60 Yummy Christmas Treats For Sweeter Holidays


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Christmas is about giving gifts and of course preparing and eating delightful foods and desserts. And giving yummy treats as a gift this Christmas will make someone’s sweet tooth happy.

I have gathered 60 delicious treats and recipes you can try and serve as a treat to your kids playmates or teacher or just a dessert during the holiday.

60 christmas treats

1O Tannenbaum Cupcakes

Make your own Christmas Tree Cupcake with these Oh Tannenbaum Cupcake recipe. Click here to get its recipe and to know how much calories you will have in eating this delicious treat.

2Snowmen Cupcakes

Turn your ordinary cupcakes into a festive one. These adorable snowmen cupcakes are easy to make and children will love to munch them. Click here to get the recipe and procedure in making snowmen cupcakes.

3Snowflake Cupcakes

Make your chocolate cupcakes extra special with royal icing snowflakes. This classy yet yummy treat is perfect to serve to your guest on Christmas. To know how to make snowflake cupcakes, click here.

4Rudolph Cupcakes

Cupcakes and cookies based on Rudolph the reindeer are always on the top list every Christmas. This Rudolph cupcake is chocolate flavor and the marshmallow fondant tastes great. To see it video tutorial, click here.

5Reindeer Cupcakes Recipe

This cupcake is easy to assemble and you would love to see them on your holiday dessert table. Children will also love them as a holiday treat to them. To get its printable recipe, click here.

6Christmas Tree Confetti Cupcakes

These are the cutest holiday everyone wants to have. They are light and fluffy plus it has a soft frosting. Go here to see its recipe and the procedure on how to make it.

7Snowman Christmas Cupcakes

These are easy to put together so everyone can actually make these cute cupcakes. You can serve this on Christmas party or get together and I’m sure these will be a sure hit to everyone. To see the recipe, click here.

8Santa Sugar Cookies

Make your own Santa sugar cookies this holiday. It is not complicated to make because you’ll just use the circular cookie cutter. Get its recipe here to know more on how a Santa sugar cookies.

9Gingerbread Cookies for Santa

This simple recipe is fun to make especially when you are with your kids. This is a perfect time for them to decorate their own gingerbread man knowing that it is a treat for Santa Claus. To know the recipe click here.

10Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

These reindeer cookies are the cutest this Christmas. They are perfect to serve to kids during Christmas party or just a treat to your kids. Click here to get the recipe of peanut butter reindeer cookies.

11Snowman Oreo Cookies

These cute snowman Oreos are so cute and a great way to celebrate the holidays. They are easy to make and you can let your kids help in the kitchen. Go here to see the recipe and invite your kids in making Snowman Oreo Cookies.

12No Bake Christmas Tree Cookies

This is actually easy to make and only need a few ingredients. Your kids can also help in the kitchen while doing this and assign them in decorating the Christmas tree cookies. Click here to see its video tutorial and to get its printable recipe on how to make it.

13Penguin Cookies

This is a perfect treat during a get together party that the kids and grown- ups will love. Penguin cookies are actually made from Town House Crackers filled with peanut butter and coated with melted chocolate and decorated with chocolate candies. To know the procedure on how to make this yummy treat, click here.

14Rudolph Cookies

By using simple ingredients added with some few tricks, you can make these adorable Rudolph cookies. This is also a great activity for you and your kids and to let them decorate the cookies the way they want it to be. Click here to get the procedure and its recipe.

15Sugar Cookie Chex Mix

Holidays becomes one of the great way to bake easy to make snacks or treats especially if you have tons of friends and love ones to give at. One of those is sugar cookie Chex mix where you’ll only need some ingredients and a microwave. Go here to get its printable recipe and its instruction on how to make this yummy treat.

16Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies

Surprise your love one with these delicious swirl sugar cookies. Its bright and festive appearance makes you want to eat them till the last piece of it. Get its printable recipe here.

17Cheesecake Cookies

These cookies are adorable and would look great on your dessert tray. You can use red and green coloring with the help of skewer in decorating them. To see its recipe, click here.

18Gingerbread Cheesecake Cookie Cups

Start your Christmas with these soft and chewy gingerbread cheesecake. They are easy to make and you can actually make 16 cookie cups. See its recipe here.

19Cherry Almond Cookies

This treat is so delicious. The maraschino cherries are paired just right with the almond extract. To know more of this yummy holiday treat, go here.

