57 Crafty Gift in a Jar Ideas


Gift in a jar ideas are famous nowadays. A lot of ideas are popping out in showing how creative someone can make in a jar. These ideas are so useful in thinking new ways in giving gifts to our friends and love ones.

57 gift in a jar

1Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

Show your love and appreciation to your friends and love ones with this yummy homemade gift. Get its recipe here and show your love with this delicious gift.

2Santa Gift in a Jar

This is a simple and easy gift idea you can give to someone. To know more about it, click here.

3Coconut Almond Granola

Make someone happy by giving a coconut almond granola. It is easy to make and can be a perfect gift to someone who are on your gift giving list. Get its recipe here.

4Oreo Cookies and Cream Spread

This is so delicious to eat and it is easy to make that also comes with a printable label in different colors. To know more about it, click here.

5Peppermint Pampering Gifts

Peppermint pampering gifts are some of the new ideas for a gift in a jar. If you want to give someone a relaxation day, then making this one will be a sure hit. Go here to know more on how to make peppermint spa products.

6Peppermint Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a sure during holiday. This one is a little different with its red velvet cake and peppermint frosting. To know its recipe, get it here.

7Vintage Shabby Chic

Save you glass jars and start making a vintage shabby chic. Shabby chic and vintage are a perfect combination that can also give that Christmas spirit this holiday. Know the procedures on how to make it here.

8DIY Hourglass

Reuse those old items and turn them into a priceless gift. Just like this DIY hourglass that is simple yet a cute gift to your love ones. Know the steps on how to make it here.

9Gourmet Popcorn

This is an amazing jar and popcorn craft that you can try and serve as a gift to someone. In here you’ll see the simple steps on how to make gourmet popcorn.

10Snowman Gift in a Jar

All ages will love this simple gift idea. These are also great to keep in hand in case there are some unexpected guest during holiday season. Click here to know how to make a snowman gift in a jar.

11Sock Puppet in a Jar

Entertain your kids with this gift idea made especially for them. It is inexpensive and a great way to play with your kids. To know how to make sock puppet, click here.

12Cinnamon Cocoa Mix

This gift idea is perfect for chocolate lovers. Watch its video tutorial here to know how to make a cinnamon cocoa mix.

13Scented Salt Scrub

Make your own salt scrub and use it as a gift to your love ones. Here is a video where you can see the step by step procedure on making a scented salt scrub.

14Light-up Snow Globe

Holiday displays can actually fit perfectly on mason jars. And adding light- up snow globe on your Christmas decoration will make you say that Christmas is really in the air. Click here to know how to make light- up snow globe.

15Gingerbread House Kit

Instead of making cookies this holiday, why not make a Gingerbread house kit? It is fun to make and will only cost you $5- 8 each. Know the procedure on how to make a gingerbread house kit here.

16DIY Simmering Pot

Make your love one’s winter filled with the aroma of apple cider with this DIY simmering pot. Here’s the procedure on how to make it and make their winter warm this holiday.

17Holiday Baking Station

Do you have a love one who loves to bake? Then this jar gift idea suits perfectly to her this holiday. Click here to see the procedure on how to make a holiday baking station.

18Bananas Foster Cheesecake Pudding

This may not be your traditional banana pudding, but it is guaranteed yummy and enjoyable to eat. It is easy to make a perfect gift idea to your love one’s. get the recipe here.

19S’mores in a Jar

Show your love to someone with this sweet and yummy gift idea in a jar. This one is good for vegetarian too. Here is the recipe on how to make it.

20Snowman Cookie Jar

This simple gift idea is a combination of a decorative snowman and a snowball or what others called as Russian tea cakes. Start your own snowman cookie jar and get the procedure on how to make it here.

21Snowball Truffles

If you are looking for a super easy gift idea, this one is on the top list. You can actually do it using only three ingredients. Click here to get the recipe.

22Keep Warm Kit

Show your warm love with this keep warm kit that is perfect this holiday. To know the items to put inside the jar, click here.

23Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

This is a festive treat you can give to your neighbor or love one. Put cookie on a new level with this mint chocolate chip cookie mix. To know its recipe, click here.

24Mini Nativity Display

Show the true meaning of Christmas with this mini nativity display gift in a jar. This is a classy and unique display and home décor this Christmas. To know how to do this awesome gift idea, click here.

25Half Pint Cherry Cheesecake

If you love baking, this jar in a gift idea this season. You can also put decorative design for this one. In here you can find its printable recipe.

26Gingerbread Cookie Mix

Gingerbread cookies are a favorite of many children. You can show your love to someone with this gingerbread cookie mix jar gift idea. You just have to layer the ingredients by order and print a tag where there’s a written instruction on how to make a gingerbread cookie mix with a cookie cutter. To know more on how to make this delightful treat, click here.

27Peppermint Mocha Java Jar

This easy homemade gift idea is perfect for mocha lovers. You just have to gather the items inside the jar and seal it with a printable tag. Click here to get an idea what items to put inside the mocha java jar and to get a printable tag.

28Alphabet Soup in a Jar

A great gift idea you can give to your kid is this alphabet soup or to someone you love who is a soup lover. In a jar, layer the ingredients according to order then seal it and add a printable tag. Click here to see the ingredients needed for the alphabet soup.

29Mommy Survival Kit

Make your mom feel loved with this mommy survival kit. The items you can put on the jar can be bought on Walmart. Just like the others, it also comes with a printable tag. To know more of this wonderful gift idea, click here.

30Mason Jar Playdough Snowman

This one is a perfect gift to kids. You just have to fill it with two dough balls and some decorations to make the jar look like a snowman. This can also be a fun craft for kids as they form the dough into circles and as they decorate the mason jar. To know the details on how to make it, click here.

31365 Warm Wishes and Sayings

Lift someone’s spirit by showing them how much you care and think of them with this wonderful gift in a jar idea. The jar contains 365 messages and sayings made only for your love one. Go here to see some samples of short messages you can put in the jar for this gift idea.

32Hot Fudge Sauce

This is perfect for a hot fudge sauce lover. It is actually easy and quick to make and a perfect homemade gift. You play and be inventive with its flavoring to make it a festive sauce. To know the steps in making a hot fudge sauce, go here.

33Caramel Bourbon Vanilla Sauce

This caramel sauce is perfect for ice cream, brownies or to spoon that you can pour inside your mouth. The combination of sugar, butter and bourbon will make someone crave for it so it is a perfect gift to someone who love sweet stuff. To know the ingredients and instructions on how to do it, click here.

34Homemade Salsa

This one is perfect for dipping or a homemade gift for your neighbor. This gift idea can be an ideal sauce for burger patties or chicken or even on taco meat. Get its recipe here.

35Girls Weekend Gift

Treat your girlfriends a weekend of fun with this gift idea. Fill the jar with treats and snacks and other items. You can get some ideas here.

36Everything in a Jar

This gift idea is for everyone depending on the things that they like or love to do. If you want to give someone a refreshment, you can create Refreshment in a jar where you put peppermint gum, mini comb or brush, disposable toothbrush or facial cleaning towels as long as those can all fit to the jar. If the theme is more on pampering someone, you can put soap, lotion, fragrance spray and lip balm inside the jar. The options and themes are endless and you can get more ideas here.

37Detox Bath in a Jar

Detox bath is healthy for the body. And sharing the beneficial treatment of detox to your love one is a great of showing them how much you care for them. That is why this is a great gift in a jar idea. Learn more of it here.

38Beeswax Poinsettia Candles

This gift in a jar idea is so festive and perfect for the holiday. In here you will see the instructions on how to make the candles and the printable holiday labels available.

39DIY Home Fragrance

In here you will know how to make your homemade home fragrance that you can give as a gift to your love ones. There are many choices on what fragrance you like and you just have to pick which one to try on.

