10 Healthy and Energizing Foods To Eat in the Morning


Imagine that it is 7 am on a Monday. It is raining; your mind is frazzled; you have too many thoughts rushing through your head all at the same time. You are mentally listing your tasks for the day – no one has the time to grab a pen and paper! You have to rush out NOW, or you would be late for work. That scene sounds all too familiar, right? We have all been there. Some of us live our lives that way every Monday, or worse, it could be every single day for others.

When life catches us off guard and throws us too many responsibilities, we forget to take care of ourselves, and one portion it significantly affects is our health, both mentally and physically. Without the proper nutrients fueling our body, it is difficult to think straight and focus on our work. While breakfast is a personal choice, here are some energizing foods you can eat in the morning to energize yourself and start the day right. If you are not a breakfast person, this article might just change your mind!



Research proves that apples are more effective than coffee. For your quick caffeine fix, grab an apple instead of your usual cup of joe. While apples do not naturally have caffeine, they have fructose, the natural sugar found in fruits. On the other hand, coffee wakes you up because of its caffeine content, as well as the sugar you add to it. Apples are much healthier compared to coffee. It is also much more filling. The saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has never been truer! Want more flavor than what an apple offers alone? Try smearing on some peanut butter on your apple slices! Protein and natural sugars for breakfast? Count us in!



Oatmeal could be the best breakfast fix for cereal lovers. It contains a unique fiber called beta-glucan, which helps promote the feeling of fullness while giving you sufficient energy to face the day. Oatmeal has many health benefits including lowering cholesterol, protecting your heart from disease and decreasing your blood pressure, some of which can be attained from its antioxidant content. You can boost your oatmeal even more with protein by preparing your bowl with milk instead of water or serving it with eggs or cheese. You can also try oatmeal made from steel-cut oats, which have twice as much protein.




Eggs are packed with protein. Athletes are known to take raw eggs also to build their bones. Aside from being healthy, they are also delicious and can go well with many different meals. Eating eggs for breakfast allows you to take lesser calories during the day. It is also filling so you would not feel the urge to grab something sweet and unhealthy while on the go. Eggs are a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. No time to sit down and have a real breakfast? Then just hard boil your egg and bring them as packed breakfast, easy!



Fruits are packed with Vitamin C, which can keep you alert throughout the day. Even the smell of citrus fruits should be enough to perk you up. They do not only smell good, but they also taste delicious. Cut a few slices for a quick bite in the morning. You can also go the extra mile and bring some to work. Having fruits in the morning can help you get a clearer head, enabling you to make sound decisions throughout the day. Moreover, it can also help you shed off some pounds and stimulate your digestive track to energize your entire body. Would it not be nice to break your fasting with a healthy bowl of fruits?

5Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is much better than your regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is much healthier with its probiotic content, which battles bacteria in your digestive system. Greek yogurt is produced getting rid of the whey by straining the yogurt. This results to a more solid yogurt with reduced sugar and carbohydrates, but more protein. This process makes the Greek yogurt creamier and more nutritious. One cup of this Greek yogurt should be enough to energize you in the morning and throughout the day. Top your yogurt with your favorite fruits, and you are ready to go!



Sugar may give us that boost of energy, but that energy can go away as quickly as we gain it. Start replacing your sugar with honey and you would start to feel more energized in the morning. Honey contains natural sugars that force you to be awake and to function to digest it. Therefore, it stays in your body longer, preventing you from getting that pot of freshly brewed coffee.

As studies have proven, honey is an excellent source of carbohydrates all while being 100% natural. It provides your body the strength and energy it needs to last a full day. Honey is also known to be an energy booster that enables you to perform better, have stronger endurance, and reduce muscle fatigue. For consumption, honey works well with toast or fruit, either of which is safe to eat for breakfast. You can also pour some honey into your bowl of oatmeal for added goodness!




Ever heard of nuts being brain foods? Well, you heard right! Nuts are highly nutritious and tasty. They make a great addition to your breakfast whether you are eating toast, oatmeal, or nuts alone. They are also flexible food that you can bring anywhere with you. You also do not have to bring too many. Like other foods, there is a certain amount of nuts that you can take. Remember, too much of everything, no matter how healthy, can also be bad for your health!

Aside from being tasty treats, nuts also help prevent weight gain since they do not have the fat caloric content you can typically find in processed foods. Nuts are high in magnesium, potassium, and monounsaturated fats, which are all useful in keeping you alert and on your feet. Aside from an addition to your breakfast, nuts also make great snacks. Pop a few of these in your mouth during your breaks, and you would find yourself more focused and energized throughout the day!




8Green Tea


Most people who drink green tea are those who are trying to lose weight. However, you can have this, too, even if you are not trying to lose some pounds! Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants that flushes away our bodies’ toxins, thereby keeping us healthier on the inside in the long run. Because of its antioxidants, green tea also keeps our tummy flat by helping us eliminate our water weight. It helps ease bloatedness and makes us feel lighter.

Aside from this, green tea contains caffeine that keeps you awake and alert, pretty much like how coffee affects your body, only in a much healthier way. On another note, it might help to know that green tea contains as little as 35 to 70 mg of caffeine per cup, half the amount of caffeine found in coffee. So the next time you feel the need for a coffee fix, have green tea instead.

9Protein Shake


Protein shakes are not only recommended for gym rats and bodybuilders. You can also have some protein shake despite not going to the gym. As its name suggests, protein shakes are packed with protein, which helps build your muscles. Some protein shakes may contain egg, soy, and whey, which add to its protein content.

Studies have shown that drinking protein shakes can reduce your appetite, helping you less eat junk and more natural foods; preserve muscle mass and lower your blood sugar. Protein shakes are typically flavored. However, if you find yourself with a plain protein shake, feel free to add some nuts, greens, or seeds to it for added flavor. If you typically have busy mornings, you can do your protein shake at home before going to bed. Prepare a bottle of protein shake and refrigerate it overnight. The colder your protein shake, the better it tastes!



This might be an odd food on the list – and it is not a real food at all – but spices help put your brain on “alert mode,” which you especially need in the morning, the time that you usually tackle all the big tasks on your list. You do not want to start the day with a grumpy mood, so have some spices before heavy traffic and morning blues hit you.

Aside from treating your metabolism right, spices add flavor to your dish, both literally and figuratively.They immediately add color and savory to your food, allowing you to enjoy your breakfast more! Not really into spices? Fret not as you do not have to go that hard! Try adding a light drizzle of cinnamon, paprika or red pepper to your dish – either of this is enough to wake your brain up in the morning instantly. Whether you like cinnamon on your apples or spicy sprinkles on your eggs, these spices can do you and your body good!