Top 10 Best Dog Dry Food Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


If you have been using wet dog food for a while, perhaps it’s time to switch to dry dog food. Why? Because it offers a lot of benefits.

For instance, a dry dog food creates little mess. Even if your dog is a messy eater, it’s easier to handle. Compared to wet dog food, it does not leave a strong smell.

Dry dog food is also easy to transport. You can take it from one place to another with ease. It’s also a good choice if you will bring your buddy in traveling. Easy to pack, transport, and serve, a dry dog kibble is an answer to your problems.

Since there are many options to choose from, we have rounded up the top ten best dry dog food that every pet parent must consider buying. From great taste to added nutritional value, the dry dog foods below will never fail your expectations.

Top Best Sellers in Dog Dry Food

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1Acana Ranchlands All Life Stages Dry Dog Food Beef – GrainFree 

Acana Ranchlands All Life Stages Dry Dog Food Beef - GrainFree 28.6lb

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The dry dog food in beef flavor from Acana is your first option. It’s safe to eat for all breeds of dogs and all stages—be it an adult or a young pup.

This dog food is rich in protein to help boost the energy of your buddy. It’s grain-free, making it easier for them to chew. It also prevents any allergic reaction to their skin.

One good thing about this product is its 60% red meat and 40% fresh fruits and vegetables. Rest assured that your dog receives proper nutrition with this dog food.

It’s an ideal choice for dogs who must undergo stricter diet to boost their health. This dry dog food can also a remedy to add weight to your dog.


  • Beef flavor easily entices dogs
  • Ideal for large and robust eater dogs
  • Rich in nutrients your dog needs
  • Can boost your dog’s energy
  • Helps to clear up Schnauzer’s skin problem


  • High price
  • Contains a little amount of dog dry food per bag

2Purina Dog Chow Little Bites Real Chicken & Beef Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Dog Chow Little Bites Real Chicken & Beef Adult Dry Dog Food - Six (6) 4 Lb. Bags

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Another dry dog food you should consider is from Purina Dog Chow. These little bites are in chicken and beef flavor to entice your dog in switching food.

The dog kibble is made of real chicken and beef adult, no preservatives and artificial flavorings added. It also provides your dog’s needs for protein and other vitamins to boost his energy.

This protein-packed dog food allows your dog to grow strong muscles and lean legs. The antioxidant blend helps in boosting your dog’s immune system.

This crunchy kibble blend creates little to no mess. Thanks to this dog food, your dog’s teeth is a lot easier to clean.


  • Puppy-focused recipe and can support brain development
  • Enticing textures and tender pieces to treat your dog
  • Made with real meat to provide high-quality protein
  • Complete nutrition for any breed and stage
  • Ideal for growing puppies


  • Can burn a hole in your pocket

3Purina Beneful 3 Bag Healthy Weight With Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food With Free Bowl

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Are you looking for the perfect dog food for your adult dog? Check out this dog dry food from Purina Beneful. Its real farm-raised chicken is the number one ingredient, providing the right nutrients and protein that your dog needs to remain spiky and active.

It also includes accents of real spinach, peas, and carrots to offer a balanced diet. Your pet can gain all the nutrients he needs to grow and keep up with his energy.

Aside from that, it’s antioxidant-rich nutrition helps to boost your dog’s immune system. If your senior dog had been ill for a while, this is the perfect dog food to bring back the strength he once lost.

Now you need not deal with the mess when your dog eats thanks to this dry dog food. This premium dog food that offers smart-calorie nutrition will keep your dog active with all the nutrients he needs.


  • Savory flavor entices dogs
  • Calorie-smart meal ideal for an adult dog
  • Creates little mess when eating


  • Some dogs are allergic to spinach
  • Pricey

4Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Instinct Dry Dog Food

Instinct Original Grain Free Rabbit Meal Formula Natural Dry Dog Food By Nature'S Variety, 25.3 Lb....

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The Nature’s Variety dry dog food contains natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins to fulfill your growing pup’s needs. Rest assured that it contains none artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

This dog food does not cause hot spots and skin problems because of its grain-free and gluten-free nutrition. No corn, wheat, soy, or fillers are added.

The dog food is formulated to provide protein-rich diet that is the primary ingredient your dog eats in nature. It also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to provide a soft and shiny coat.

This dog food also provides probiotics to support healthy digestion. It contains antioxidants to boost your dog’s immune system.

This fresh, dried raw coating for pure nutrition and great taste that your dog will love. Now, your buddy can reach the ideal weight with the diet it provides with proper portions of this dry dog food and regular exercise.


  • Can provide relief from food allergy symptoms
  • Ideal for all breeds and stages
  • Complete and balanced meal for your dog


  • Formula change without prior notice
  • Some dogs experience loose tools
  • Some dogs are puking up the rabbit flavor

5Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food

Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food 28.6 lb. Bag

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Spoil your dog with this Orijen 6 fish grain-free formula dry dog food. This premium dog food contains 80% fish ingredients and 20% fruits and vegetables to provide a balanced meal for your dog.

