11 Islands You Must See


Our psychological reasoning and science itself can attest that nature truly is healing. It is one of a man’s ways of recuperating from the daily stress and getting away from the busy city to bond with nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds him but seldom pays attention to. In this article, we list the top 11 islands that you must see. Putting these on your own bucket list would only prove how much of a wanderlust you really are and how much you enjoy nature tripping.

In this article, we list the top 11 islands that you must see. Putting these on your own bucket list would only prove how much of a wanderlust you really are and how much you enjoy nature tripping.

If you’re not big on islands, don’t worry because you don’t have to go near the waters to appreciate these top 11 destinations. The beautiful sceneries alone would surely take your breath away and have you snapping more photos than you can count.

1Maldives Beach

Maldives. You can be pretty sure that it has already escaped the lips of many people whether their locals of the place, tourists, teens, young professionals, etc. Maldives is a treasure trove for many wanderlusts because of its crystal clear water and beautiful sands. Come evening and this island’s beach turns into a blanket of stars. This glistening phenomenon is neither a miracle nor magic. Microscopic organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton that are also known as “sea sparkle” can be thanked for this beautiful occurrence in the Maldives Beach. Surrounded by palm trees and clear skies, Maldives Beach is a must-go-to destination for every innate traveler.

2Cocos Island, Costa Rica

If you love sea creatures that are more intense than turtles and sea urchins, like sharks and stingrays, then you will love Cocos Island in a heartbeat. Known as Isla del Coco in Spanish, this beautiful island that runs up to 24 kilometers was chosen as the National Park off Costa Rico’s shores. Tourists fall for this island because of the abundance of hammerhead sharks, rays, dolphins, and other large marine species, which Cocos Island is most famous for. You can also chance upon some whitetip sharks, mantas, and whale sharks while you’re there.

Going to Cocos Island requires intense preparation since the place requires that you have a certification in Advanced Diving because some parts of the sea are pretty deep. If you do get the chance to dive with the sharks, don’t forget your water-resistant camera to take photos of the beautiful marine life.

3Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines has 7,107 islands so you would not run out of islands to hop. However, according to tourists and locals alike, Palawan tops their list because of the clear waters you would witness and the refreshing take of the boulders intricately covered with algae. The Philippines is already known for its abundant natural resources, and now it’s booming in the name of tourism. Get ready to soak in the sun and to get that golden tan you have always been aiming for when you step foot in this island. You definitely would not need your tanning spray from then on.

4Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

In Thailand, Ko means “island.” Phi Phi has two divisions: Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. Both are so laid back that you would not see the two islands being flocked by tourists all year round. That said, this island is indeed a diamond in the rough. There is no group of tourists to fight spots with, no limited reservations and accommodations, and, best of all, no chaos.

Thailand is a lovely country to visit as a whole, but try and top your visit by going to any of these two islands to say that you have really seen the beauty of the Thai culture. Ko Phi Phi might get all the hype from tourists, but it surely does not disappoint. Thailand’s beaches are surrounded by a jungle so it would come to no surprise if you immediately fall in love with this top island destination.

5Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil is a stunning island with rocks scattered on the shoreline and on the sea itself. Searching the island on Google will have you craving for a nice beach getaway right in Fernando de Noronha, but this zest of adventure will surely double when you get to see the place with your own eyes.

Situated in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha consists of many rocks and islets. Its water is so crystal clear that you would be able to see down to 50 meters without having to squint your eyes for good visibility. Fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you can be sure that going to this stunning island would be worth every cent of your money and every second of your travel time.

6Bali Temple, Indonesia

The Bali Temple in Indonesia is called as such because it looks like a floating temple once the water from the lake rises. It is referred to as Bali temple on the lake or Bali temple on the water. Officially, it holds three different names but all of which are acceptable. These are Ulun Danu Temple Bedugul Bali, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple Bali, and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan.

Bali Temple is located in Candikuning Village. It is about 56 kilometers away from Denpasar City, the capital of Bali and is one of the most famous Balinese Hindu Temples in Indonesia. The place grew as a favorite tourist destination in Bali that it has established villas, restaurants, and shops around it to accommodate the tourists and locals visiting the “floating” temple.

7Spiaggia Rosa of Budelli, Sardinia

Spiaggia Rosa is a beach on the island of Budelli. It’s one of the many that Sardinia has in its map. This pink colored beauty owes its name to the sands, which has a rich collection of corals, seashells, mollusk shells, and specks of granite. The entirety of the beach of Spiaggia Rosa and the island of Budelli, as a whole, can be found within the Archipelago of La Maddalena National Marina Park.

The sea of Spiaggia Rosa is prohibited from being explored now due to nature conservation purposes, but you can still see it by walking on the opposite side of the guts. The water is no doubt crystal clear with a unique gradient of blue and pink, both mixed about by the color of the sand.

8Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands should be a household name for travelers now since it makes it to the bucket list of many. This beautiful island collective is made of 19 islands, and some islets scattered in Ecuador’s coast. It is a double World Heritage site so you can be sure you’re not going there for nothing.

Galapagos Islands is known as a friendly beach tourist destination because of the kind and humane wildlife you can witness there. Playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises would be the first aquamarine creatures to welcome you in the islands. If you want to go beyond the safe side, visit the Galapagos Islands during colder seasons as cooler waters attract a more fantastic wildlife including hammerhead sharks. Possibly, you might also spot the legendary whale sharks at Wolf and Darwin islands.

9Formentera Island, Spain

Formentera Island is often referred to as Ibiza’s sister island but a less chaotic one. In fact, it is so quiet that some tourists go there and literally don’t do anything. It’s like the place is your last resort when Ibiza is too packed with people and has too much partying going on. However, Fomentera Island is what you make of it. Maybe less is indeed more and that, in this island, you can have the time of your life and not worry about a single thing.

Formentera Island has no airport so you would have to take a ferry from Ibiza to reach its quieter counterpart. In Formentera, you can wake up naturally and undisturbed by noise, stay in your rest house during the day and lounge at the beach come evening. You can quietly sip your wine and not think of your next appointment for the day.


10Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Many tourists are head over heels on this fantastic beach that is Whitehaven. However, who wouldn’t, with the pristine sands and clear waters? In 2013, Whitehaven Beach bagged the award for being the number one beach in Australia. Specifically, it garnered Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Beaches Award. Whitsunday Islands National Park protects the Whitehaven Beach, which is located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Aside from its award from Trip Advisor, Whitehaven won the hearts of many and had become the world’s top eco-friendly beach, as well as Queensland’s cleanest beach. Going to this beach, you will surely encounter swirls of turquoise and blue-green waters, majestic clouds, and serene atmosphere.

11Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora has slipped out of the lips of people, magazines, novels, TV shows, commercial ads, and whatnot. There’s no reason not to be intrigued by this place especially after knowing that it is South Pacific’s most celebrated island. Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s leading lady, so it’s no wonder it’s a real beauty to behold and a magnificent destination to visit.

Bora Bora is known as a famous romantic getaway for couples because of its serene surroundings. It often feels like escaping to an unknown place that only you and your partner know. However, you don’t have to be one-half of a couple to be here. You can go alone or explore the place with your family or your best girlfriends.