Top 10 Best Pallet Busters Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


Pallet busters are essential in any maintenance of construction workplaces. It ensures that cleaning and removing unnecessary objects are done nicely and orderly.

Given this vital function, one cannot just settle with a pallet bullet with a so-so or low quality. With the many pallet busters, figuring which one is the best and which is not can be tough.

The list below enumerates the best pallet busters the market has to offer.

This aims to help you pick out the best among the ones available in the market through figuring out its features. Find out what fits your needs and preferences through this list.

Top Best Sellers of Pallet Busters

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1Heavy Weight Pallet Buster By Hartford

Heavy Weight Pallet Buster By Hartford | Perfect for industrial users | Hobbyists who decorate with...

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Heavy Weight Pallet Buster by Hartford guaranteed durability in breaking down and removing all sorts of pallets.

All kinds of pallets include even those that are too heavy to be broken down. It can break down pallets without much worry about the material getting ruined or destroyed in the process.

This is made possible by the articulate head on the end of the product. Through this “head,” the pallet boards are brought gently removed without breaking or splitting the wood.

With its strength, this pallet buster can already rip pallets in a matter of seconds, and even in the harshest conditions.

Aside from this durability, you can also count on this pallet buster in decking. It can pull up materials to put in in one nice deck.

Also, with the help of this pallet buster, you can decorate with reclaimed pallets. This pallet buster uses reclaimed wood to decorate walls and building materials around the home.


  • Durable
  • Has a defined and effective mechanism in breaking wood down


  • Can be very heavy to hold and manipulate

2Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster

Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster, 1-1/4' Handle Diameter, 42-3/16' Bar Length

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Made out of aluminum, the Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster promises safety and excellent quality all at the same time.

This feature makes the product safe to use in disassembling broken pallets. Considering the material it is made out of, this product is also very light and easy to use. This feature also makes the product look classy and elegant with its silver color.

Another helpful feature of this pallet buster is its back-and-forth dual prying action, which allows convenience in dismantling pallet pieces easily.

This feature can work on forks as well. Also, it has a built-in nail puller to ease the process of removing planks of wood.

You can also secure a grip on this product with the help of its non-slip handle grip. This candle measures 1.25″ while the bar itself spans 42 3/16″.

As for its weight, you will find it easy to manipulate the product as it weighs very lightly at 8.1 pounds.


  • Light and easy to manipulate
  • Has multi-functional and helpful features


  • Not in line with the runners

3go2buy Iron Pallet Buster Pallet Breaker

Yaheetech Steel Pallet Buster Tool Pallet Pry Bar Gear Pry Bar Rack - Pallet Breaker Deck Wrecker...

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This pallet from go2buy, the go2buy Iron Pallet Buster, marks itself as one of the best pallet busters in the market. Its versatility is one of its selling factors.

You can use this item for deck boards, wood slide and pallet structure disassemble. Its sturdy construction allows you to slat and plank the wood apart without breaking it.

Your grip is always secured with this item’s padded handle that prevents your hand from slipping upon holding it.

Also, its double fork feature also secures the board from slipping in its grip.

As for its appearance, it comes with a coated finish. This feature maximizes the lifespan of the item, allowing you to use this for a more extended period of time.

It also comes as a sturdy pallet buster, as it is made up or premium iron frame. The length of this pallet buster spans 44.1” while its handle measures 1.3” in diameter, weighing 16.1 pounds.


  • Premium iron material makes it durable enough
  • Coated for maximized endurance


  • Heavier than many of the pallet busters available

4Duckbill Deck Wrecker

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No products found.

Demolition is made more accessible with the Duckbill Deck Wrecker. With the help of this product’s features, the long and tedious destruction can be done in a shorter time and more accessible way.

This was made possible through its patented design, which uses leverage to pry board with ease—and pull them away from floor joists.

Removing plans of wood are also made easier as it gives way to processes to help you out. This pallet buster can slide under the board to get a good hold of the wood.

Also, it can straddle a single or double joist to lift the board in one whole piece. On top of these features, you can even count on the rotating head of this product to enable you to work close to structure.

With this kind of set-up and capacity, you can work on removing pallets and wooden planks from a standing position instead of a sitting or kneeling position.


  • Holds the plank securely without breaking it
  • Allows the user to work in a standing position


  • Can be a bit heavy and difficult to use

5Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster

Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster with 43' Handle

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With the help of the Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster, you can do many processes in demolishing without many worries.

Utilizing this pallet buster, you can disassemble various pallets, decks, fencing, and even other materials. This was made possible through the product’s use of the ultimate pallet pry bar.

Your work is made easier and faster with the help of this item, compared when using other traditional materials. Instead of having different equipment to use for each function or activity, you can just have this one to cover it all.

While this product promises endurance and capacity to remove all sorts of materials, it still offers itself as a lightweight item.

Weighing only 8 pounds, you can easily carry and control this item however you wish.

