Top 10 Best Horse Food Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


To keep your horse healthy and avoid colic problems, it is essential to give them proper nutrition. An average horse will require at least 16 pounds of hay and five pounds of feed concentrate. In that way, they can recover from the exhaustion of exercise, heal wounds faster, and ward off potential diseases that might enter their body.

Hence, for every horse owner out there, we have prepared a list of the top ten best horse food that you must buy. The following are the top choices of our customers available in the market today. We will discuss each item’s pros, cons, and the nutrients that they can provide.

Top Best Sellers of Horse Food

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1Corta-Flex Pellets 025377

Corta-Flx Equine Pellets 12 lb Joint Flex Supplement

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First on the list is the Corta-Flex pellets horse feed supplements. The manufacturer, Corta-Flex Incorporation is known for producing quality horse formula. This product is already approved by the leading veterinarians worldwide.

If you have a senior horse who finds it hard to chew big and hard pellets, you might want to consider this product because of its smaller molecules. It can provide better assimilation for your horses.

It’s also recommended for horses who prefer alfalfa in a simple solid form. You don’t need to break your bank to offer an easy-to-chew and nutritious pellets for your horse.

Rest assured that this supplement can boost your horse’s immune system, provides better stabilization, and enhance his stamina for an all-day work at the farm or the rodeo.


  • Can help horses going through the aging process
  • Palatable and easy to chew
  • Clinically proven and recommended by veterinarians
  • Ideal for senior horses with illness
  • Affordable price


  • Slight smell

2Horse Guard Equine Vitamin Mineral Supplement

Horse Guard Equine Vitamin Mineral Supplement, 40lb

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If you are looking for a horse supplement that can help to heal your horse’s wounds faster, you should check out the Horse Guard equine vitamin-mineral supplement. Thanks to its powerful prebiotics and probiotics, your horse can get the most out of this product.

This horse supplement can offer your horse’s needs for vitamins and minerals. All the nutrients that are missing from hay can be found in this supplement.

We also like how this product can maintain the strength of your horse’s hooves. With 4.5 mg of biotin in every dose, rest assured that your horse is back to kicking and running all the time.

It also provides peace of mind to every horse owner knowing that the manufacturer only uses the finest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Now you don’t have to do the guesswork of choosing the right supplements for your horse. This supplement is certified and recommended by equine nutritionists to ensure that your horse gets proper nutrition.


  • Helps to soothe sore muscles
  • Promotes shiny and thick coats
  • Helps to improve digestive function
  • Promotes the overall well-being of the horse
  • The first weight gain product


  • Rather pricey

3Richdel Select The Best Legacy Pellets

RICHDEL 784299542006 Legacy Pellets Joint Support for Senior Horses, 20 lb

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Check out this Richdel legacy pellets. This 20-pound horse supplement is designed to help your horse achieve excellent performance. If you have a senior horse who’s undergoing the signs of aging, this is the perfect product for you.

The compounds are small and easy to chew. After intense clinical research, it has been proven that this supplement helps in mending the connective tissue, soft tissue, and muscles of your horse.

For horse owners who keep their horses moving all day, this is the perfect supplement to soothe their muscles.

The key ingredients of this horse supplement include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and yucca to ensure robust joint support. It also contains vitamins E and Ester C as antioxidants.

Rest assured that even if your horse is old, they can fight the potential illnesses that might enter their body and have a sound sleep at night after a long day at work.


  • Helps to promote smooth joint action
  • Good source of nutrients for senior horses
  • Soothes muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Can be used for large dogs and fox as well


  • Not budget-friendly
  • It takes a year to see the difference

4Foal-Lac Instantized Powder

Foal-Lac Supplement Pellets, 40-Pound

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Check out this 40-pound instant powder from Foal-Lac. This mare supplement provides a balanced level of protein and other essential nutrients for growth in foals.

The equine milk supplement is perfect for all nursing foals. Especially if your mare’s milk continues to decrease, it is essential to give them this supplement.

This milk-based formula had been serving mares for over the past few years. It’s highly palatable, and foals can eat the pellets readily. If you want to save money from milk buckets, this is a great alternative.

Rest assured that there your foal will not suffer from scours or other diarrhea problems. It’s one of the best horse food for horse owners looking for a healthy option for their horses.


  • No stomach upset
  • Way cheaper than alternatives
  • Highly palatable
  • Recommended by veterinarians for early development


  • Some foals wouldn’t touch it
  • Preservatives are known carcinogens

5Med Vet Exceed 6 Way Pellets

Med-Vet Exceed 6-Way Pellets 16lb

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This six-way pellets from Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals are highly recommended by veterinarians.

At an economical price, this all-in-one product is perfect for providing multi-level support for your horse. In just 60 days, see the difference in your horse’s energy level, stamina, and endurance.

Your horse can benefit from good joint support, improved blood circulation, increased oxygen, faster recovery of sore muscles, gut integrity, thick hair coat, and improved digestion.