It also contains omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain your dog’s heavy coat and avoid hot spots in the process.

The ingredients contain properties that help in cleansing and reducing worms of your dog. It provides calcium to improve the gastrointestinal function and strengthen the bones for all-day play time.

Daily consumption of this dog food may help prevent joint problems and arthritis, an ideal good for senior dogs who can’t keep up with your walks anymore.


  • Ingredients helps to treat skin problems
  • Raw food diet, ideal for ill senior dogs
  • Small-bite and grain-free


  • The dog food is stinky
  • Some dogs vomit this product

6Merrick Grain Free Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food

Merrick Grain Free Real Turkey & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food, 25 lbs. 2-Pack

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The Merrick grain-free puppy recipe dry dog is perfect for picky eaters. Thanks to its real deboned chicken as the main ingredient, you can easily entice your dog in switching to this product.

It’s rich in protein to help your dog gain the strength he needs to play and catch up with you all day.

This raw food diet is perfect for growing puppies. Thanks to its natural ingredients, you can fix your dog’s loose stool problem. It also keeps their teeth white and firm. The product is grain-free, making the coat of your dog shinier.

Once your dog is ready, you can switch to Merrick adult formula. It provides the perfect solution for your puppy’s loose stool and dropping health.


  • Fixes digestive issues
  • Ideal for undernourished puppies
  • Great for gaining weight
  • Provides protein and other nutrients for ill dogs


  • Large clumps of kibbles are hard to chew
  • Some dogs don’t like the taste
  • High price

7Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Salmon Recipe Dry Dog Food

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This Nature’s Recipe grain-free salmon dog food is the ideal dog food if you want your buddy to gain muscle. The main ingredient is real salmon that contains high-quality protein in maintaining your dog’s health. It also includes sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

This grain-free sources of carbohydrates for energy is formulated for all breeds and sizes of dogs. From puppies to senior dogs, this is an ideal product to consider. It does not contain beef, corn, wheat, and other artificial flavors.

Its easy-to-digest recipe is ideal for puppies and picky eaters. In that way, you can solve your puppies’ problem with loose stool and can improve his digestive function.

You need not serve your dog some awful dog food for the sake of being healthy if you can have this product.


  • Easy to digest does not cause plaque build-up to the teeth
  • Fish smell entices dogs easily
  • Grain-free diet to avoid hot spots and skin problems


  • Ingredients changes without prior notice
  • Some dogs vomit at the food
  • High price

8Acana Pacifica Dry Dog Food

Acana Pacifica Dry Dog Food (28.6Lb - New Formula)

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The Acana Pacifica dry dog food is safe for all breeds and life stages. It is rich in protein to maintain your dog’s high energy all day long.

This grain-free dog food can also prevent hot spots and treat skin problems in most dogs. It contains 60% fish and 40% fresh fruits and vegetables to provide a balanced diet for your buddy.

This ultimate food is also ideal for ill dogs that need to get as many nutrients as they can to recover quickly.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, it can help in improving your dog’s digestive function, lowers their blood sugar, and decreases fat storage.


  • Ideal for overweight dogs
  • Offers a balanced diet
  • Grain-free diet reduces hot spots and skin problems
  • Great for dogs with food allergies


  • Food can cause elevated liver enzymes to some dog
  • Burns a hole in your pocket

9Artemis 133023 Fresh Mix Adult Dogs Food

Artemis 133023 Fresh Mix Adult Dogs Food, 30-Pound

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The Artemis fresh mix dry dog food is ideal for your adult dog. Now you can pamper your dog with this adult dog formula.

It’s a great dog food if you want to balance the nutrition of your pet. Since it uses multiple protein sources in covering a range of amino acids, rest assured that you can maintain the healthy diet of your dog.

This holistic diet formula for adult dogs provides all natural ingredients. It also promotes the prevention of diseases and speeds up the healing process.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, it also helps in improving his digestive track. Your dog can enjoy omega-3 and six fatty acids to maintain the shiny coat of your dog.


  • Uses real chicken ingredients
  • Ideal for ill and obese dogs
  • Ingredient-wise for its price


  • Some dogs are allergic to its ingredients
  • Some dogs lost weight with this ingredient

10Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free Dog Food

Hill's Ideal Balance Adult Grain Free Natural Chicken & Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food, 21 lb bag - 2...

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This dog food from Hill’s Ideal Balance will help your ill dog to recover faster from its loss of weight. It offers a grain-free diet to prevent hot spots and skin diseases.

The potato recipe adult dog food also keeps your dog slim and trim. It contains potatoes that are naturally free from gluten to promote healthy digestion.

There are no grains, flavors, and preservatives added to this dog food to ensure a healthy diet. If your dog had been losing weight and you want to bring him back to an active lifestyle.


  • Bite-size nuggets are easy to swallow
  • High-protein dog food to maintain a healthy diet
  • Can treat skin issues
  • Perfect for picky eaters
  • Treats gas issues with your dogs


  • Dogs dislike the shiny, oily coat on the pellets
  • Pricey