You will not have a tough time removing materials with its weight and the strength of the material itself. With its dimensions of 43x 8 x 6 inches, it is also easy to store.


  • Can be used for different functions
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Tends to break or split the ends of the board

6CRESCENT DKB44X Home Hand Tools Pry Bars

Crescent 44' Indexing Deck Removal Bull Bar - DKB44X

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The DKB44X Home Hand Tools Pry Bars guarantees quality, innovation, and convenience in one.

Utilizing the double claw wrecking bar, this pallet buster fits processes done by DIYers, home renovators, and even Tradesmen.

With the help of its double fork feature, you can have a balanced lift on both sides of the nail and remove the product more neatly. Also, this characteristic enables the user to remove the boards faster and easier.

It features a rugged and indexing joint to add up to make the process of demolition a lot easier.

The indexing and robust joint of the pallet buster enables optimal flexibility and increased leverage.

Instead of having to adjust your body or arm’s angle to remove the material, its optimal flexibility will do the work for you. As for its dimensions and weight, it comes in handy at 44 x 7 x 5 inches and weighs 9.25 pounds.


  • Easy to store, easy to use
  • Product adjusts to the angle of the user


  • The double fork feature needs to be used cautiously

7Yaheetech Pallet Buster Pallet Pry Bar Wood Puller Tool

Yaheetech Pallet Tool Pallet Buster Breaker 44in, Wrecking Bar with Double Demolition Forks Blue

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Having a length spanning 44” and a handle measuring 40.6”, the Yaheetech Pallet Buster presents itself as a steady and durable product.

The main frame is made up of premium iron, which is a very tough material, to begin with. Coated with spraying coat finish, the inner material of this item is secured to ensure maximized durability and usage.

With its toughness and other features, this pallet buster can already do a lot of functions to aid in construction and demolition. You can count on this item to work on your deck board, wood slide, as well as pallet structure, dissemble.

The Yaheetech Pallet Buster also makes use of the double fork. The double fork is a feature which prevents board slippage for clean removal of a pallet.

The handle, having a diameter of 1.3”, also allows improved balance and optimal leverage, making the job easier through flexibility. To make the job more convenient, this handle is covered by a 5.5” pad, which allows you to have an improved and more comfortable grip.


  • Maximized lifespan with material and coating
  • Components are very durable
  • Offers many functions in one product


  • Does not fit all types of pallets
  • A bit heavier than the other pallet busters

8Angel Guard DD-201 Deck Demon Pallet Breaker and Deck Demolition Tool

Angel Guard Deck Demon, Heavy-Duty Steel Pallet Breaker and Deck / Roof / Strapping Remover,...

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Uniqueness and reliability come in one package with the Angel Guard DD-201 Deck Demon Pallet Breaker.

Unlike most of the pallet breakers on this list, this one is made out of grade solid steel construction. With the help of this item, you can be assured that the product is long lasting and of excellent quality.

Designed to ease the demolition process, this pallet buster quickly and visibly removes the decking materials. Also, you do not have to worry about the neatness of the remnants as it can clean up fasteners as well.

You can use this tool for different processes such as roofing, decking, as well as strapping things.

This is made possible through the dual claw head, enabling it to withstand and perform well even in vast amounts of demolition projects. Measuring 45 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches and weighing 7.35 pounds, this product is easy to use and store and very lightweight.


  • Makes it easy to pull a board or pallet neatly and easily
  • Can even remove clippers and fasteners
  • Durable material components


  • Might require extra effort when used to remove screws

9Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster / Pallet Breaker

Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster/Pallet Breaker - Premium Steel with Handle, 41'

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The Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster marks itself as one of the well-known pallet busters for its quality and efficiency.

Regarding its components, you can be assured of strength as it comes with durable steel construction. This feature adds strength to the force it can exert and at the same time.

While it guarantees power, you can be assured that pallet removal will remain neat as it has an articulating head. The said articulating head makes sure that the wood will be removed but not broken or split apart.

Aside from the steel construction, you can also rely on the deluxe pallet to make the job easier done for you. This feature is designed to disassemble pallets with ease.

In addition to the wooden materials, you can also utilize this item for dock boards, and it will still have the same quality of output.

Considering its dimensions and weight, you can quickly take control of and utilize these items.


  • The product is long lasting and tough
  • Has many functions
  • Can disassemble an item apart from wood


  • Requires additional strength in removing heavily-clipped materials

10Spartan Tools Pallet Buster Deck Wrecker Tool

Pallet Buster Deck Wrecker Tool - for Pallet Projects and Deck Disassembly with 3-Piece Pole and...

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The old, tiresome and tedious process of removing deck is now gone, all with the help of the Pallet Buster Wrecker Tool.

The feature that makes this item a good find for many customers is that it comes with an add-on to help ease the task of removing. This item is none other than the nail pulling pry bar and heavy-duty leather work gloves.

The Pallet Buster Wrecker Tool itself is characterized by a heavy duty pallet buster along with an extra-long pole.

