16 Best Hiking Trails Every Adventurer Should Try


Hiking trails are a great way to understand more a place story and culture. Listed below are some of the best hiking trails that hikers and adventurers should try and enjoy. Every places and sceneries promises a great experience to every hiker who would try the trail.

It could also be a great way to bond with families or friends as they try new adventure. The trails listed will surely take you to a new world of fun and excitement and a great understanding in appreciation to our nature.

16 best hiking trails every adventurer should try

1Copper Canyon/Tararecua Canyon, Mexico


Cooper Canyon is about 40 miles and 20, 000 vertical feet and perfect for hikers who are in search of wilderness and indigenous culture. It is some of the canyons in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert pared by six rivers that combines in Rio Fuerte. Tararecua Canyon is one of the best place for hiking especially because of the thermal springs on the bottom that is perfect for hikers that are recovering from a tiring hike. There are also some steeps and spots that need ropes. March to April and October to November where the weather is cooperative.

2Shipwreck Coast/Shi Shi Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington


This trail is for everyone who wants an easy trip and wants a great family adventure at the beach. It is 20 miles from Rialto Beach then you have to take a 15 miles from ranger station going to the Shi Shi Beach. Olympic coast has always been isolated with big logs and giant strands of kelp. This is a great place for backpacking but not a great spot for sunbathing.

You will also pass the Norwegian Memorial which is made in honor of the 18 young men that are perished and buried in the 1903 wreck of Prince Arthur, also the Chilean Memorial which was a burial site that are perished of the sinking of WJ Pirrie in 1920. You can also enjoy the sight of some marine mammals that can be spotted in the place. It always has a bad weather in this place but August and September are the month where the high pressure systems make the sky blue.

3Continental Divide Trail, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico


Continental Drive Trail crosses the backbone of the continent that shows the untamed wilderness of the place. CDT is still rough and has incomplete parts and requires maintenance. Unfortunately, the Continental Divide Trail Alliance close down due to financial problems. But still, it is breathtaking as you cross the trail of Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park. Spring can be the best time to start the trail in CDT and hopes to reach the Canadian border before fall come.

4Hayduke Trail, Utah and Arizona


This trail is destined for those that are hardcore hikers who are looking for challenges in the wild. The Hayduke crosses six national parks of Colorado Plateau. It climbs up to 11, 420 feet on Mount Ellen near Capitol Reef and falls to the bottom of the Grand Canyon at 1, 800 feet. It also trips down to the Grand staircase that is buried by time.

Though this trail gives you a lot of wonders to see, Hayduke is a rough trail. It has unmarked and unsigned spot as you go to the canyon and slick rock. It is best to try this trail during spring and fall because summer is to hot and snow can be an obstacle for trail on winter.

5West Highland Way, Scotland


This 96 miles trail is dedicated to those hikers who like to experience the remote of Highlands. It was opened in 1980 and known as the first Scotland’s system of Great trails and goes straight to the heart of the most rugged strap of Scottish landscape. The weather in Scotland can be bad, but the warmer months can be a good time for hikers to go in West Highland Way.

6Great Himalaya Trail, Nepal


The Great Himalaya Trail is perfect for adventure seekers. The trail can be completed in 4- 6 months if the weather is fine. GHT is not actually a trail but a path that connects the route to the Himalaya. GHT is a thousand mile walk that leads to many peaks like the Everest. The plan of this trail is to encourage a responsible tourism despite the political instability in Nepal.

Aside from seeing mountains, hikers can see the wildlife like herds of blue sheep, takins, red pandas and endangered snow leopard. There are also monasteries and teahouses for hikers to visit. The Great Himalaya Trail is a great way to show a new globalism where it puts people on a path in an extremely natural place. The weather in Himalaya is always unreliable but it is April and October where you can try the trail.

7The Way of St. James via the French Way, Spain


This trail is perfect for those who are looking for a long walk in Europe. The way of St. James is a walking path to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. This is not just a sacred journey but a great walking paths in Europe. There are many paths in going to the sanctuary but the popular among them is the French way that starts from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France.

French Way is now part of the UNESCO world heritage site and is well maintained and now a symbol of the pilgrimage. It is said that it is fun to stop on the small towns along the way to hear some great stories about the pilgrims and some of the prayers. During the walk on night, it is good to look up in the sky because St. James route matches the path of Milky Way.

8Santa Cruz Trek, Cordillera Blanca, Peru


The Santa Cruz Trek has a distance of 30-plus miles and best for South American hikers and trekkers who are looking for high places without traveling Himalaya. The Peru’s Cordillera Blanca gives the seclusions of the big mountains. This trail is not crowded and much better alternative to go to Machu Pichu on Inca Trail. April to September are the best months to go trailing in this high mountains. You can reach the beautiful blue waters of Laguna Churup through a 6.4-mile round-trip hike.

