7 Fun, Flirty, and Fabulous Hairstyles For Summer


Summer is for sun, sand, and sea, but it is not for everyone. If you haven’t had some good ole sun in a while, going to the beach should be incredibly exciting, but coming from a tropical country, it would be close to having summer every single day. Once the heat is on, it gets harder to style your hair without looking like a mess upon stepping out of your house. Aside from packing all the summer essentials for your next getaway trip, women know all too well that heat is the number one enemy of hairstyling. It can ruin any good bob and flatten out a fluffy do.

In this article, we feature simple and easy hairstyles that you can do in a few steps, all that are perfect for the summer. They require minimal styling to lessen the damage on your mane, including curling, straightening, heating, and spraying. As each hair-do is quick and easy, this article provides the perfect guide for lazy hairstyles.

1The Half-Up Party Lob


The Half-Up Party Lob is a great hairstyle to do either for a casual meet-up or a fancy party. It has a nice touch of sophistication and fun in it. It can work for you whether you have a pin-straight hair or a wavy mane, but if you want some edge to it, curling it up a bit will give your do some character.

Gather your curling iron, comb, pins, and hairspray before you get to work. Start off by creating soft waves from your roots using your curling iron, leaving the tips straight. Next, comb back your hair to create volume on top and pull back a half pony but leaving your hair at the temple untouched. Unlike a typical half-pony, place the other half of your pony under the other and secure with pins. Opt for a comb with a pointed handle to create more volume on the crown of your half-pony. Tease it up so it doesn’t look too flat. Once you are happy with the outcome, spray it off with your favorite hairspray to stay intact.

2The Messy Top Bun


Nothing compares to the messy top bun hairstyle as a go-to ‘do for any occasion. If you’re vacationing in another country, you might not have all the hair tools that you need for styling your hair. It’s easy on the eyes yet gives this extra oomph to your outfit. It also keeps your hair away from your face so there is one less thing to worry about and you can let your face shine through.

Start off with a messy high ponytail. Place your ponytail exactly where you want to do your bun. Next, take your donut hair bun and pull your ponytail through it like you would with any regular scrunchie. Spread your ponytail throughout your donut bun, making sure every space is covered. Keep tucking in your hair so no strand falls off from your bun. You may also use an elastic ponytail to secure your bun and ensure it doesn’t go off. Leave your hairspray behind this time as you won’t be needing it for this hair-do. Leave it naturally tousled for a laidback yet flirty look. This bun best works and paired with a lazy shirt.

3The Bombshell Ponytail


Bombshell Ponytail is a girl’s best friend. There is nothing more sassy, fun, and flirty than this do. Sure, you can quickly tie up your hair when the heat rolls in with summer, but it would add personality to your ponytail if you give it some twist. Women want to achieve that voluminous ponytail, but not everyone is gifted with a thick mane. This tutorial will help you attain that hairstyle with an elastic band, texture spray, and a teasing brush.

The trick here is to make an illusion that you have thick hair even when you don’t. When your outfit is easy and simple, you can pump it up with big hair. Ease up your ponytail with a tousled look. Rough up your hair with your texture spray. Curling your hair a bit before doing your ponytail will also help add volume to your tresses. Start with a half-pony, wrapping some of the strands around your ponytail and securing it with an elastic band. Take the lower half and repeat the style you did with your first ponytail. Tousle up the top ponytail and make it as voluminous as you can to cover your bottom ponytail. Use a teasing brush to add volume to your ponytail. Finish off your hairstyle with hairspray to retain the form.

4The Simple Chignon


This classic chignon hairstyle gives your hair a sophisticated look without hiring a hairstylist and without breaking your bank. You can do it by yourself and in the comfort of your own home. The point of the chignon is to keep your hairstyle chic and simple. This is the perfect hair-do for a beach wedding or a classy summer getaway with your girlfriends.

To start off, brush back your hair then make a low ponytail just at the back of your neck. Next, part your ponytail in the middle and create a “topsy tail” where you flip your ponytail inwards and towards your nape to arrive with a twisted ponytail. Repeat this process and tuck in the remaining strands to make a smooth chignon. Fasten the loose strands with bobby pins if there are any. Finish your look with hairspray to keep the shape intact.

5The Ultimate Messy Bun


This messy bun hair-do is comparable to the messy top bun but this one has more class. Women are fond of big hair and big buns. This is a perfect go-to hairstyle when you want to have your hair up but don’t want it looking dull and lifeless.

The first step is to gather your hair into a ponytail. Opt to use a clear elastic band so it won’t show in your do. Only pull your hair halfway through and fix it to make a small bun. Wrap the loose ponytail around the small bun and pin all the strands at the back. You can loosen down some strands from your temples to give off a boho-chic look. This works well for summer getaways or any smart-casual occasion.

6The Turban


As much as we like relying on our bobby pins, hairspray, and our own hands when it comes to styling our mane, we can ask a little help from our handy dandy scarf. Women have discovered that scarves are more than for neck or bag accessories – you can also use it to accessorize your hair and give you do more oomph. Whether you have short or long hair, you can totally rock the turban look.

A long, thin scarf is more suitable than a thick one for this hairstyle. You can choose to let your hair down in waves or put it up in a messy bun before wrapping your head with the scarf. If you have a square scarf, fold it into a triangle, leaving the tongue of the turban to show as a guide. Fold your scarf lengthwise until you get a thin long fabric. Wrapping it from the back of your head, find its center and twist the ends of your scarf on your forehead, pulling it back where you have the base of your turban. This should make a twisted style on the front. Secure your turban with a knot and tuck in the loose fabric.

7The Flower Crown


Summer means endless beach parties. This means you can sport your flower crown as much as you please to counterpart the hot weather with a colorful accessory on your hair. You can make your own flower crown or buy an already made one. If you prefer to unleash your creative side, making your own flower crown is as simple as gluing artificial flowers on your floral wire and wrapping fake leaves around it. You can mix and match the colors of the flowers or stick to one motif.

The flower crown works best on loose and wavy hair-dos. This also lessens too many details on your hair so everyone can notice the floral crown on your tresses. You can totally rock this hair trend with a white Sunday dress or a pair of tattered jeans and a crop top. Most women prefer knit crop tops, skirts, and flimsy dresses to go with the flower crown. To make it worth the effort, create matching flowers crowns for your girlfriends and wear them all together on a summer-themed party.