Lost Book of Remedies Review [UPDATED 2020] – Can Herbal Plants Improve Your Health?


Nowadays, people will automatically reach for their painkillers once a headache strikes. With the rise of medical technology, people are so reliant on over-the-counter medicines and other sedatives that they forget mother nature has a lot to offer.

Going way back to the ancient period, when people make use of what they can see in the surroundings to treat a variety of health issues, natural remedies have helped a lot. However, in our busy world today and the culture that we have grown up to, it may be hard to find a reliable source on how to use herbal plants and other sources of nature when it comes to treating various diseases.

Today, we are going to have an in-depth review of The Lost Book of Remedies. It is one of the most popular e-books in the market that teaches its readers how to make the most of nature’s wonder.

Let’s take a look at this book and later on decide if this is the one that you are looking for.

Product Name: The Lost Book of Remedies

Creator’s Name: Claude Davis

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1What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

Lost Book of Remedies review

The Lost Book of Remedies is a well-written e-book that contains all the information you need when it comes to natural remedies. Since no one can predict what would happen, you must equip yourself with knowledge when it comes to natural healing and makes use of the available herbs and sources.

This e-book will help you to become well-versed when it comes to medicinal herbs and the benefits that it can offer. It also helps to transform your lifestyle by becoming healthier and switching to natural treatments.

The author of the book is Claude Davis. It contains not just the essential herbs that you will need in treating various diseases, but also tips and guidelines on how to grow them in your own yard.

With the help of this book, you can improve your overall wellbeing and can make use of the herbs at your own convenience.

2How does it work?

This 300-page e-book contains all the information that you need when it comes to herbal medicines. By teaching you how to prepare the herbal medication, how to grow your own herbaceous plants, and how you can use it to treat your wounds and illnesses, you can relieve yourself of pain without going to the hospital or buying medicines at the local drugstore.

The book covers everything – from a dull headache to severe snake bites and mental illnesses that you might want to avoid. The Lost Book of Remedies will take you to ancient times, where people rely on mother nature to heal their wounds and treat their diseases. Even in this modern world, you can still benefit from the herbal plants and the incredible medicinal benefits that it can offer.

3Overview of The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies, written by Dr. Claude Davis, is a beneficial book in our daily lives.

The book contains a list of the anti-inflammatory plants, herbal plants that you can use for treating headaches, herbal medicines that you can produce for anyone who had been bitten by a snake, or even a concoction that can help combat mental illnesses.

Aside from the list of herbal plants, it will also teach you, step-by-step, on how to prepare the said herbal medicines. You have to be very careful in preparing the medicines, as to not heighten the concentrations of each treatment. Albeit some of the medication may emit a foul smell, rest assured that all of it is effective and safe to use.

Furthermore, this book will also teach you how to start an herbal garden of your own. Even if you are not a gardener or believe that you don’t have a green thumb, you can set up your little herbal garden at your property. The author included gardening methods and tips to grow your own herbaceous plants in case of an emergency so that you may quickly gather all the ingredients that you need and start preparing the medicine to treat wounds and other health issues.

4About the Author

The genius behind this book, Claude Davis, is a licensed doctor and an expert on survival. He came from a family of doctors, having a grandfather who served as a military doctor during World War II.

Davis used the journal of his grandfather in writing this book, using the information about herbal medicines and organizing the ideas. He firmly believes that people are deserving to know the incredible benefits of the herbaceous plants and should not rely on over-the-counter pills all the time. He also claims that The Lost Book of Remedies contains all the vital information when it comes to herbal gardening and preparing herbal medicines.

Aside from this book, Davis has authored several books that talk about healthy living and using natural ingredients for survival. By shedding his knowledge and expertise on herbal plants and medicines, you can benefit a lot and make the most of the natural ingredients that you can find in your surroundings.

Also, the author offers a 100% cash refund for 60 days if you feel unsatisfied with the information that you can provide. You have nothing to lose with purchasing this book and learning the basics of herbal gardening.