These two features ease the work and energy needed in any demolition job.  In addition to the said feature, users can also enjoy the multi-purpose nail remover/ pry bar.

This feature allows you to work in any angle with ease and without compromising the quality of the removed material.

The dimensions of the pallet buster span 46 inches long. The fork itself measures 7.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches, having each fork 1.5 inches apart from each other.

The prybar, meanwhile, measures13.5 x 1 5/8 inches. Though a bit heavier than usual, you can use this item weighing 11.8 pounds conveniently.

The add-on leather gloves are made of none other than real cowhide leather. The said kind of leather allows firm and steady grip on the nails or any material to be pulled.

The gloves also have double-layered palms, which avoid splinters, scrapes and other possible damage to the user. This set of gloves has dimensions of 10 inches long and 5 inches wide.


  • Comes with a useful add-on
  • Very functional and efficient


  • A bit heavier and can be hard to control

Pallet Buster Buying Guide

Since pallet busters are an integral part of any construction company, it is crucial that you choose the right one suitable for your needs. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, below is a buying guide that will help you select the best pallet buster for you along with a list of the best-selling pallet busters in the market.

What is a Pallet Buster?

A pallet buster is designed to help cleaning and to organize the construction area. It comes in different sizes, forks, and styles. Pallet busters are built to last and must be made of quality materials for easy dismantling of the pallets.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Pallet Buster

Here are the following factors that you should consider before you start browsing for pallet busters in the market:

  1. Build Quality

As mentioned above, your pallet buster must be durable. It is built for heavyweight construction jobs. Therefore, you should opt for a pallet buster that is made of premium steel. Though there are few models of pallet busters with plastic parts, it is better that you choose a model made of durable metal materials.

Your pallet buster must be able to withstand the heavy-duty tasks and everyday abuse. Also, pallet busters that are made of quality materials are compact and not wobbly. It will allow you to take the planks apart without difficulty.

  1. Weight

Albeit the premium steel is superior in durability, you might want to consider the weight as well. A heavy pallet buster will make the dismantling more difficult. It may also cause fatigue in just a short amount of time. Not only that but heavy tools can drag the time you spend on dismantling, especially if you are working with a lot of pallets.

Choose a pallet buster that you can carry comfortably using a single hand. Especially if you are going to do it every day, you don’t want to invest in a pallet buster that will make you feel exhausted after working for a couple of hours.

  1. Portability

If you are planning to use your pallet buster at work, you might as well choose a model that is portable and easy to carry. Ideally, your pallet buster must only weigh around five to eight pounds only. The portability of your pallet buster will also rely wholly on the materials used for the tool.

  1. Basic Features

The following are basic features that your pallet buster must have for a more comfortable and greater experience of dismantling the pallets.

  • Forks- take a look first of the fork. Most of the time, it consists of two tines that you can wrap around the pallet stringers. Forks will help you to dismantle the planks with ease. Narrow forks are ideal if you are planning to pry 2-inch stringers while the wider forks are most suitable for 4-inch stringers. Check the space between the tines of the forks. It must be around three to four inches only.
  • Articulating head- you should also take a look at its articulating hand. When you push down the pallet buster’s handle, the articulating head will work to ensure that the pressure is distributed evenly on the plank. This key feature will help to prevent breakage of the planks while you’re working.
  • Handle- the handle is also important. It should be strong and durable. A high-quality handle can provide plenty of leverage especially when you want to dismantle wooden pallets. Aside from that, a comfortable and well-made grip will allow you to work while standing without getting weary.
  • Handle insert- some models of pallet busters are sold without a handle. However, even without a handle, they usually have a 1.25-inch insert that will allow you to utilize the pallet busters with whatever pole or handle is available in your area.
  1. Manufacturer reputation

The reputation of the manufacturer also plays an integral part. If this is your first time buying a pallet buster, you might want to opt for a manufacturer with a good reputation. They live up to their reputation by producing high-quality products. They also provide satisfactory customer service. High-quality products from reputable manufacturers don’t have to be costly. Some are sold at a reasonable price.

Bestseller No. 1
Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle, 41',blue
Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle, 41",blue
  • Deluxe pallet buster is designed for disassembling pallets easily
  • Articulating head won't break or split the wood
  • Features durable construction for added strength and long life
Bestseller No. 2
BISupply Pallet Buster Tool in Yellow with 41in Long Handle – Deck Wrecker Pallet Tool Pry Bar,...
BISupply Pallet Buster Tool in Yellow with 41in Long Handle – Deck Wrecker Pallet Tool Pry Bar,...
  • DISASSEMBLE PALLETS & MORE: Rid your garage, workshop, or warehouse of broken or unsightly pallets...
  • PERFECT SIZE: For standard pallets; Pallet ripper can straddle a board up to 3.6 inches (9.4cm)...
  • GRIP COMFORTABLY: Save your back, your arms, and your sanity with this pallet pry bar tool as it has...

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