10 Essential Gears You Need In Your Travel Stash


Everybody has his or her inner wanderlust. Even if you are the type of person who prefers to stay indoors on a Friday night, you cannot deny that sometimes traveling somewhere and spending an entire day, a week or even a month there can be refreshing to the mind, body, and soul.

When you get the travel itch out of the blue, you better be prepared with the things you need. You do not have to be a professional backpacker, but you do need to be practical and pack the essentials first before you start thinking of the little extras like your outfits and luxury needs.

1Waterproof Phone Battery Case

Your travel itinerary can be from trekking mountains, feeding exotic animals to diving off a cliff. Wherever you go, it is best to be prepared whatever the weather. With a sleek waterproof phone case, you will surely be able to cherish your travel memories without having to worry about damaging your phone. You would want a phone case that is durable and would last a long time, something that you can bring with you wherever you go and can trust no matter what adventure you want to try.

This kind of phone will not only protect your phone but will also charge it. You can purchase phone battery cases like this from Amazon, which can charge up your battery up to two times and automatically stop when it is finally fully loaded.

2Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth Speaker may not be a trip essential, but it is a basic for your wild nights or slow afternoons. Nothing beats a beautiful place with good music of your choice. The best portable Bluetooth speaker that you can carry in your backpack is a miniature version but one that is packed with a powerful sound.

You should be able to use this while in your hotel room, while out partying with friends, or while walking around the city and getting a suitable vibe of the place. Get a feel of this speaker by purchasing your own from Amazon.

3Accessory Organizer

Packing travel essentials can be a bit messy especially if you are packing for a big trip. When this happens, you can trust your accessory organizer to make things a bit tidier for you. You can hold the little things in your accessory organizer and just have them packed in one bag.

This can keep your pens, charger, cables, ID, cell phone, keys, and the like. Just toss this in your bag and you will have the necessities you need on one go. You can find a similar accessory organizer on Amazon and even choose the color of your preference.

4Weatherproof Jacket

A sturdy jacket that can protect your body in any kind of weather is a must-have in your traveling bag. You never know when the weather can get crazy especially in a foreign land that you are not well familiar with, so you have to be prepared and pack your bag with the essentials.

Naturally, you would want something that is durable yet still has a comfortable material for a snug fit. Something that your body can breathe in and still has room to stretch. Opt for something functional and fashionable at the same time, like the ones you can find on Amazon for a reasonable price.


A pair of sunglasses is one thing that you would not be able to do without on your next travel. It is important to protect your eyes as much as you need to protect the rest of your body from the harsh rays of the sun. Sunglasses are a versatile pair that can go with any outfit of your choice and regardless of where you are going.

Make sure to find a pair that you are comfortable with and can give you a good vision whether you are hiking a mountain, walking a long trail or lounging on the beach. There are a variety of choices you can choose from Amazon that also has different styles and colors to fit your style.

6Luna Sandals

Wherever you go, you need a good pair of sandals for your walking trips. You might opt for a cheap pair to bring with you when you feel your wanderlust taking effect, but cheap materials chip off fast, so it is better to invest in a good pair to protect your soles and take you places without having to endure pain during one of your many long walks.

You would want to get yourself a pair of Luna sandals that you can wear with anything and can dress down even the fanciest get-up and to also give you a laidback traveler vibe, which locals interact with better. You would not want to stand out from the crowd yet dismiss your comfort and convenience. You can find an excellent pair of these Luna sandals from Amazon that is priced reasonably.

7Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss army knife is not only good to bring for practical purposes, but it can also protect you at times of danger. A Swiss army knife is a tool that has many functions, which you can bring to your travels in case of emergencies or during desperate times that call for drastic measures.

This small piece of pocketknife may be tiny in size, but one should not underestimate the features that come with it. It has six stainless steel tools including a knife blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers. You can keep this in your bottoms pocket or the small of your backpack at a convenient reach.

8Hard Drive

If you are highly fond of taking photos or videos, do not be surprised if your memory cards get full faster than you expect. For avid travelers, it is okay to want to take as many pictures or video footages as you please to bring back home for your friends and family to see. In cases like this, be sure that you have a powerful hard drive packed in your bag to transfer your files on to make space for your camera and phone.

Invest in a hard drive with an excellent memory space to save the hassle of buying another one when the first one gets full. Buying one with a pack of memory space also allows you to save up your cash.

9GoPro and accessories

In today’s time, taking “selfies” is a must. If you do not have anyone with you to take your pictures, you might as well do it alone or seek help from your digital friend, the GoPro. This is a compact camera device that produces high-quality photos and does not take much space in your travel bag.

You can even keep it in your belt bag as you travel or hold in your arms so it would be easy for you to take pictures on a whim. The best part about this is it is waterproof so you can bring it with you underwater and take some footage of your cliff diving adventure.

10Portable Power Pack for USB Devices

You have the option to bring a travel charger with a plug or, for more convenience, a portable power pack where you can directly charge your gadgets especially your phone and cameras. This is a convenient means of charging your things since you can bring your portable power pack with you wherever you go and fill up your gadget’ batteries to take more pictures of your adventures and show them off when you get back home from your trip.