Bonuses Included

Here are the following bonuses that you will enjoy with buying this book:

  • Digital copy of The Lost Book of Remedies
  • An Awesome 80 Square-Feet: SHTF MEDICINAL GARDEN
  • Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook

5The Benefits

Lost Book of Remedies scam

Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy should you decide to purchase The Lost Book of Remedies:

  1. It contains useful information about herbal medicine

The main benefit of purchasing this book is the wealth of information when it comes to herbal medicines. You will find a list of the natural ingredients that you can use in preparing medicines, including red beak powder, angry bear paw, berries of the hawthorn tree, and log man’s mending fur. Everything you need to learn about herbal medicines and how to prepare it is included in this book. This information is something you cannot easily find when you look it up on the internet. Also, you can assure that the information is accurate and verified, given the credentials of the author.

  1. It teaches you to grow herb medicines

As mentioned earlier, this book is not just about preparing herbal medicines. It can also show you how to have your own herbal garden. The book contains techniques and gardening methods that will allow you to grow your very own medicinal herbs. In that way, in case of an emergency, you can just step outside and pluck the necessary ingredients to create your own medicine.

  1. It helps to prevent infection

Another benefit that you can enjoy with purchasing this book is its useful information on how to prevent infection. It contains a list of the plants that are abundant in anti-inflammatory agents. There are directions on how to grow these plants, and how to use it in treating your wounds and cuts. Using these natural remedies, you can lessen the risks of herpes and hepatitis A, B, and C.

  1. It is written in a simple language and easy to understand

You will realize, after reading this e-book, that you don’t need to be an expert just to make the most of herbal medicines. Even if you don’t have any prior experience of using herbal plants before, you can enjoy the benefits that it can offer with the help of this book. It is written in a simple language, and it’s easy to understand. You can read this book while drinking your afternoon coffee and learn a lot of things when it comes to herbal medicine.

  1. It promotes natural healing

Owning this book will change your perspective when it comes to treating yourself. From now on, you can detach yourself from relying too much on modern pills. This book promotes natural healing, allowing you to treat any illness or wounds with the help of nature. You will be surprised at how the natural concoctions, plant extracts, and juices can help you to become the healthiest version of yourself. Aside from that, you will also understand the benefits of healing naturally and the long-lasting effects that it can cause to your body.

  1. It encourages a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, as heavenly as it sounds, is not as simple as it is. This rings true, especially if you have been used to a sedentary lifestyle your entire life. There would be a lot of adjustments to make, some sacrifices that you need to do before you realize that investing in yourself will give you a lifelong reward. This book will encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle, with the use of all the natural ingredients and herbs that you can find in your garden, to offer you relief of any pain or treatment to any diseases.

  1. It introduces you to the basics of gardening

If you want to try gardening and don’t know where to start, this book is the perfect fit for you. It is very informative when it comes to gardening, as there are specific methods that you need to observe when it comes to growing herbal plants. This book contains information about herbal gardening that you cannot find on the internet. While it may not be an easy process, gardening is fun and can promote good health in the long run.

  1. There are no side effects

In lieu of using modern pills, you switch to herbal medicines instead. As a result, you don’t get to suffer any side effects. Since you are using natural and organic ingredients, rest assured that you don’t experience extreme headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and numbness. All the concoctions and extracts that you are going to prepare with the help of this book are 100% safe to use. Even children can benefit from the herbal medicines that you can produce with the help of The Lost Book of Remedies.


  • It is well-written and easy to understand
  • It helps to change your lifestyle
  • It contains useful information about herbal medicines
  • It also teaches you to garden your own herbal plants
  • It is 100% safe to ingest and use to treat wounds
  • It is suitable for customers on a tight budget
  • The book is detailed and wealthy of information for preparing the formula
  • The concoctions and extracts you prepare has no side effects
  • The author of the book is highly-qualified and credible


  • Some plants mentioned in the book can only be found in deep forests
  • There is no physical copy of the book
  • It is only available online

8Final Verdict

Buy Lost Book of Remedies

The fast innovation of medical technology has indeed drifted us away from ancient medicines and herbal plants. However, if you are one of the people who are sick of using modern pills and suffering the side effects after, this book might be the one that you are looking for.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a perfect guidebook in herbal medicine and gardening. You don’t need to be a survival expert just to make the most of what nature can offer. This book will help you to unleash your creativity, become your healthiest being, and changes your lifestyle drastically.

If you wish to stay away from the harmful, modern medicines, then you should consider giving The Lost Book of Medicine a try.

All you need is the determination to learn, commitment, and the desire to become a healthy individual. This book will not only save you thousands of dollars from buying expensive medicines but will also save your life.