9Israel National Trail


This trail is perfect for long distance hikers who love to see the ancient and contemporary history of Israel. Israel National Trail showcase the biblical places and the lives of the Israelis. The trail gives you a great view of the beauty of the wilderness of the Middle East. The trail takes the hikers to the place where huge events happened in Judeo and Christian world. The trail is safe and you can get to meet other Israeli hiking too. February and Ma is the best time to go and enjoy this trail because it avoids the heat of the summer.

10Yoshida Trail, Mount Fuji, Japan


There are many trails to try for to those who want to go to the top of Fuji and the popular of them all is the Yoshida trail that covers eight miles. Almost 300, 000 hikers are looking forward to Mount Fuji each year because of its 12, 389- foot volcano and it is accessible because of the public transport from downtown Tokyo. Yoshida trail is such a memorable climbing experience you can enjoy with other thousand climbers. The summit starts from July to August. To avoid the crowd of many climbers, try the path of the summit like the Gotemba trail that covers ten miles.

11Mount Kailash Pilgrimage, Tibet


If you are seeking for spiritual enlightenment, going here is perfect for you. Mount Kailash Pilgrimage is a sacred place for Buddhist, Jains, Ayyavazhi and the ancient religion of Tibet- Bon. Hindus believes that on its peak, Shiva sits there and meditate. Although there was once who was given a chance to climb Kailash, the mountain remains unclimbed.

The Chinese government though begun building road to the pilgrimage that is known as kora. Even though Kailash is not a trail for mountaineers, still, it gets the attention of others who are looking for good grace. It is also a first- class Himalaya trek where there is Zuthal Puk which is a sacred cave and meditation sites at the waterfalls.

12Shackleton’s Route, South Georgia Island, South Atlantic/Antarctica


This is a great trail for explorers and history buffs and for those who want to travel the Antarctic. The Shackleton’s route is surely an adventure as you cross on unpredictable glaciers. Your eyes will feast of thousands of penguins and elephant seals on their nesting grounds as well as countless species of birds you can encounter on the route. The trail starts from December 20 up to March 20 and gives the best weather for the trail.

13Cinque Terre, Sentiero Azzuro, Italy


This is best for families and romance seekers. The trail is seven miles between five towns and can possibly make the hike longer and steeper by going up into the hills. The Cinque Terre is so magnificent that and has been one of the favorite European travel itineraries. Tourist are overwhelmed to hike Blue Trail because of the colorful villages on the Mediterranean. The town still looks left back as it it came out from fairy tales with the little buildings above the sea. Spring and fall is the best season to try the trail because there are few tourist and the temperature is cooler.

14GR 20, Corsica, France


GR 20 has a distance of 112 miles that is perfect for hikers who are not afraid of heights. Europe’s Grand Randonnees, or commonly known as GR trail is an island in the Mediterranean. It has steep mountains like the 8,878- foot Monte Cinto. GR 20 might be a favorite passage for European hikers but North Americans doesn’t know much about it and are shocked to find a treacherous mountain that is across the island that is well known for beaches.

Hikers can enjoy the view of the mountain while tasting cheeses and chestnuts at the refuges on the end of trail sections. Hikers can also have a sip of wine and have a warm bed thus proving that GR 20 is a luxurious trail in the world. Summer season is the best time to go on GR 20.

15Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass, Iceland


Vulcanist and hikers loves to go to Iceland to see its wilderness while enjoying the night in the huts. Huts are open on the month of June to mid- September. It is a tradition to hike in Fimmvorouhal Pass on summer so you’ll have company. You can also hike this Pass from Thorsmork to Skogafoss that covers 12- 14 miles. Despite being a remote location, buses comes from Reykjavik during summer.

16Bibbulmun Track, Australia


Families can enjoy this trail especially to those who want to see the wonders of southwest Australia. The track is divided in 58 sections and has 49 shelters for hikers. The trail is a concept of a local hiker who wants people from city to go bush. It is based from old Australian tradition. Bibbulmun is named from the indigenous people of the area and Australia’s common flora. Along the tracks, it is common to find snakes and other rare animals. It is best to have the trail during austral spring and fall to avoid the heat.

It is always nice to go through places and see the beauty that place hold. Going through trails and paths makes you understand more the place you are in and appreciate the things in it and the culture they have. It is like putting yourself into another world. Some of the trails might be rough and risky but in the end, all of the tiring and endless walk is all worth it as you see the breath taking views of the place.