Top 10 Best Flea Treatment For Your Dogs and Cats Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


Fleas and ticks are horrible. It will not only cause an allergic reaction to your beloved companion, but it will also invade your house and furniture.

Fleas may weaken the immune system of your dog. Not to mention the expensive costs of eliminating the fleas once it gets inside your home. Hence, it is essential to protect your pet from these pests.

Before fleas can attack your four-legged friend, it’s better to protect him from these pests instead. Flea treatment protects your dog from flea infestation.

Allow us to be your guide in choosing the right flea treatment for your dog. We’ve gathered the best flea treatments by customer’s choice and created a list of the top 10 best tick and flea treatment.

Top Best Sellers in Flea Treatment For Your Dogs and Cats

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1Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Novartis 60 Count Capstar Bulk Pet Flea Treatment, Over 25-Pound, Green

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First on our list is the flea treatment from Novartis. Experts and veterinarians recommend it. The ingredients may help to boost the immune system of your dog and avoid flea infestation. You can let your dog take the treatment at least once a day.

It’s a beef liver flavor tablet, making it easier for your dog to ingest it. The 60-count package can last for at least two months if you only have a single dog in your house.

A single dose of Capstar (nitenpyram) can kill adult fleas in your dog. Make sure that your dog has swallowed the pill before you leave them alone. If you are not sure, you can administer a second pill to do so.


  • Beef liver flavor makes it easier to administer the pill
  • Ideal for animal rescue


  • A generic version is available at a lower price
  • It’s more convenient to have the powder version than the pill
  • Negative effects on the cat
  • Makes your pet oddly hyperactive for a few hours
  • Costly

2Capstar 60 ct for Cat/Dog under 25 pounds

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Another product from Capstar that’s ideal to use for both your dog and cats. Once you administered the pill into your pet’s mouth and you’re sure they have swallowed it, the pill will start working within half an hour.

It is safe to use for kittens and puppies over four weeks of age and over two pounds of body weight.

This is a wise choice if you want your young pets to prevent fleas as early as possible. You don’t want to wait for adult fleas to show up before you get rid of them.

You can give the medication at least once a day. It’s also an excellent choice if your pets like playing outdoors and pick up occasional fleas by hanging out with other four-legged animals.


  • Best results in just thirty minutes
  • Works best with a flea shampoo
  • Ideal for flea prevention for young pups
  • No severe chemical reaction


  • Costly

3Bio-Groom Flea and Tick Dog/Cat Conditioning Shampoo

Bio-Groom Flea and Tick Dog/Cat Conditioning Shampoo, 5-Gallon

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This flea and tick shampoo is perfect for pet parents who find it hard to administer pills to their feline friends.

The product is derived from organic coconut and can help you eliminate the tick, lice, flea and its eggs effectively in just a short time.

Since it’s made of natural ingredients, you need not feel guilty when your dog’s skin burn because of the harsh chemicals other treatment offers.

The product can also help in highlighting your pet’s fur. It’s mild and balances the pH. After rinsing your dog with clean water thoroughly, you will notice the lovely smell of its freshly cleaned fur.

This is a wise choice if your dog has sensitive skin. It’s also safe to use for puppies and kittens over 12 weeks old.


  • No side effects from chemicals
  • Easy to apply to aggressive dogs
  • Fleas unclasp themselves from your dog’s skin


  • Pricey

4CERTIFECT For Dogs 89-132 lbs

CERTIFECT For Dogs 89-132 lbs - 6 dose

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Don’t let your feline friends suffer from ticks and fleas. Thanks to the flea treatment from Certifect, your pets can stay flea and tick free even if they spend all their time playing outside the house.

This treatment is designed for dogs from 89 to 132 pounds. One package includes six doses for your dogs.

It’s an effective treatment if you wish to control the fleas off your dog he can pick by merely wandering the yard or playing with other dogs.

The ingredients contain properties that may help in killing ticks and fleas in just a short time. With proper diet and cleaning, you can keep your dog from skin infection brought by fleas.


  • Results show up in just a day


  • Pill administration can be difficult
  • Dog gets tired after a few days of taking the pill

5K9 Advantix II 12 Pk Blue Dog Over 55 lbs

K9 Advantix II 12 Pk Blue Dog Over 55 lbs

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Protect your pet from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies with this K9 Advantix II flea and tick prevention treatment.

