbrush effect but minus the expensive tool. You can use it to blend your foundation before packing on your makeup, to blend your concealer or to make your makeup smoother. You can also use the pointed end to apply under eye makeup.

A beauty sponge comes in different sizes and forms so you can use it however you like. You can even cut it in half to maximize it. If you have dry skin, it’s better to dampen your beauty sponge first, but if you have oily skin, or you are using a liquid foundation, keep it dry.

7Firm Blending Brush


Now that we’ve listed down the basic face makeup brushes let’s move on to the eye makeup brushes – another set of essentials worth having in your collection.

If you’re just starting in the makeup world, a firm blending brush is your best bet to make sure that cute eyeshadow is well blended. It’s denser than a fluffy blending brush so you can make sure your eyeshadow is intact and saturated.

Use this firm blending brush to create soft creases on your lids or to blend your eyeshadow well.

8Shader Brush


While the blending brush is the best makeup brush to blend away your eyeshadow, the shader brush makes your eyeshadow more pigmented as you apply it on your eyelids. It’s flat enough to get the job done so you can make that perfect crease on your lids.

Shader brushes come in different sizes, so it all comes down to your preference if you want a large-sized, a medium-sized or a small-sized shader brush. If you also want to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner on your lower lash line, opt for a small sized shader brush that has enough precision and sharpness.

9Pencil Brush


The pencil brush is the perfect makeup brush to add little details on your eyes. It does what not other bigger eye make brushes can’t do. It can reach small corners of your eye without compromising the quality of your eye product. It’s a great tool to blend in eyeshadow on your creases and make them more prominent or to apply cream eyeliner on your lash line. You can also use this to apply makeup on your bottom lash line to complete the look.

You’d want your pencil brush both a bit fluffy and a bit dense to provide good details on your eyes without having raccoon eyes that are often caused by eyeshadow smudges. It helps to wet your pencil brush first to get as much product as you can on your makeup brush. This keeps your eyeshadow intact and longer wearing.

10Angled Eye Brush


The last on the list is the angled eye brush. Perhaps you’re already wondering why you need so many eye makeup brushes and if you really need all of them. If you’re not much into eye makeup, you can make do with the pencil brush and the firm blending brush, but for special occasions, you’d need all of these to create that perfect smokey eye, which is a beauty junkie favorite and which suits any fancy gathering.

Like the other eye makeup brushes mentioned in the list, the angled eye brush is a must-have. It has so many uses and it’s very helpful if you’re just starting out with learning how to apply makeup. It has a lot of functions, and you can use it on your eyes and on your brows. A stiff, dense, and thin angled eye brush makes that perfect winged tip or cat eyes while a thicker one makes sleek eyebrows that are the envy of every woman. You can also use a thin angled brush to fill in your brows.