35 Enjoyable Christmas Games for Kids and Adults


Kids even kids at heart love Christmas. People tend to get to spend more time with their love ones during this season. It is also the perfect moment where we spend more time baking, cooking delicious foods for Christmas and countless get together party with friends and love ones. And when there is a party, there’s also christmas games that kids and adults can enjoy.

35 enjoyable Christmas games for kids and adults

1Candy Cane Hunt

This game is perfect for kids and adults. You just have to hide the candy canes to different places of the house. It’s up to you if you want to place them to where they can easily see it hide them in a cleverly way. Once they have found all the candy cane, it’s your turn to give them presents. To know more about it, click here.

2Punch a Present

You can create this Christmas game through the use of paper bags, poster boards or cardboard boxes. You just have to assemble the boxes and create holes on them then place some items on each hole and cover with tissue paper or colored paper. It would be fun seeing kids and love ones punching the box board and getting presents afterwards. To get the idea on how to make this kind of game, click here.

3Snowman Slam

Everyone can enjoy this game. The idea of this game is to throw the snowball to knock down the snowman. Doing the materials for this game is so easy. Click here to get an idea how to do it.

4Gingerbread Dice Game

This fun math game will test everyone’s math skills. Every place should bring their own crayon to color the number and section in the gingerbread man board. To get the printable gingerbread dice game, click here.

5Christmas Bingo

This christmas game is fun to play with your kids and family. The Bingo board has an images of Santa, snowflakes, ornaments and other Christmas related things. Go here to get a printable Christmas bingo card and play this awesome game with your family.

6Silver Bells memory game

Ever played memory game on Hershey’s kisses? Well, you can try it now with this silver bells memory game. It’s a new way of playing memory game actually. You just need some Hershey’s Kisses, a dot sticker and a pen. The other procedure in making this awesome game can be found here.

7Snowman bowling game

“Melt” your snowman by trying to put him down with this bowling game idea. Creating and decorating this game is actually easy and you can let your kids help you in decorating the snowman. To know the materials and how to make snowman bowling game, go here.

8Mitten matching game

Test your child’s recognition skills with this matching game. This will surely keep the children busy playing it. This educational game is so easy to make and perfect for winter fun. To know more about it, click here.

9Snow shooters

Ease someone’s boredom with this snow shooter game. It will only take you a few minutes in doing this game. You can find the instructions and the materials needed here. The kids will have a fun time shooting snowballs everywhere with this fun game.

10Christmas candy ball game

This game is more of a gift giving activity with a twist. The idea is to remove the layers of the ball by the one who holds it while the player on the right have 2 dice which he rolls as fast as possible. As the layers are being removed, candy’s will come out and the one who’s holding the ball will have it. Make the game more challenging by letting the players wear gloves. To get more idea about the game, click here.

11Christmas scavenger hunt

This game is one of the all-time favorite Christmas games. You can create your own clue and place them on Christmas tree or on a gift. In here you’ll see a sample of a scavenger hunt and you might get an idea on it.

12Launching Snowmen

This is a fun and educational game for kids. It is a great learning experience for them and a quick learning on how far will snowman will go. To know more about this educational game, click here.

13Sight word snowball fight

This is a fun indoor snowball fight that kids will surely love. You need to write different sight words on each paper and scrunch it as if forming a snowball. Divide the kids into two team and tell them to start throwing snowballs to each other. If a certain kid gets hit by a snowball he’ll have to read the word written on the paper to stay on the game. This is also an educational game for it practices one’s reading skill. Learn more about this game here.

14Frozen inspired tic-tac snow

Keep your kids occupied with this frozen inspired tic-tac snow game. It is easy to make and the materials are easy to find. Learn more about this game here.

15Santa themed math game

This game is educational and fun to try. You also have to add that the material needed for this game can be done in a minute. The idea of this game is to fill Santa’s beard by covering all the numbers inside it with the help of marshmallows. You need a dice for this one. To know more of this awesome game, click here.

16North pole game

This is a fun indoor or outdoor game your kids will enjoy. Making your own ring toss is actually easy. To know how to make it, go here.

17The Flour Game

This can be a fun holiday tradition to your family. The idea of this game is to make the lifesaver fall with the use of the knife or the players mouth. This game is quite silly because the players face tends to be covered with flour afterwards which makes the people around them burst into laughter.

18Don’t ring the bell obstacle course

This is a sensory game that can that exercise your kids ears and body. The goal of this game is to go through the course without letting the bells ring. To know more of this educational game, go here.

19Santa hat cups stacking game

This is a fine motor activity for kids. It is actual easy to set up and kids of any age can join in this game. The idea of this game is to stack the red cup then the pom pom then red cup again followed with pom pom until the stacks fall over. The player with the most number of stacks cup wins. Click here to get more idea of this game.

20Snow shovel race

This is a minute to win it game where the kids shovel the snow through the use of the spoon to the bowl. The game should be done in a minute. The winner will be based on how much cotton balls where scoop on the bowl. Know more of the game’s details here.

21Indoor snowball toss game

This is a fun game to ease your kids’ boredom. Line up the cup into a pyramid format and let the kids stand a couple away from the cups. They will try to toss the snowballs on the cups. The one who can toss many snowballs is the winner.

22Christmas Memory Game

This game can be played during kids’ parties or during their playtime. The idea of this game is to take turns on two cards in finding a match of a certain image. The one who have most of the matches is the winner.

23Olaf game

How fast can you build a snowman? In this printable Olaf game, kids will cut out the pieces on the left part of the paper and would start rolling the dice. The number shown on the dice is the parts of snowman they should place on the outline of Olaf the snowman. The first one to build the snowman is the winner. Click here to know how.

24Reindeer antler game loser

The idea of this game is to make the biggest reindeer antlers in a fast way. This is a fun group game where 5 teams can compete. To know the game’s details, click here.

25Christmas Charades

Charade game is classic but enjoyable game. In here, you’ll get a printable 66 cards of words and items that are Christmas related. Just like the usual mechanics of this game, the chosen player of the team will pick a card and act out the word or phrase written on it. The team with the highest point will win the game.

26Reindeer game

This game is similar to the Olaf game. You just have to cut out the reindeer pieces and roll the dice and place the piece to the board according to the number rolled. The first to finish putting all the Reindeer pieces is the winner.

27Jigsaw and Memory game

Christmas cards can be recycled into a fun game activity for your kids. You can make them as a memory game by matching the pairs or a jigsaw puzzle. You just have to cut the cards to the sizes you want and place them down on the floor or table and let the kids start playing. This jigsaw and memory game is a great way to develop a child’s memory.

28Ornament Number matching game

This Christmas games is about hiding numbers, hunting them and matching it. This game has a printable ornament number match. Cut out the ornament numbers and hide them all over the house. Let the kids find them and as soon as they found all the ornaments, they have to arrange them according to the ornament sheet.

29What’s in the bag?

This is a simple game to play and can be played by kids of all ages. You have to gather some Christmas- theme items and place each of them in paper bags. Blindfold the kids and one by one, present the bags and let them put their hands inside it to feel the object. Let them guess it with the use of their senses.

30Snowman toss

This can be a great indoor or outdoor Christmas games for kids. The idea of this game is the kid has four chances to hit the holes of the snowman. Once they hit it, they will get a prize inside the hole.

31Merry “Christmitts” game

This is a great get-together Christmas games that everyone will enjoy. You have to wrap your gift five times or more. Have everyone sit in circles. Pass the die and let everyone have a roll until they hit the number. The first one to roll the number will put the oven mitts and opens the present. As someone else rolls the chosen number, they need to get the present and wear the mitts and start unwrapping it too. This will continue until someone unwraps the actual present and he’ll be the one to get the present. Click here for more.

32Are you ready for Christmas?

This Christmas games can be a great ice breaker for holiday party. In here you get a printable questionnaire that would be fun answering. See the game details to know more about it.

33Christmas Rollick

This is also known as Reverse Charade where one person what the others are acting out. Click here to know more about this Christmas game’s detail and to know the list of what the people will act out.

34Holiday family feud

Classic Christmas games are always in style. The game and mechanics of this game is similar to the classic family feud game but the questions are all related to Christmas. Click here to get its PDF version here and it is ready to print.

These Christmas games are so much fun to do with your friends and love ones. Expect that will fill your party with laughter, joy and fun which is what Christmas is all about.