It’s a waterproof monthly topical preventative that protects your dog all day long. The product can kill the adult fleas in just 12 hours. It also eliminates all flea eggs in your pet’s fur.

Your dog can tolerate this treatment thanks to its mild yet active ingredients.

You can apply it every month for maximum protection of your dog. A few hours later, you will find a large dead tick as a result.


  • Fast delivery and carefully wrapped
  • Proven safe and effective for dogs
  • Easy to apply for dogs
  • Reasonable price


  • Fleas become immune to the chemicals
  • Burns your dog’s skin
  • Issue with the broken container

6Vet’s Choice – Gallon by CedarCide

Vet's Choice

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The Vet’s Choice CedarCide is made of 100% natural ingredients, freeing your dogs from harmful side effects.

If you don’t like using flea collars or chemical drops on your dog, this is an ideal choice for you. It’s safe to use even for young puppies to prevent flea infestation.

This product works by eliminating mange, hot spots, and healing skin disorders in your dog.

Since it is highly concentrated, you must mix it with water before applying it to your dog. Instead of letting them take the pill, you can spray it on them or mix it with their bath water to keep them protected from pests.


  • All natural ingredients prevent harmful side effects
  • Easy to apply
  • Reasonable price


  • Caution for amphibians and other small animals

7Advantage 12 MONTH II Flea Control

Advantage 12 Month II Flea Control RED (for Dogs 2155 lbs)

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Introducing the renowned and improved Advantage II flea treatment for dogs. It provides additional protection to keep your dog free from lice and fleas.

You can apply it to dogs and puppies that are seven weeks older and weighing at least 21 pounds.

The product works by eliminating the cause of fleas—its egg. It utilizes compound pyriproxyfen in killing fleas even before they reach the maturity cycle. There’s no need to worry about side effects because this powerful compound affects none mammal at all.

Also, the imidacloprid helps by paralyzing the fleas before they have a chance of biting your dog. In that way, you can decrease the risks of skin disorders of your pups.


  • Easy-squeeze tube offers an easy application
  • Compounds target fleas and its egg for permanent removal
  • Less oily compared to other products
  • Quick delivery


  • Does not work the same for all dogs


K9 advantix 12 Month Blue (for Dogs Over 55lbs)

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Every pet parent will panic upon seeing the infestation of fleas and ticks on their beloved companion’s fur.

This is an ideal product if you want to kill ticks and fleas in just a short time. Each treatment can last up to a month. Protecting your dog all year round will require 12 continuous treatments.

This product is safe to use for dogs that weigh over 55 pounds. It prevents the fleas from seeping deep into the skin of your dog and infesting your house later on.

It also repels and kills mosquitoes for up to four weeks. In that way, you decrease your dog’s risks of gaining skin disorders that might introduce a pile of problems later on.


  • Product remains effective after swimming or bathing
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Reasonable price


  • Poisonous for cats
  • Dogs treated with this product must be kept away from cats

9SENTRY FiproGuard Dog Flea &Tick Squeeze-On

SENTRY FiproGuard Dog Flea &Tick Squeeze-On 89-132lbs 12month(2x6mo)

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This flea treatment from Sentry is ideal for dogs that weigh 89 to 132 pounds. Now you don’t have to worry about fleas and ticks even if you live near thick woods where they are most likely to catch it.

The squeeze-on tube makes it easier to apply the product to your four-legged friend. It provides long-lasting protection, so you can let them play all day outside without worrying at all.

The product if waterproof. Because of its mild ingredients, it is safe to use even if you have pregnant and lactating dogs.

It works by destroying the larvae of your fleas and provides full protection for up to three months.


  • No side effects from harsh chemicals
  • Easy application
  • Safe to use for pregnant dogs
  • Decent price


  • Thick amount of cream is required
  • Easily runs out

10Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shamp W/Precor Gal

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shamp W/Precor Gal

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The Adams Plus flea and tick shampoo with precor is perfect for your cats and dogs suffering from lice and fleas.

It effectively removes flea eggs and prevents the growth of insect on their skin. The flea shampoo contains precor that helps in regulating the growth of fleas in your pets.

You need not worry about side effects because it contains soothing aloe vera, lanolin, and oatmeal. In that way, your dog’s skin will not burn upon using the product.

The product must be diluted with two parts water. If you are treating a dirty rescue animal, you may repeat bathing him with the shampoo every 7-10 days.


  • No side effects
  • Targets the cause of flea
  • Easy to apply
  • Good price


  • For adult dogs and cats only


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