20Iced Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

These cute cookies can be your child’s favorite. Preparing it might take some effort and attention, it is still worth making for because children will love it. You can serve 24 cookies here. To know the recipe, click here.

21Nilla Wafers Snowmen Cookies

This treat is made from wafers and royal icing. They are easy to make and great for kid’s party. They are crunchy and even preschoolers will love them. To get its recipe here.

22Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Holiday season means more time in baking. This is a perfect time for you and your family to bond with each other through baking especially if you’re a cookie lover and you have tons of cookie cutters. To know more on how to make this sweet treat, click here.

23Easy Snowmen Sandwich Cookies

These adorable snowmen are perfect for any parties or get together with friends and family. It is not that hard to make and only need a few ingredients. Click here to see its recipe.

24Candy Cane Cookies

This red and white cookie dough is soft and have a good texture and consistency. Serve this treat at night with your family. The estimated time you’ll consume in doing this is 19 minutes and you can let your kids help you in making them. To get its recipe, click here.

25Reindeer Cookies

These cute little reindeers are actually base from gingerbread cookies turned upside down. It won’t be noticeable once you put the other toppings like the antlers, nose, eyebrows, eyes and mouth. Get its recipe here.

26No Bake Rudolph Noses Cookie Balls

This last minute recipe tastes good and kids will love to eat this. They only need three ingredients and they are good to eat. Get its recipe here.

27‘Holly and Berries’ Cookies

This is made up of the usual rice crispy added with marshmallow, butter and corn flakes cereals which makes it look like a ‘holly leaf’. It only takes a minute in preparing it and once you serve it, it will be gone even before you blink. To get the instruction on how to make it, go here.

28Gingerbread Cookie Bark

This holiday treat is not only cute but also good to eat. Its texture and flavor is pretty fine and the cookie is soft. It is easy to make to and your kids can actually help. Get its recipe here.

29Oreo Santa Hat Cookies

Oreo biscuits made as cookies are common recipe every Christmas. These Santa hat cookies will be perfect for Christmas parties and would be a perfect treat to kids and to your friends. To know more on how to make Oreo Santa hat cookies, click here.

30Gingerbread Cookie Sticks

These are fun to eat especially when you cut it and make into cookie sticks sprinkled with candies. It is one of the recipes that will keep you wanting more and make you sneak just to have a bite. It is soft and chewy and perfect as holiday cookie. Click here to get its recipe.

31Royal Iced Sugar Cookies

You might think that these are difficult to make but actually they are not. And it is also guaranteed that once you taste them, you will never leave them. Go here to get the recipe and procedure.

32Candy Cookie Cones

Create your enchanting and yummy forest with candy cookie cones. Your kids will love it and they can even help you in making it. Click here to get its recipe.

33Buche De Noel Cake

Buche de Noel or Christmas Log is often used to burned in the fireplace for many years to spread good luck. You can actually make a cake inspired from Buche de Noel. There’s no need to worry on how to make it for it is actually easy to make. Click here to know the steps on how to make this traditional Buche de Noel Cake.

34Candy Cake Roll

This is actually less complicated to make where you can use buttercream as frosting and candy canes as toppings. Others might don’t like the texture of it but once you saw the cake and its festive appearance, you’ll surely want to take a bite. Go here to see the recipe.

35Graham Cracker Gingerbread House Votives

Seeing this gingerbread house makes you think twice if you’ll going to eat it just display it for the holidays. Making it is way beyond the traditional baking and cutting of treats. To see the procedure on how to make this wonderful holiday treat, click here.

36Frosty Cake Pops

These cake pops are totally adorable to eat. The top hat is actually made from Reese. To see the procedure in making it, go here.

37Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

This treat is a perfect gift to your friends and love ones even to your kids’ classmates and playmates. This wonderful treat is easy to make. Click here to know the steps in making candy cane marshmallow pops.

38Santa Hat Brownies

These Santa Hot Brownies are so cute and can be a simple holiday treat this Christmas. You can use ready-made brownie batter and bake it for 25 minutes. Click here to know the procedure on how to make it.

39Snowman Donuts

Little snowman is cute and a perfect treat for kids. It is easy to make and your kids can help in doing it. It is easy to make and the procedure on how to make a snowman donut is in here.

40No Bake Holiday Fruitcake

In this recipe, you will learn how to make a fruitcake where you will only use five ingredients and you won’t need to bake it.

