12 Dainty DIY Nail Art


Do-it-yourself projects are always fun to engage in. You can do different kinds of crafts using your own skills and maybe even discover some of your talents that you never knew existed. However, as much as people often think of household utilities at the mention of DIY crafts, there are other forms of art you can do, such as nail arts.

Doing your nails at the comfort of your home not only saves you time and money from going to a nail salon, but it also lets you show your inner creative and make your nails fancy using the basic tools and your own craftiness. The following tutorials will show you how to make crafty nail arts and even do it according to the season.

1Newspaper Nail Art


Black and white never goes out of style, even with nail polish art. You can be extra crafty and ditch the monochromatic colors on your nails for a twist like a newspaper design. This nail art only requires a newspaper, a base polish, a clear coat, and alcohol. Like other nail arts, put a clear coat on your nails first, followed by a base color of your choice. For a newspaper nail art, it’s best to use white polish, but you may still use any color of your liking as long as it’s not too dark and the texts from the newspaper are still visible enough.

Next, cut out pieces from the newspapers, which should be big enough to cover your nails. Put your newspaper cut-outs in a container with alcohol, and leave it as is for a few seconds. Once your nail polish is dry, which should take about two to three minutes, apply the pieces of newspapers on your nails and leave it like that for about half a minute. Get your isopropyl alcohol and soak a cotton bud with it to flatten the pieces on your nails. Pressing the newspapers on your nails will make the prints more visible. Carefully remove the pieces of newspaper and cap off your nail art with a transparent coating.

2Ombré Nail Art


The ombré nail art simply takes your block color polish to another level. It looks sophisticated for any occasion, making it a top choice next to your classic French tips. You can always opt for this pattern when you’re tired of seeing the same colors on your nails. The ombré design seems a complicated art to accomplish, but it’s as easy as patting sponge on your nails. A big plus on doing ombré on your nails is the variety of colors you can use. There are no rules so you can definitely use whatever color combination you please.

Start with a clear coat, letting it dry for two to three minutes. Next, prepare your colors and pour a small amount of each in a plastic container. Dab your sponge on the first color and apply it to your nails just halfway through. Use different sponges for different colors to not mix them. Make sure the first layer of color you apply is dry enough before you apply the second layer or color. Use a cotton bud dabbed with acetone or nail polish remover to clean the sides of your nails. Once you’re happy with the outcome, top your nail art with a clear coat for a glossy finish.

3Galaxy Nail Art


Another clever nail art you can try is the galaxy pattern. This nail art will complete your Christmas holiday outfit. For this design, you will need a variety of colors – usually dark ones. For specific colors, you can opt for black, purple, blue, and white polish. The black will be your base while the rest of the colors are for designs and patterns. You will also need sponges and a nail dotter or a toothpick for the smaller details.

After you coat your nails with a clear polish, apply two coats of black polish and let it dry. Using your sponge, dab your blue nail polish on your nails, followed by the purple, making an abstract design along the way. Make sure you don’t overlay the colors so they can all be visible when you arrive at your final product.

Finally, using your nail dotter or toothpick, add white dots in random places to complete the galactic look. Allow your nails to dry before coating your nails with a clear polish for a shiny finish. You may also use a glitter polish to add more edge to your nail art.

4Panda Nail Art


The Panda Nail Art is easy and fun to make. You will only need a white polish, black polish, clear coat, and nail dotters in black or a toothpick. Start off with a clear coat on your nails, followed by flesh or beige polish to make the design pop out and become more visible. Otherwise, you can opt for a clear polish for a minimalist look.

Next, using your white polish, apply semi-circles on the tip of your nails to make the panda’s face. Take your black polish and use it to create the ears, the eyes, and the nose. Get your white polish again and place small dots on the eyes. Let your nails dry and finish it off with a clear coat for the shine.

5Lady Bug Nail Art


The ladybug is another animal nail art you can try to prettify your tips, making it the perfect nail art when you want to dress up for lazy days. Start off with a clear coat on your nails, followed by a base color of red. If you want to take your ladybug nail art to the next level, you can opt to create a green leaf on one of your nails, preferably on your nail finger or on your thumb, to add variety.

For the ladybugs, get a nail dotter to create black lines down the middle of your red nails, and a half circle on the tips of your nails for the ladybug’s head. Use the same black polish to make the eyes and the dots on the sides of each line. For the leaf, use a darker shade of green to create the details of the veins. Let your nails dry and put a transparent coating of polish for a shiny look.

6Quilted Nail Art


The Quilted Nail Art is a unique nail art that is seldom used by women, but which still deserves a spot on this list. As sophisticated as it looks, you will also need the patience to make this lovely pattern on your nails. It demands attention to details and careful hands.

