15 Crafty DIY Projects for your Mugs and Mason Jars

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Nowadays, it is not only your bedroom walls or living room windows worth decorating, but also your favorite mug to make your cup of coffee more enjoyable or to just put more color on it to use for another purpose in the household.

Whether you are drinking from your favorite coffee mug or decorating a mason jar for a fresh look, there are a lot of crafty ways you can uniquely decorate your cup or jar to make it more appealing and make you enjoy every sip. It could also be used as a holder, a décor inside your bedroom or to bring with you to picnics or events outdoors.

Here are some easy and fun ways you can accessorize your mason jar or coffee mug to make it more “you”:

15 Crafty DIY Projects for mugs and mason jars

1Hand-Painted Mug


There is nothing more rewarding than making something with your own hands and your creative imagination, even if it is just decorating your mug for when the next bed weather comes around. Choose a paint that is safe for food, dishwasher, and microwave, like oil based paint pens, which won’t wash away or smudge as long as you remove the excess paint and bake the mug afterward.

The best thing about it is you can personalize it however you like and be as creative as you want to be. Painting your mugs can also be an excellent way to bond with your family and loved ones.

2Prism Candle Light Mason Jar


This mason jar DIY craft is a little bit trickier than you would typically see in collective art websites, but nothing worth and cute having comes so easy. Start by gluing your clear pebble decorative elements on your mason jar with any glue appropriate for glass, doing it one by one to ensure adhesiveness of your pebble elements. This process can take a few good minutes, but you will be sure you cover every spot.

Next, light your tea candle, put it into your mason jar, and watch the magnificent glow from your jar. To cap it off, you can tie a bow on the jar’s lid to give it that extra oomph. If you want a more ombré effect, you can paint it in a gradient pattern or just a flat lay if you want the jar to show a different color.

3Easter Egg Mason Jar


When we say Easter, we often imagine pastel colors like pink, mint green, and sky blue. Moreover, who says you can only paint Easter eggs to celebrate this special day? You can do the same art to your mason jar.

To create a colorful Eastern pattern on your jar, simply coat it with glass paint and make simple or crafty patterns. To make straight lines, you can put tape on your mason jar before painting and leave it overnight to dry. Some favorite designs are polka dots, zigzags, parallel lines, and stripes, often with a splash of green, blue, yellow, and orange to balance everything out.

4Nail Polish Marbling Mug


Who could have thought that nail polish could also be used to design your mug? In a bowl of cold water, pour nail polish of your choice and dip your coffee cup in it. This will immediately create a beautiful abstract design on your mug. You can mix different colors of nail polish to make your mug more colorful. To remove the excess polish, just wipe it off using tissue paper or cotton balls with nail polish remover. To top it off with a shiny finish, spray it with a clear acrylic gloss coating.

5DIY Watercolor Mug


A DIY watercolor mug has the same steps as when you do a nail polish marbling mug, except you’re using watercolor. Like the same procedure, put tap water in a tub or bowl of water and pour some drop of watercolor into it, then swirl it with a toothpick to spread the color. You can also choose different colors or stick with one color; it’s up to your preference.

The good thing about this is you don’t need to coat it with any gloss since the paint won’t run or smudge when washed. Once your design is finished, let it dry and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

6Glitter Mug

Putting glitter on your coffee mug can put the sparkle you need and give you a chance to be creative even with the mundane things. If you don’t want to get glitters in random spots on your mug and to create a straight line, apply a tape to the body and the handle, then use this as a guide in applying your decoupage with a brush. Pour the glitter on your mug and make sure to place a white paper underneath so you can use the leftover glitter later. Once thoroughly coated, remove the tape and let your cup sit to dry for overnight.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of shimmer on your mug, you can always add some more glitter the next day. Opt to hand wash your mug instead of putting it in the dishwasher to preserve the design. You can also double glitter and seal your mug to avoid a glitter mess when you’re washing your dishes.


7Plant Holder Coffee Mugs


Instead of letting your plants sit in a brick pot, you can transfer it to a coffee mug you no longer use, and even paint your mug to give it more oomph. Plants such as cacti and other succulent plants are low maintenance and live longer than other plants. They also make a nice decorative installment in your house, whether you want to place them in your bedroom, in your workstation or even on your kitchen counter.

This can save you some cash and help you reduce numerous trips to stores to find that perfect pot. Now you can make your own and do it in the comforts of your house. Place course gravel or stones and pebbles at the bottom of your mug to push salt from the water downwards and to add character to your pot.

