9 Beautiful Hairstyles For Special Occasions


As the new year comes around, you also probably have new events, occasions, and parties to attend. At times like this, we want to make sure we step out with our best foot forward. We want to be glammed up and wear the prettiest gown with the newest hairstyle to boot. On many occasions, we immediately think of booking an appointment to the salon and having professionals glam us up. However, did you know that you can just stay at home and do your own hair with your own tools? Doing this would give you the chance to find the best hairstyle for your face, be more creative with different looks, and save up some cash. Here are nine different ways to style your hair for a special occasion.

1Braided French Twist


Most of the time, we tie our hair up to look neat and proper. Applying the best Korean eye cream will give you a younger look but what about your hair? That or because we are about to do some dirty work and we have no time to fix ourselves. On another note, who could have thought that typing your hair up could actually make you look sultry and gorgeous? Take this Braided French Twist hairstyle for example. This especially goes well with a strapless dress that will show off your neck and shoulders. This hairstyle can make you look and feel like a princess in just a matter of minutes.

Start off by pulling back and pinning your hair. This is just to guide your braid and make sure you stay in the center. Next, start french braiding your hair until the very end. Lift your finished french braid and roll it inwards to hide the ends. Start pinning from behind. Once you have your desired look, spray your hair with hair lacquer to keep the style as is throughout the day.

2Retro Bouffant


Another great updo hairstyle to try is the Retro Bouffant. It looks classy and elegant, and would surely go with any dress you wish to wear. Start by getting a portion of your hair from your forehead. Pin it away from the rest of your hair. Comb the loose part of your hair into a neat low ponytail. Loosen it up a bit and twist your ponytail inward, creating an inside-out ponytail. Next, tease your ponytail and then roll it upwards to create a chignon. Pin to secure.

Next, let down the upper portion of your hair and create a deep side part. Pull back the loose strands little by little until you pull back all your hair and create a loose chignon. Pin your hair to stay intact. You can spritz on hairspray to hold the chignon.

3Messy French Twist


Want to achieve a messy bun but something that takes only seconds to do? Then try this Messy French Twist hairstyle, which works best for women who have waist-long hair. The technique here is you can make a bigger bun with longer hair. For this style, make sure your hair is still damp from the shower. This would give it a more natural look. Otherwise, you can spritz on some hairspray for added texture. Next, take your hair to the side and twist it to the other side. Roll it in carefully until you reach the back of your head. Pin your hair from inside the French twist to secure. Do not worry about some strands getting loose – it is all part of the hairstyle. You can leave it as is to let it loose on its own by the end of the day.

4Retro Side-Part


Going out to a glamorous event does not always mean you need to wear the most detailed and intricate hairstyle. Try this simple retro hairstyle for a change. It is simple enough to master with a few strokes, but it can still pass as a beautiful hairstyle for special occasions. Start by parting your hair into two. Do a deep side part on the bigger portion of your hair to allow more styling. Take this side of your hair and lift it to your forehead. Using your styling comb, twirl this huge strand inward. Twist it and pin it on the upper side portion of your head. Lightly curl the rest of your hair to finish off the look. Complete the look with elegant makeup and you’re good to go!

5The Top Half


Here is another easy but fab hairstyle you should try on your next grand event. This next hairstyle is so easy that you can definitely be your go-to hair fix.  First, part your hair into two with an upper ponytail and a lower ponytail. Take your lower ponytail and make a chignon. This will be a guide for your entire hairstyle. Let down your top ponytail and curl it with huge chunks of strands. Once done, pin them up to a circle with your chignon as a guide until you achieve a curly bun. Let down some loose strands from your forehead for a dramatic look. If you’re going to use some sprayer to achieve this look, make sure that you check the ingredients if it’s not toxic as it can lead to hair loss. Or you should also take a look at sprayers that can also act as hair loss treatment to secure your hair.

6High Crown Braid


The next hairstyle is a bit challenging to do, so you might want to ask for a friend’s help, someone who can make a fantastic French braid on anyone! To achieve the High Crown Braid hairstyle, you need to braid your hair into a french twist while forming a crown on your head. Start braiding from behind your left ear, going around counter-clockwise. Do not braid too close to your forehead or you might not get the crown you want. Keep french braiding your hair until you get to the tip. Lift it to towards the starting point of your braid (behind the ear) and start pinning your hair to secure. Pair it with the best dress and you’ll feel to be the most beautiful woman tonight!

7Half Up Do W/ Accent Braid


This next hairstyle is much simpler to do but with a little twist for an added surprise. Start by taking small strands of hair from behind your ears and braiding them as usual. Next, take two bigger strands of hair from both sides of your hair and bring the together to the back of your head while twisting them as you go. Tie them up using a transparent rubber. Now take the small braids you did earlier and wrap them around your ponytail until you reach the back of your head. Pin the braids from behind.

8Big Braided Bun


Cannot get enough of braids? Do not worry! We got more of these braided hairstyles coming! Something else that you can try on your hair for that party is the Big Braided Bun. Start with this hairstyle by making a deep side part on your hair. Start braiding from that partition until you reach your nape. Secure it with rubber while you do the rest of your hair. Take a donut bun and make a bun out of your hair using this. Next, take the braid you made earlier and wrap it around your donut bun, securing it with pins underneath the bun. Now you have a big braided bun that you can wear on any special occasion!

9Twisted Crown


Up for a down hairdo? Why not give the Twisted Crown a try. It looks equally elegant as the other hairstyles, and it is also doable whether you are just a beginner. Start off this hairstyle by parting your hair in the middle. Take a few strands starting from your forehead and start braiding towards the back of your head. Do the same with the other side. Secure both ends with rubber and intertwine them in an overlapping motion. Secure your hair with pins underneath your loose strands. Voila! You have achieved your braided crown hairstyle. Easy enough, right?