41Almond and M&M Christmas Lights

This food idea is so cute and would only take a few minutes to make. Kids will surely love this and a total hit to them. Click here to get the recipe.

42Snowman Cheese Ball

Make your appetizer fun with this adorable snowman made with cream and cheddar cheese. Get its recipe here.

43Santa Hat Pretzel

These bite size bits can be a good way to tell that Christmas is here. Click here to know more on how to make it.

44Feliz Navidad Avocado Tree Salad with Chili Vinaigrette

Buffet will be more inviting with this Christmas Tree-shaped salad. Click here to know more on how to make it.

45Chocolate Christmas Popcorn

This is a yummy and awesome treat you can give to your kiddos. This wonderful and colorful treat will make your Christmas more festive and cheerful. It is easy to make and you can get its recipe here.

46Homemade Raffaello Snowmen

If you have a thing with Snowmen, this homemade treat will make your Christmas merrier. Homemade Raffaello’s are easy to make and much cheaper too than those that are bought on stores. To make this yummy treat, click here to get its recipe and steps in making it.

47Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Spoons

This delicious treat takes up only five minutes to prepare. Just dip the spoon with peanut butter and chocolate then top it with sprinkles and put it in the fridge. You can use it as a party favors or serve it as a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows and whipped cream. Click here to get its printable recipe.

48Christmas White Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods

This is a quick and easy to make Christmas treat. They are cute and a perfect treat gifts. This is also a last minute recipe but eventually it turns out great to many moms. It is so easy to make and you can get its idea on how to make it here.

49Reindeer Snack Cakes

This treat came from pre-packaged snack cakes so there’s no need for you to dip it in chocolates. You just have to add some other toppings like the googly eyes, the nose and the antlers. You can ask for help from your kids in decorating. Click here to get the instruction on how make this yummy treat.

50Candy Cane Oreo Balls

In making this one, you need a candy cane cookie cutter in cutting out the Oreo balls then dip it in white chocolate and sprinkle with red sanding sugar. Click here to know more on how to make candy cane Oreo balls.

51Marshmallow Frosty Hats

These cute hats are worth eating for. It is actually easy to prepare and only need some few ingredients. You can make 12 pieces of it in 20 minutes. Click here to get its recipe and the procedure in making it.

52Gingerbread Fudge

This cute gingerbread fudge bursts with flavor. You’ll only need 20 minutes in preparing it. Get its recipe here.

53Caramel Coconut Snowmen Donuts

Preparing this treat is actually easy. You just need a white chocolate and coconut to cover your donuts and carrots for the nose and white M&M’s for the eyes. Click here to know how to prepare it and to see the images of the caramel coconut snowmen donuts.

54Peanut Butter Pretzel Christmas Trees

This awesome Christmas tree is stuffed with peanut butter. You can make two dozen of it which you can give to your kids or to your love ones. Go here to see its recipe and other tutorials in making it.

55Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties

It is easy to make and have a festive look and can be a gift to your kid’s teacher or to your love ones. Baking is not required here and you only need few ingredients in making it. Click here to get it’s recipe.

56Rice Krispies Ornaments

Rice Krispies can be made into cute and delicious holiday ornaments. It is crunchy and sticky and a cute gift to friends and love ones. Go here to get the recipe and instruction in make Rice Krispies ornaments.

57White Chocolate Rice Krispie Pops

This is a perfect treat you can give to your kid’s teacher or classmates. It easy to prepare and won’t require you to bake. It will only take you 20 minutes in making it and you can make up to 16 bars of Rice Krispie pops. Click here to see its printable recipe.

58Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

This smooth and creamy fudge is great for the holiday season. It is easy to prepare and would only require you 6 ingredients in making it plus it will only take you 10 minutes in preparing it. To know the recipe, click here.

59Bugle Bites

Bugle Bites

The sweetness and saltiness of this treat is so wonderful that you won’t stop taking a bite of them. They are perfect for get together parties because they are easy to make. To see its recipe, go here.

60Chocolate Pretzel Christmas Trees

This treat will be a sure hit to kids. The ingredients can easily buy on grocery store and the process in making it is actually easy. To know more on how to make them, click here.

All these treats will make your guests, love ones and friends mouth to water. These are absolute sweet and delicious you would hope that every day would be Christmas day.