7 Crafty Origamis You Can Do With Kids


Growing up, we have learned many crafty things from our schools, homes, friends, and families, some of which we use today to decorate our homes, create DIY projects, or simply to pass the time. Now we can pass our crafting skills to our little ones and teach them what we know in the world of art. A famously known art you can share with kids is origami. It originated in Japanese but is used all over the world because of its simplicity and uniqueness.

There are many objects you can form using just a single piece of paper. By folding it strategically, you can make animals with different colored papers, make beautiful crafts for your home, and have something to add to your DIY gifts during parties and events. This does not only let you bond with, but it also allows them to be creative at a young age. Keep reading to get ideas on simple origamis that you can teach children.

1Origami Fox Face


Something similar to a dog face origami is the fox face. It also has simpler steps. Take a square paper and rotate it into a diamond just like the dog face. Fold the paper in half upward to get a triangle. Take the above tip of the triangle and fold it towards the bottom part of the triangle. Next, take the side triangles and fold it upwards, but not too close together. Turn the paper over and draw the fox’s face.

2Origami Fish


To make an origami fish, take a square sheet of paper. Fold it in halfway, diagonally and in parallel. Unfold your paper. Take two opposing sides and push them inside to make a triangle. Take the left side and fold it over the other side. Do the same with the right side. Now you have the fish’s tail. Make sure the two flaps are overlapping each other. Turn the paper over and draw the fish’s eye. You can also use a googley eye to make it look more 3D. You can let your kids tape these fish origami on their bedroom walls for added decoration.

3Origami Dog Face



The dog face is one of the simplest origamis you can learn and teach children. It also resembles a man’s best friend! First, take a paper and cut it into a square shape. Rotate it to get a diamond upright. Fold the upper part towards the bottom tip to get a triangle shape. Next, fold the paper in half to get a mark in the middle of the paper. Fold the corners of the paper to the center line to make the ears.

Now move on to the bottom tip of the paper. Fold one side up and another on the back to make a nose. Now all that is left is drawing the eyes and the tip of the nose, and you have your dog face origami!

4Origami Box


Learning how to do an origami box is not only fun, it is also useful. A DIY box can come in handy when you need a container for your stuff whether it be pens, accessories, clips, and the like. It is always handy to learn something new every time, and while doing it, you are also letting yourself be more creative!

Start with a letter-sized sheet of paper. Trim it a little on the side to get a 8.5″x10.75″ sheet. Fold the paper in half, unfold, then fold the ends to the center crease to make four columns. Fold the other side into three rows. Next, fold two corners of one end in and then fold this flap towards the center. Fold the flap up to create one side of the box. Fold the next two sides up and crease diagonally. Also fold the last side of the box upwards towards the diagonal ends.

Lastly, fit the tips into the pockets inside the box and you are done! You can do this origami using soft or hard paper. You can also do this art to personalize your gifts – just add a name and a ribbon.

5Origami Boat


The origami boat is probably the first object most of us learned to fold first. Using a single piece of paper, you can already do a beautiful boat that will float smoothly on water, provided that you use a construction paper rather than something that is too light and soft like art paper.

Once you have your preferred paper, the first thing you have to do is fold it half, so you have a smaller rectangular paper. Fold it again. This is just to mark the middle of the paper. Open the paper again and fold the corners towards the fold mark. Next, fold the upper layer of the paper then turn the paper over. Repeat the step on the back.

Next, fold the top corners around the top: first on one, then on the other side. Now raise the center of the paper with your finger and place the right and left corners on each other. Fold the paper. Then put the open side of the paper downward. Fold up the edge of the top layer to the top. Turn the paper over and repeat the steps. Pull the sides of the paper to unfold the boat. Softly press the boat flat. Fix the paper to get the boat’s shape. You can pin flags in the middle of the boat for added decoration.

6Origami Stars


Another simple origami you can teach little ones is the origami stars. You can even use these to decorate your home whatever the season. Just hang them on the walls with strings to make them look artsy. You can also use different colored papers to make them more colorful.

First, take a square paper and fold it in half to make a triangle and then fold it again in half just to get the center line. Re-open the paper with the color face up then fold it into a rectangle (with the white side showing). Re-open the paper. With the tip (center) of the paper facing upwards, fold in the sides of the paper to make a 3D triangle. Flatten the triangle.

You should have a flappy triangle facing upward. Put it on the left side of the base triangle and fold its tip downward, using the fold mark as a guide. Now lift it up and make a crease on the side, making a 3D pattern. Give the crease a little push and flatten the top part to make a smaller triangle. Do the same on the other side. Once done, turn the paper over and do the same process on both side triangles.

Now you should have a thin triangle paper with a dent on the bottom. There should be two tips on the underside. Take the left tip and lift it upward halfway through the triangle. Do not flatten it all the way. Do the same with the other side. You should start to see the star at this point. Once you are happy with the positioning of the tips, fold the excess paper on top (you should see the white side) and press it flat. Turn the paper around, and you have your star origami!

7Origami Whale


Making an origami whale is just as fun as the other shapes. First, you have to take a blue square sheet of paper. Rotate it to get the diamond figure. Fold it in half to get a fold mark in the centerline. Take the right side of the diamond and fold it halfway through towards the fold mark in the center. Do the same on the other side. Turn over the paper and fold in half, showing the folds that you did earlier. Fold it on the other side as well. Repeat this process three times.

Now put the paper with the folds face up again. Take the top tip of the paper and fold it downward, meeting the centerline. Fold one side over, and you have the body of the whale. To make the tail, take the tip of the paper and fold it upward, slanting it a bit forward to the whale’s face. Fold it on the other side as well. Repeat this three times.

Finally, open the whale’s body and fold the tip (tail) towards the other direction and then re-fold the body. Once done, all that you are missing are the eyes and mouth of the whale. If the children find this one too hard to do, just let them do the drawing for the last part.