It contains ingredients that can promote healthy well-being of your horse. You can provide one scoop at least twice a day and notice the difference it will make in less than a month.


  • A cheaper alternative compared to other brands
  • Provides all essential nutrients in just one scoop
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Improves the mood of the horse
  • Promote a thicker and beautiful coat


  • Some horses show no interest in the product

6Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals Gastro-Plex

Gastro-Plex (6 lb)

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Another product from Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals is the 6-pound Gastro-Plex. It is an economical choice as it can provide up to 64 servings in just one bag. This pelleted diet for horses is highly palatable and easy to chew.

The product helps to promote a healthy gut function. It also contains probiotics that can act as antioxidants to ward off potential illnesses that might enter his body. The product also contains equine antacid for your horse’s overall health.

This horse pellet also contains herbals such as peppermint powder, marshmallow root powder, aloe vera powder, and papaya leaf powder.

Rest assured that even the picky eaters will love this product. In just one serving, you can provide all the essential nutrients that your horse needs to go through the day healthy and robust.


  • Ideal for horses with ulcer
  • Good results as fast as two months


  • Not suitable for customers on a budget

7Strongid C 2X Daily Feed Pelleted Wormer 50 lb

Strongid C 2X Daily Feed Pelleted Wormer 50 lb

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Next, we have the Strongid feed pelleted wormer that can help to prevent the buildup of the parasite in your horse’s body. Taking it up on a daily basis will serve as their protection from infection.

It also provides better nutrition, improved performance, and a healthy appearance. The continuous dosing of pyrantel tartrate in gastrointestinal tract instead of a conventional deworming program will leave the horses vulnerable to reinfection, if not for this product.

This horse pellet is intended for daily preventative treatment. You can complement it with purge deworming at least twice a year. It also helps to kill parasites before they build up during periodic deworming.

Low level of infection allows you to maintain natural host immunity of your horse. Now you won’t need to worry about parasite larvae again.


  • Does not affect stallion fertility
  • Can cure a terrible skin rash
  • Acts as a daily wormer for everyday protection
  • Easy to chew and highly palatable


  • Burns a hole in your pocket

8Horse Guard Mega Dose Equine Vitamin Mineral Hoof & Probiotic Supplement

Horse Guard Mega Dose Equine Vitamin Mineral Hoof & Probiotic Supplement, 40 lb

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The Horse Guard mega dose equine supplement ensures that all the vitamins and trace minerals that your horse needs is provided.

If you are feeding your horse with regular hay, you might want to consider this supplement because it contains all the missing minerals from the hay. It also promotes healthier and stronger hooves as it includes a complete hoof supplement with 32 mg of biotin in every dose.

Now you can keep your horse’s gut healthy and robust with its complete pro and pre-biotic supplement.

It’s easy to feed to your horse and an economical choice as it features a vitamin-mineral supplement, a hoof supplement, and a probiotic supplement all mixed in just one palatable product. Rest assured that the manufacturer only uses the finest pharmaceutical ingredients to provide optimal health for your horses.


  • Formulated by certified equine nutritionist
  • Promotes strong hooves
  • Keeps the hair thick and shiny
  • Perfect for picky eaters
  • All in one package in a single supplement


  • Some horses sniff the product and walk away
  • Rather pricey

9Transfer Factor Equine Performance and Show – 30 Servings

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The 4Life Research transfer factor horse pellet is formulated for horses who engage in competitive events on a regular basis.

If your horse is tired from the strenuous work activities, you should consider this product.

It contains all the nutrients to keep your horse active and robust. Aside from that, it’s formulated in cooperation of top veterinarians and animal nutritionists to ensure that your horse gets proper nutrition.

This horse factor performance is also suitable for growing horses. No matter what stage your horse is in right now, letting him take this horse formula will allow your horse to achieve superior health in the long run.

You can add this formula to their regular hay and see the difference for yourself!


  • Ideal for horses with nutrition issues
  • Great for gaining weight
  • Heals wound faster and remove scars
  • Promotes healthy and shiny hair
  • Helps to achieve stronger hooves


  • Some horse wouldn’t eat it
  • Slight smell
  • Raised price

10Omega Grande A Complete Natural Flax

Omega Grande A Complete Natural Flax, 50 lb

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Lastly, we have the Omega complete natural fax.  It’s the performance of five products in one easy-to-feed complete supplement. It also has custom designed vitamin to suit your horse’s needs plus mineral mix for essential nutrition.

The horse product may help in supporting full athletic potential, great for horses who join competitions or who have trouble reproducing. Consuming the product on a regular basis allows your horse to develop robust and robust hoof growth.

It may also help in strengthening the immune system and improving the digestive function of your horse. In as early as 30 days, notice the thickness and shine of your horse’s coat.

It provides all the minerals that you can’t find in the hay, making it the ideal everyday supplement for your horse.


  • Great for picky eaters
  • No more tendon and colic issues
  • Great for gaining weight
  • Promotes healthy muscle growth


  • Not palatable
  • Rather pricey