7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes


Are you new in makeup and want to find a suitable Eyeshadow that won’t burn holes in your pocket? Alternatively, maybe you’re just trying to up your Eyeshadow game, but you’re in a financial crisis. Broke or not, we all need to be practical in life, and you know life can be dull without any color. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering and mindlessly scrolling through online shops and makeup sites not knowing what Eyeshadow palette to choose or if it’s even worth the price, then you’re in the perfect place.

Choosing an Eyeshadow palette is an easy task, but choosing an Eyeshadow palette that you won’t ever regret requires experience. Knowing if an Eyeshadow palette is worth it and versatile for many uses can use the bit of moolah, but worry not, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on palettes that you’re unsure of because this list has compiled seven affordable Eyeshadow palettes that you won’t definitely regret.

1Brights Eyeshadows By Technic

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - Brights Eyeshadows By Technic

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Going to a party? Then this Eyeshadow palette by technic will surely make your eyes pop and your look standout. Don’t worry the night won’t overshadow your Eyeshadow, It has a polychrome palette that is ravishing and pigmented. Its shades are very sparkly and standoffish, so your look will surely shine. Moreover, aside from using for going out at to party at nightclubs, you can also use it for cosplaying, and if you’re feeling fierce, then you can even use this Eyeshadow palette on regular days.

Do remember though that even if the colors of this Eyeshadow palette are already very pigmented, you have to use a good primer to make them more attractive and bright.

2Natural Eyeshadow Palette By NYX

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - Natural Eyeshadow Palette By NYX

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This Eyeshadow palette is very gorgeous, and since it’s small and light, you can easily place it in your small pouch or clutch and carry it with you anywhere you go. It is also very nice to use during the summer when you’re soaking in the sun because the shades in this Eyeshadow palette will complement your sun-kissed skin. This natural Eyeshadow palette by NYX is also perfect for casual dates or when you’re just hanging out at the park since it makes your eyes look naturally bright since the shades of this palette lean more into the natural color of the skin. Aside from going out and summer vacation you can also include this makeup palette into your designated work makeup since it doesn’t have any intense shades that may give your boss a headache.

3La Palette Nude Shades By Loreal

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - La Palette Nude Shades By Loreal

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This Eyeshadow palette has undeniably fresh and lovely colors that you just cannot help but love and swoon over. It’s got the primary shades on it with darker hues. The great thing about his Eyeshadow palette is that aside from being cheaper than most well-known brands you don’t need to use any primer when applying this Eyeshadow and you can wear it a lot longer than most Eyeshadow palettes. The shades in this Eyeshadow palette is specially designed for professional looks but it comes with a guide, so if you feel like using the shades in this Eyeshadow palette for a date then you know where to read.

4Shengyu 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - Shengyu 120 Colours Eyeshadow Eye Shadow Palette

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With 88 shades you’ll surely have a hard time choosing which color or colors you should wear for the day. It is such a steal at 17 dollars so you won’t ever regret this purchase. All the colors in this Eyeshadow palette are stunning and vibrant that every time you open its case, it will leave you with a smile. The colors are highly pigmented so make sure always to apply a good primer first. It is suitable for both beginner and professional makeup use, and you can also use it for practice blending and discover new shades since it blends easily. You can apply the eyeshadows when wet or dry, and it doesn’t smudge easily. You’ll never get bored when this makeup palette is in your hands.

5Baked Eyeshadow Palette By Elf

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - Baked Eyeshadow Palette By Elf

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Creamy and easy to blend, this Baked Eyeshadow palette by elf will be your new favorite go-to party make-up. It’s got a very rich pigmentation, and it’s silky, and creamy consistency won’t give both you and your eyelids a hard time. These smooth eyeshades are long lasting, so you can part all night long plus you won’t be needing to go to the women’s loo every 5 minutes to reapply and retouch your look. You can also apply this Eyeshadow in the car if you are in a hurry since it has a built-in compact mirror, so when you’ve arrived at your destination, you are already ready for presentation.

6Mega Sultry Eyeshadows By Technic

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - Mega Sultry Eyeshadows By Technic

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This 12 colored Eyeshadow palette is perfect for all types of occasions and season. The shades in this palette by technic consists uniquely of shades that are a bit dark and earthy. They are all matte and warm toned and perfect for every type of skin color, and the powders are very delicate and easy to apply so you’ll have no trouble blending when your apply two or even more than two colors in your eyes. The case of the makeup is very light, and it’s suitable for carrying on a handbag, so you won’t be having trouble in case you smudged your smoky eye since it is easy to remove. It also comes with a double sponged Eyeshadow applicator.

7Shimmer Palette By Physicians Formula

7 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes - Shimmer Palette By Physicians Formula

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Glamorous. This shimmer palette by physicians formula is the perfect thing to use if you want to add a tingle or even a splatter of glamor to your look. It’s got 12 different shades of pink color that are cute and lovely. The palette is gorgeous, and it’s fit for traveling since it’s very handy and small so you can easily put it in your makeup kit, and you can also carry it with you when you’re on a date if you want to do some subtle touch ups.

Aside from having the usual Eyeshadow applicator it also comes with an eyeliner brush, so it’s very handy, especially if you’re feeling like suddenly doing a cat eye look. The eyeshades are also suitable for all skin types even if you’re sensitive since it’s hypoallergenic.