To start off, apply clear polish to your nails and let it dry. You can choose any color of your liking, but some beautiful colors that come in metallic shades are better to suit this quilted pattern. Apply one coat of the polish and let it dry. Using nail stripes, make a quilted pattern on your nails then apply another coat of your polish on the top of the nail stripes. Don’t let your polish dry and remove the strips once you are done with the second coating. You will arrive with this sophisticated pattern on your nails. Finish it off with a clear coat for some shine.

7Easter Robins Egg Nail Art


The Easter Robins Egg Nail Art is a fantastic way to welcome Easter and make a pattern that is different from the usual eggs and bunnies theme. For this nail art, you will need pastel-colored polishes like pink, purple, yellow, and white, black polish, an old toothbrush, a regular base coat, and a matte top coat.

Start off the Easter Robins Egg pattern on your nails with a clear coat and wait until it’s dry enough for your polish. Take your pastel-colored polishes and apply them to your nails. The more colors you use, the more fun your nails will look. Next, get your black polish and pour a little of it in a clear plastic container. Dab your old toothbrush in it and pat the brush on paper to remove the excess polish. Lightly dab the brush on your nails to make that eggshell effect. You can do the same with a white polish to create more character. For this nail art, ditch the glossy finish and use a matte topcoat instead.

8Glossy And Matte Nail Art


A shiny look seems always to be the first choice when doing your nails, but a matte look can also give that sophisticated look and which is not any harder to do than your typical shiny polish. Some women like to coat their nails with regular polish, and a matte one to do French tips. Black polish is most suitable for this type of pattern as it looks mysterious yet elegant enough. You can also make a diagonal pattern and make half of your nails glossy, and the other half matte.

If you don’t have any matte polish with you, you may also get yourself a bottle of matte topcoat. It easily dehydrates your nail polish, which gives it the matte look. The tendency is for your nail polish to chip off faster, so make sure that you coat your nails with a generous layer of clear coat first before you do any nail art, even if it’s not in matte.

9Peacock Nail Art


The Peacock pattern is another sophisticated design that you should try on your nails and it is most suitable for summer season fashion style. For the polish colors, you will mostly lean on turquoise, yellow, purple, white, green, and even black. If you’re new to this nail art, and you don’t want to commit to a full-blown peacock pattern on all of your nails, you can choose a nail or two from both hands and focus on them to make your peacock nail art.

As per usual, start with a clear coat, followed by a white polish for the base. For the minimalist nails, you can simply do a French tip and use a nail dotter to make dot designs that line the tip of your nail beds. For the peacock pattern, you can use a nail dotter or a toothpick to create the feathers and the details in it using your turquoise polish as a base of the feather and a black polish for the outline. You can use a yellow or gold polish to put a pop of color on your nails, and maybe a shade of purple to add variety.

10Crayons Nail Art


This Crayola Nail Art looks so cute on the nails and is easy to do. It gives off this quirky and fun vibe and is the best way to literally color your nails. Start off with a clear polish to protect your nails and give it that coat. Choose your colors and paint your nails individually. Make sure only to apply one layer of the polish so you can make a darker shade for the tips a la French tips. Next, take your black polish or nail dotter and create a wide stripe in the middle of the nail. Get your nail dotter again and use this to create a wavy line in the black stripe. Let your polish dry and top it off with a clear polish.

11Sneakers Nail Art


Now you can’t only wear your sneakers on your feet, but you can also wear it on your nails. Painting sneakers on your nails will always be a trend, and you don’t need a lot of materials to do it. Like other nail polish art, start with a clear coating on your nails. You can opt to use as many colors as you like for the sneakers’ base or just be consistent with one color. Apply each color to your nail and let them dry before starting with the sneakers design.

To start with the pattern, do a French tip on each nail with a white polish and apply a thin line of black polish as an outline using a nail dotter or a toothpick. Using the same dotter, make small circles on both sides of each of your nail and make a criss-cross pattern for the shoelace. Lastly, coat your nails with a clear polish to give it some shine.

12Ice Cream Nail Art


If you’re craving for some ice cream but do not want the calories, you can try and curb your craving by being creative and doing an ice cream design on your nails instead. This pattern is a bit tricky but is surely worth it. For this, you will need a clear, mint, beige, and brown polish, and a nail dotter or toothpick.

Start with your clear polish, followed by a brown base, preferably something that is close to coffee’s shade. Next, apply diagonal patterns with your beige polish for the cone. With a steady hand, take your mint polish and apply it to the tips of your fingernails, making an illusion that the polish is melting just like an ice cream. The technique is to put a thick blob of the mint polish on the tip of your nails and spread it down towards your cuticles using a brush or just let it drip as is, but letting it reach halfway through your nails, just enough to cover ¼ of your nails.

Since you put a thick layer of the polish, this will take a while to dry. Once it does, apply small dots of the brown polish on top of the mint polish. Once your polish is dry, apply a generous layer of clear coat for a shiny finish. Don’t forget to put on some hand moisturizer after the application to ensure that your nails are healthy and clean.