Top 7 Best Bird Treats Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


Your pet bird, regardless of the breed, deserves to have a healthy and well-balanced bird treat. Especially if you are training your bird, you should only reward him the most nutritious bid treat available in the market.

We’ve created a list for every concerned pet owner, consisting of the top seven nutrient-based bird treats to buy in the market.

In that way, you can help your bird avoid malnutrition and ensure that he can fight the potential illness that might enter his body. Here are some of the best bird treats that you should buy.

Top Best Sellers in Bird Treats

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1Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Honey Treat Stick

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Cockatiel Honey Treat Stick Value Pack, 8-oz 3 Pack

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First on the list is the Kaytee Forti-diet pro-health treat stick. If you are looking for a delicious and tasty treat that you can add to your bird’s meal, you should check out this product.

It adds variety to your bird’s diet, and it’s fun to feed. It’s an ideal choice for customers on a budget because of its retailer’s pack, allowing you to determine if your bird likes this treat or not.

Its smart packaging also allows you to attach the treats to the bars of your bird’s cages. This bird treat is ideal for gently young birds who are not brutish about their treats.

It’s designed explicitly for Cockatiel, allowing you to train your bird easier. Every stick can last for a week.


  • Decent price
  • Tasty; can entice picky eaters
  • Suitable for all breeds of birds


  • Flimsy packaging
  • Thin package protection
  • Does not have an expiration date on the package

2Kaytee Exact Rainbow Parrot and Conure Food

Kaytee Exact Rainbow Parrot And Conure Food, 20 Lb

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Another product from Kaytee is the exact rainbow parrot and conure food. This bird treat is rich in omega 3 fatty acids to support your pet bid’s brain and heart health.

It also helps to enhance skin and avoid potential skin diseases. Notice in just a week the enhancement and vibrancy of your bird’s feather. It also helps to promote healthy plumage.

The bird food contains prebiotics and probiotics in supporting digestive health. Rest assured that nothing will go to waste because it’s 100% consumable with extruded nutrition.

No shells or seed hulls that can damage the beak of your bird. It’s naturally preserved for the ideal freshness of the treat when served to your bird.

With over 150 years of avian nutritional experience of the manufacturer, this bird treat is both healthy and delicious that every bird deserves to have.


  • Good price for the bulk option
  • Complete nutrition


  • Tiny cardboard pieces mixed to the bag
  • Foreign objects can cause severe intestinal problems
  • Some customers received a bag full of seeds

3Higgins Pet Food Sunburst Fruit & Veggie Large Hookbill

Higgins Pet Food Sunburst Fruit & Veggie Large Hookbill, 20 Lb

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Check out this dehydrated fruits and vegetables from Higgins pet food. It contains top grain seeds and ideal to medium and large-sized hookbills.

This popular treat is made of all organic ingredients including carrots, bananas, pineapple, roasted soybeans, potatoes, strawberries, pumpkin seed, coconut and more.

For a reasonable price, you can train your pet bird and reward him with this delicious treat.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives or added colorings to ensure your bird’s health in the long run. Rewarding your pet bird haven’t been more fun with this nutrient-based bird food.


  • The high-quality treat for picky eaters
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to chew, 100% edible


  • Not budget-friendly

4Prevue Pet Treat Cuttlebone Box

Prevue Pet Treat Cuttlebone Box, Large

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This large pet treat cuttlebone box from Prevue Pet Products is perfect for pet owners who want to maintain the beak of their parrots. Its large size can last for a long time.

Quality and performance driven product is perfect for your feathered friend’s needs. Rest assured that it’s safe for birds after thorough testing for safety and health.

Even with its huge size, none of this cuttlebone box will go bad after sitting around for a long time. You can break it into pieces if it can’t fit your bird’s cage.

Keep your bird’s beak in shape with this cuttlebone box without burning a hole in your pocket. Now you can provide a better quality of living with your pet thanks to this cuttlebone box.


  • Large size can last for a couple of months
  • Can also be used for large castings
  • Ideal for keeping Cockatiel’s beak in shape
  • Large size makes trimming a lot easier
  • Meaty, great pricing


  • Dead cuttlefish tissue embedded on the box
  • Some customers received a broken cuttlebone box

5Alpine Ingredients Raw Shelled Peanuts

Alpine Ingredients B0049HB3F6 RAW Shelled Peanuts 50 Lb, Multicolor

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This Alpine ingredients raw peanut shelled peanuts is an excellent choice for wildlife lovers. These premium shelled peanuts are rich in protein, an ideal choice for woodpeckers, cardinals, jays, and nuthatches.

Its stylish design is innovating and convenient. It is also rich in oils and fats that can provide high energy level for your birds.

The high calorie of this bird treat also promotes fast growth to your birds so that you can use it to your young feathered friends.

Rest assured that there are no added preservatives, coloring, and artificial flavors in this bird treat. It’s chock full of raw shelled peanuts.

None of the treats will go to waste because it’s 100% edible and easy to chew. It also helps to promote healthy digestion of your birds.


  • Affordable price
  • Can also be used for squirrels


  • An issue with nut moths
  • Some customers received bags with infected larvae
  • Spanish not regular peanuts
  • Slight smell

6Kaytee Exact Rainbow Bird Food for Cockatiels

Kaytee Exact Rainbow Bird Food For Cockatiels, 25-Pound

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This Kaytee exact rainbow bird food is perfect for cockatiels. It contains omega 3 fatty acids that can enhance your bird’s brain and heart health.

It also improves the skin and feather vibrancy of your bird. Similar to other Kaytee products, this bid treat can also help in promoting a healthy plumage. You can find prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health.

The bird treat is 100% edible, none of these will go to waste. It’s extruded nutrition with no shells or seed hulls make it easier to eat and chew.

For ideal freshness of the bird treat, this product is naturally preserved. Each nugget contains exact nutrition that your bird needs to achieve brighter feathers and maintain optimal health in the long run.


  • Delectable taste for picky eaters
  • Does not have any smell or odor
  • Less mess and more nutritious
  • Fortified balanced diet for your bird
  • Reasonable price


  • Bright green droppings stain
  • Some pellets are long enough for cockatiels to eat

7Kaytee Gold Spray Millet

Kaytee Gold Spray Millet, 20 Lb

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Lastly, we have another product from Kaytee again. This gold spray millet is a highly palatable treat for your bids.

If you are training your birds and they can’t seem to find the motivation to oblige, this is the perfect solution for you.

You can also use this as a nutritional variety for your bird’s diet. Ideal for small and large hookbills, training with your bird is more fun with this bird treat.

It’s not only delicious, but this bid treat is also nutritious. You don’t need to compromise the taste of your bird treat to ensure that your feathered friend gets the right nutrition.

You can also use this for parakeets and other breeds of parrots. For pet lovers who like to train their birds, this product is for you.


  • Easy to eat, improves digestion
  • Noticeable feather enhancement
  • Much cheaper to buy by bulk
  • Fresh and organic product


  • Some customers received bags close to expiration
  • Some customers received dry and old treats


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