40Marshmallows in a Jar

There are a lot of ways to give someone delicious foods in a jar. It happens that is the best. You can buy lucky charms and separate the marshmallows then put them in the jar. You can decorate them the way you want them to be. Click here for more.

41Lavender Bubble Bath Salts

This is a fantastic gift you can give to your friends this holiday. Bubbling bath salts with essential oils compliments the body wash. The ingredients in making bubble bath is easy to find and the directions in making it is simple.

42Sewing Kit Gift Idea

This is a perfect gift to someone who wants to learn how to sew. You can put inside the jar the essential tools needed in sewing where you can see in here.

43Cupcake in a Jar

When it comes to gift in a jar idea, cupcakes always come to the top list. It is nice to give someone open a gift in a jar and when they open it, you can see a smile on their face once they see this delicious treat. This cupcake treat doesn’t look good but taste terrific too. You can see its recipe and instructions here.

44Pizza in a Jar

This one is really a unique gift idea. I have never heard a pizza that can be placed inside a jar. This one is truly a new way to treat a pizza lover. The details on how to make this gift idea can be seen here.

45Homemade Laundry Soap

Homemade laundry soap is cheap and can save you a lot. This is a good gift in a jar idea for your neighbor. Click here to see the procedure of homemade laundry soap and a printable gift tag.

46DIY Book Page Mason Jar Candle Holders

This DIY project is simple to make and only needed three materials. Use book pages that are no longer used or those that can be bought on the thrift shops. This gift in a jar idea is perfect for someone who is a book lover.

47Christmas Potpourri in a Jar

The nice smell of simmering pot during holiday seasons brings back good memories. This jar idea is a great party favor and a gift to love ones. This is easy to make and you can find the instructions here.

48Baked Gifts in a Jar

Give the gift of baking with this gift in a jar idea without turning your oven on. In here you will see different flavors of cookies you want to try together with its recipe and ingredients needed along with the printable tags and printable instructions.

49Date in a Jar

This gift in a jar idea is perfect for all seasons. There is always a lot of theme you can create in a jar an in this one you just have to think of fun date you want with a love one or friend. Fill the jar with items related with the date you want with someone just like this miniature golf date in a jar.

50Christmas Hershey’s Kisses Freebies

In here you will see a printable kiss design and an instruction on how to make Hershey’s Kisses gift in a jar. You just need to fill the jar with chocolate kisses and decorate it with ribbon and candy cane.

51Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Bar

This is a great gift idea to warm someone this winter. This gift contains 3 jars where you can put marshmallows, hot cocoa powder and candy cane. Now your love can sit and enjoy a delicious hot cocoa.

52Gingerbread Playdough

This one is a great gift idea you can give to your child. This can create a fun playtime with your child and a great way to bake without turning the oven on. Playing can be a lot of fun this Christmas with this gingerbread playdough. This can be a great gift for your kids friends that they can enjoy.

53Easy No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

This no bake sweet treat is good and the person you will give this will enjoy it. You just have to combine the ingredients given in the instruction here. Make it look yummier by adding graham cracker crumbs.

54Mini Butterfinger Pies in a Jar

Butterfinger pie in a jar is so adorable. It is simple to make by adding first the graham cracker crust then the chopped butterfinger candy bar followed by the butter moose lastly the whipped cream topped with candy bar. The result is actually incredible and taste wonderful.

55Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak

One great way to relax is to have a long hot bath. This is also a great gift idea in a jar to share an idea of relaxation. Bath scrubbie is easy to make. you can get the materials needed and the instruction on how to make it here.

56Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

The freshly fallen snow texture paint of snowy pinecone candle is a great reminder that Holidays is here. This is a nice gift idea to neighbors and friends especially if they love decorations at home. To know how to make this, go here.

57Dark Chocolate and Rosemarie Cookie Mix

This cookie is ultra-chewy and filled with chocolates. In here you will see its recipe and a printable tutorial and instructions.

This are a lot of gift in a jar ideas and for sure there are a lot to come. There are a lot to choose from but remember, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving.