Top 10 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


If you have a furry friend, chances are, you will find their pet hair almost anywhere inside the house. From the carpet to the sofa, pet hair sticks and can sometimes cause allergies to people who have asthma.

Whether or not you have allergies, it is essential to keep your house free from pet hair. Investing in a quality pet hair vacuum allows you to clean pet hairs without difficulty. Shedding is a natural process for a dog.

Being a pet owner means you are bound to deal with it anytime sooner. Hence, we’ve gathered the ten of the best pet hair vacuums in the marketplace today.

Top Best Sellers in Vacuums for Pet Hair

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1Kirby Avalir G10D Vacuum Cleaner with Tool Attachments

Kirby Avalir G10D Vacuum Cleaner with Tool Attachments, Shampooer, Warranty

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This Kirby Avalir G10D is one of the hottest trends in the industry today. Thanks to this self-propelled pet hair vacuum, cleaning has never been easier. It features a HEPA micron allergen filtration, suitable if you have any family members who suffer from allergy.

It also has a belt change indicator, an LED headlight, and toe touch height control for your utmost convenience.

The heavy-duty unit provides optimal durability. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for a long time.

The package includes an accessory bag, shampoo attachments, and cleaning liquid to make cleaning a breeze for you. Now you won’t have to worry finding pet hair everywhere in the house.


  • Heavy-duty machine can be used for commercial
  • Added features for easy cleaning


  • Not lightweight nor compact
  • Not suitable for customers on a budget
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Handheld and difficult to maneuver

2Cirrus Performance Pet Edition Upright Vacuum Cleaner Model CR99

Cirrus Performance Pet Edition Upright Vacuum Cleaner Model CR99 w/ 6 Bags and 2 Belts Included

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Check out this Cirrus performance per upright vacuum. If your pet has been shedding heavily these past few days, this is the ideal vacuum for you to use. The package includes six genuine cirrus heap type A bags and two genuine Cirrus belt.

On board, the tool includes floor selector. The 12 am 2 sage motor is powerful and heavy-duty. Its 14-inch metal brush roll makes it easier for you to clean the entire house.

It has a metal bottom plate and a handle. The pet odor eliminating charcoal motor filter HEPA filtration is a relief to family members suffering from allergies.

This unit has a variable speed turbo hand control. Clean with elegance with this blue and silver pet vacuum that will get rid of all pet hairs inside of your house.


  • Perfect for heavy-duty use
  • The powerful motor can be used for commercial purposes
  • Quiet operation
  • Solid construction, built to last


  • Issue with falling buttons
  • Some people don’t like the smell of the bagged vacuum
  • Pricey
  • It doesn’t come with a large flat accessory
  • Heavy and difficult to maneuver

3Sebo 9559AM Automatic X4 Pet Upright Vacuum

SEBO 9559AM Automatic X4 Pet Upright Vacuum, Red - Corded

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The Sebo pet upright vacuum is both stylish and elegant. It includes extension hose and turbo brush, an essential cleaning tool for every pet owner.

The unit also has an electronic height adjustment that keeps cleaning on all floor surfaces. There are belts included in the package and can guarantee the life of the machine.

Thanks to its hospital-grade S–class filtration, it is 99.9 effective in removing up to 0.3 microns. The active wand and hose make it flexible for cleaning high parts of the house.

Durable, versatile, and intelligent, this unit is a perfect choice for pet parents worried about the growing pet hair build-up inside their home.


  • Lightweight and easy to noise
  • Low noise level
  • Lengthy cord provides flexibility
  • Easy to use in crevices and corners
  • Impressive solid construction and upholstery attachment


  • Triangular-shaped head of brush tool is inconvenient
  • You can’t run the unit in rugs
  • The Plastic exterior isn’t durable

4Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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Introducing the Neatro Robotics automatic vacuum cleaner. The package includes the unit, a charging base, and a boundary marker.

It has a powerful cleaning system engineered to provide relief to pet parents who suffer from huge clumps of pet hair in their house. This high-performance vacuum can remove all kinds of dirt, not just pet hair, in carpets, hardwood, rugs, and tile floor.

You can clean the charging contacts on the back and the front of the robot and the charging base with a soft damp cloth. This unit brings next-generation intelligence to robotic vacuum cleaner thanks to its RPS technology, laser-based vision, and room mapping.

This robot scans the surroundings and creates accurate maps of areas that need cleaning. With this smart robot, you need not worry about your house getting filled with pet hair anymore.


  • Filters are built to last
  • This unit features a suction for easy cleaning


  • Robot works slowly in the dark during winter
  • Issues with the robot attacking the dogs
  • Robot climbs the strangest things
  • Constant beeping
  • Batter only lasts for 10 minutes and go in cycles

5Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930, Smart Robotic Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930, Smart Robotic Vacuum, for Carpet, Bare Floors, Pet Hair, with Intelligent...

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Can’t get enough of smart vacuums? Check out this automatic pet hair vacuum from Ecovacs. This unit is compatible with Alexa and Google. Now you can control this unit using your smartphone.

You can draw virtual boundaries, create a map to clean, and set a specific schedule for cleaning the house. It features the latest adaptive floor sensing technology. When the mopping pad is off, this unit will double the suction power on the carpet.

Ozmo mopping is a complete system with a water pump powered by electricity, sensors that regulate the water flow, and professional controls that stops the flow when needed. Its 110-minute runtime with auto charge and resume technology provides convenience to busy pet owners.


  • Provides a real-time mapping of the house
  • Adaptive floor sensing increases power suction
  • Quick to recharge


  • Problems with the application
  • A bit larger to handle
  • Knobs hits the sofa and prevents the robot from going under

6Eufy RoboVac 11 Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology

Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology and...

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This Eufy self-charging robotic vacuum offers a high-performance filter for heavy cleaning inside your house. The 100Pa vacuuming power works with two brushes and a motorized rolling brush in sucking the dust, grime, and crumbs while sweeping around the house.

Thanks to its smart navigation, when the battery is low, it will automatically go to the docking station and recharge itself. After that, it’ll continue to work and maintain your house clean.

The unit offers four cleaning modes: the auto, spot, edge, and small room cleaning modes allow you to focus on where the mess is. It can climb over rugs and uneven floor. The vacuum is programmed to avoid edges and prevent falling while cleaning.


  • Lengthy runtime and automatic recharge
  • Quiet operation for a robot vacuum
  • Cleans the edges thoroughly
  • Collects a considerable amount of dust and pet hair regularly
  • Great price


  • Needs time to find its base
  • Do not run with pets nearby

7Samsung POWERbot R7090 Pet Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa

Samsung - POWERbot R7090 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Edge Clean

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Samsung has maintained a reputation for manufacturing quality smart gadgets and machine. This smart vacuum cleaner is not an exception. It works with Alexa for voice control.

Thanks to its refined technology, it has 40X more suction power. The visionary mapping plus full-view 2.0 sensor creates optimal cleaning path and avoids any obstacle on the way.

Now you can control your vacuum using a remote control or via a smart home Samsung connect. The edge clean master technology ensures you it can clean all crevices and corners.

Its self-clean brush automatically removes pet hairs that get tangled around the brush. And last, its point cleaning allows you to point for an on-demand vacuum cleaning.


  • Cylon force technology prevents clogging
  • Extreme suction power collects a considerable amount of dust
  • Improved navigation to avoid getting stuck
  • Impressive edge cleaning technology


  • A little taller it can’t fit small beds
  • Batteries drain quickly
  • Issue with the application

8Roborock XIAOMI Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Filter For Pet And Self 2 in1

Robot Vacuum Cleaner ,Intelligent Sweeping Robot Household Automatic High-efficient Vacuum Cleaner...

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The Carejoy robot vacuum filter features a high-precision LDS sensor that can scan the room in 5 X 360 degrees per second.

This improved design of smart vacuum is an essential tool for every pet owner with its Robot rock robot cleaner 2 that uses impressive slam algorithm in mapping the optimal cleaning path around the room. Now you can customize the cleaning using its Mijia application.

It also features an omnidirectional pressure sensor just above the LDS sensor. Inducing collision and preventing the vacuum cleaner into going under a low sofa.

In that way, you can avoid crashing and be bumping into obstacles. The enhanced sensor allows you to protect your furniture. It also has four cliff sensor to avoid going over the edges and falling.


  • Ultra strong suction for heavy cleaning
  • Can be controlled using a remote
  • Can work for an hour continuously
  • Quiet operation


  • Not budget-friendly

9Electrolux EL8811A Precision Bagless Upright PET with Self Cleaning Brushroll

Electrolux EL8811A  Precision Bagless Upright PET with Self Cleaning Brushroll, Sealed HEPA - Corded

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Electrolux presents this all-new upright pet vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning brush roll. Thanks to its multi-surface brush roll switch, cleaning has never been easier. This device never loses suction; it’s a wise option for heavy cleaning every day.

It also features a deluxe pet dusting brush and extra-long 30-foot cord to provide flexibility while cleaning. The sealed HEPA filtration provides relief to home members with allergies.

This is an ergonomic choice for pet owners looking for a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. Its perfect glide wheels wouldn’t get caught in the rugs. The anti-odor carbon filter removes and one-touch release large capacity dust cup makes cleaning a breeze for you.


  • Improved flexibility and good suction
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Issue with the quality of plastic exterior
  • Doesn’t work well with bare floor kitchen

10Samsung POWERbot R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum

Samsung Electronics R7070 Robot Vacuum Self-cleaning Brush for Pet Hair, Ideal for Carpets & Hard...

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Another pet robot vacuum from Samsung! This R7070 model allows you to control the product using Google or Alexa.

The 40X more suction power makes your life easier and cleaning a waft for busy pet owners. You can achieve optimal cleaning results thanks to its visionary mapping plus and full view 2.0 sensor that avoids obstacles in the way.

You can control the unit using a remote control or via your smartphone. Thanks to its edge clean master, all edges, and corners of the wall are cleaned thoroughly.

The self-clean brush automatically removes any hair tangles around the brush. This robot will require little to no maintenance, the perfect cleaning tool for pet parents who have a short time to maintain their house.


  • Impressive suction power
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Improved technology to achieve optimal cleaning results


  • Bumps into furniture now and then
  • Purchase of virtual walls is required
  • Problems with cleaning the rugs
  • Noisy operation