8Pens Holder Mason Jar


Using your mason jars to make your own penholder helps you recycle your stuff at home and let your creative juices flow. There is no standard step-by-step process to decorate your mason jar – it’s your call how you want it to look more artsy and useful at the same time.

For easy DIY’s, you can wrap a colorful paper around your mug and tie a yarn or rope bow on the opening of the jar. You can also paint it and put a label on it to make sure you have a container for each item that you need.

9Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp


Making your own oil lamp using a mason jar is safer than lighting a candle on a wick and leaving it out in the open, and it is also more attractive and fragrant because of the oil. One tablespoon of oil can even last for two hours already.

You can fill your mason jar with flowers, small fruits or rocks and plants let them float in water. Pinecones, pebbles or beads can also add color and character to your jar. Next, pour vegetable oil in until it fills ¼ of the jar. Lastly, light a tea candle and put it afloat in the jar.

To put out the light, you can simply cap it with the jar lid without ruining the accessories inside. Flowers and fruits can last a week in the water. If you don’t want to keep replacing the accessories inside your jar, you can always use fake plants.

10Porcelain Designed Mug


Designing your favorite coffee mug with a porcelain marker is both fun and easy. You can transfer ready-made designs to your mug or create your own. There are two ways to do this; you can either print a drawing from the computer or create your own design directly on the mug.

To design directly, use a porcelain marker with a fine tip and make your own designs. To transfer printed characters, simply trace the design with a soft pencil but with a hard pressure. Make sure you only trace the outline and do not fill the entire drawing. Next, flip your paper and press the side with the traced design on your mug and take your pencil again to draw over the lines of the drawing. Remove the paper and trace the picture with your porcelain marker.

If you make any errors, you can wipe it off with a wet wipe. Fill in the details of the design. Leave your coffee mug and set it to dry for 24 hours or more before you use it.

11Wall Decor Mason Jar


This DIY project requires you only a few things – small air plants, pebbles, rope, and a sturdy hook. First, tie bows of ropes on the lid of the mason jars for a natural look and to use for hanging, put some pebbles in the jar, as well as your air plants, and place your hooks on the wall.

You can put these jars in your bedroom for a fresh ambiance or in front of your work desk to have something beautiful and clean to look at after a long day of work. You can put them in parallel order for uniformity or hang them in different places of the room like in each doorway.

12Condiments Holder Mason Jar


Your mason jar is a perfect condiments holder because it already has a lid to cover it and it comes in clear jars so your guests won’t have to guess which is which. However, you can also put a label on the jars when you have several condiments of the same color. Either way, this is perfect for a party outdoors or to bring with you during long road trips.

Once the jars are empty, you can just wash them and use them again for some other project or to permanently use them as condiments containers.

13Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts


Instead of buying gifts every time a friend celebrates her birthday or there comes a special occasion, why not make your own gift instead? This will save you time and money from gift shopping, and you can personalize it, too, to fit the event.

For kids’ parties, you can fill the mason jars with candies and treats; while for more adult gatherings, you can fill the mason jars with a mini can of soda with its complementary liquor. Use a rope to tie the mini bottles of alcohol at the opening of the jar and leave a small space to tie the straw. Make sure your string is long enough so you can make a bow to cap off your cocktail gift. You can also write a quick note and attach it to the mini bottle of alcohol to give it a personal touch.

14Toiletries Storage Mason Jar


Another one for your household, you can turn your mason jar into something useful, like a dispenser for your toilet necessities such as shampoo, hand wash or cotton swabs.

You can finish the content of the bottle or pour it elsewhere for later consumption. After which, just replace the lid with a pump cover for your liquids and hang it on the wall of your bathroom. This kind of container is perfect for your liquid content. If no pump fits your mason jar’s lid entirely, you can just insert a cork inside the lid and stick the pump tube to the cork.

You can do this DIY project with several mason jars. You can also use them as individual containers for your cotton buds, toothbrush, toothpaste, and makeup brushes.

15Plaid Wrapped Mugs


This DIY mug design requires little effort but can make your favorite coffee mug look entirely different. Your plaid wrap can be a design to you mug as well as a sleeve for when you fix yourself a hot beverage. Using a plaid fabric, preferably cotton, with the appropriate width for your mug, wrap it around and fasten with a Velcro.

Since you’re not permanently closing both ends, you can remove the fabric before washing the mug. This DIY craft can also make an excellent gift. It’s practical, cheap, and easy to make.