12 Beach Essentials To Bring On Your Next Summer Getaway


We all have our inner wanderlusts. Once in a while, we get this jolt of inspiration to travel the world and just escape our everyday life. On the contrary, traveling is not merely about mountains and foreign cities. It can also pertain to beaches. Particularly during the summertime, people love to explore different beaches and flaunt their best swimwear. While you can have as much fun under the sun, do not forget to bring your beach essentials with you. It is important that you have the necessary items with you or else your trip to the beach might not be as fun and carefree. In this listicle, we list some essentials you should bring on your next beach travel.

1Sunscreen, Face Spray Mist, and After Sun Lotion


Admit it, when plans of going to the beach happen, we often think of what swimsuit to wear and the gadgets to bring. Also, after that, we forget the other essentials like sunscreen, face spray mist, and after sun care protection. Sunscreen is an important skin care product for everyone whether you are heading to the beach or just staying at home.

You want to get a good tan, but you also want to keep your skin taken care of. A good advice is to apply sunscreen on your face and body about 20 minutes before hitting the beach. This way your skin would be able to absorb the product and make sure that you would have a minimal to zero sun damage to worry about.

On the other hand, it is handy to have a face spray mist with you to keep your face hydrated. Staying under the sun for a long time can be harmful to your skin. Other than keeping your face healthy, you can also use your face spray mist to apply your makeup evenly post-beach. This should go with the after sun care protection. Your skin is also vulnerable after swimming and not just while in the waters.

2Bikini Cover-up / Beach Dress


Hitting the beach does not mean that you would stay in the waters until you pack your bags and leave. Staying in and out of the water, you need a good bikini cover-up to wrap around your body when taking a break from swimming. You can also bring a beach dress as an alternative. Make sure to bring a comfortable beach dress that you would be able to wear quickly. For more Instagram-worthy pictures, bring a beach dress that perfectly matches your bikini.

3Beach Shorts


If you are the kind of woman who prefers to wear shorts on the beach, then by all means, wear shorts! Make sure to choose the flimsy kind, not a pair of denim shorts that are difficult to wear on a whim and could accumulate more sand. You can freely wear your favorite shorts as you lounge in the bars and drink your favorite cocktail with your girlfriends.

4Rubber Flip-flops


Sandals are hard to come by when you are headed to the beach. Go with something more convenient and practical such as a pair of rubber flip-flops. These would not absorb any water from the beach and would hold minimal sand when you walk. Rubber flip flops also dry easily unlike clothed flipflops that absorb water like a sponge. Make your flip flops a vibrant color so it would be easy to spot on a beach full of other flip flops.

5Beach Blanket


Most people use towels as an alternative mat, but investing in a beach blanket is actually a better choice. Beach blankets help keep the sand at bay, unlike towels that get disorganized easily and can allow sand to get into your stuff or food. Beach blankets are known to have folded edges that keep your stuff dry and warm. There are a lot of colorful and quality beach blankets in the market. Do not forget to pack one in your bag. Keep your towel for officially drying your body.

6Bikini Bag


Intimates are called that for a reason. They keep your intimates clean and, likewise, they should be kept clean and intact at all times. Make it a habit of separating your intimates and bikinis from your other clothes and stuff especially from your gadgets like your phone or camera. Waterproof bikini bags help keep the rest of your stuff dry while making sure your intimates are safe and tear proof.



Bringing sunglasses to the beach with you is a no-brainer. You do want the sun hurting your eyes as much as you do not want it damaging your skin. Other than allowing you to see crystal clear despite the rays of the sun, sunglasses help add character to your look. The technique is to find the right shape for your face, so it perfectly complements you. Go with something that screams your personality without letting your sunglasses overshadow your bikini.

8Waterproof Bag


We can all become careless when traveling. With too many things in our tow, we sometimes damage our bags and end up having to find a replacement. Even if you were really mindful with your stuff, the beach is just there, which can get your things wet anytime. During times like this, it is a good choice to bring a waterproof bag with you. At least you would not have to constantly have to worry about your things getting easily damp or holding your bag with wet hands. It is better to get a roomy bag just in case you overpack or stay on the beach overnight and buy some souvenirs to bring home with you.

9Utility Bags / Pouches


When packing your bags, make it a habit of separating your stuff by category so it would be easier for you to pull them out of your bag. This way, you would not have to take everything out of your bag and sort through your stuff. Only need your gadgets? Then pull out just your gadgets pouch. Ready to take a swim? Then take out only the purse that contains your bikini and cover-up. It is easier this way, and it makes everything hassle-free. Do not forget to assign different colors per bag so you would not have a hard time identifying each one!

10Hat / Cap


Bringing a cap or hat to the beach is just an option, but it still helps in blocking the sun from your face and eyes. Wearing a cap to the beach also gives you an edgy look while flaunting your favorite bikini. You can also use your cap to hold your things while getting a good ole tan, so that you can grab all your stuff in one go when you are ready to leave your spot under the sun.



Since you already have your beach bikini with you, use your towel to dry yourself officially. Bring an absorbent towel that can dry your body in no time. Try to pack small towels just for drying especially if you already have your bikini cover up and shorts packed. This allows you to have more room in your bag. You can even pack lighter if you limit your stuff to the essentials. Bring a towel that is easily recognizable so you would not quickly lose yours in the beach especially when you are going out with many people.

12Bottled Water


Swimming, playing around, and generally hanging out for a few hours outdoors tend to make us feel hungry. However, studies show that swimming actually dehydrates you more than makes you crave for food. Do not forget to bring bottled waters with you to keep yourself replenished. Beach food and beverages are usually more expensive, so it is better to bring your own bottles. Better yet, bring a jug of water and plastic cups for your entire group. Do not forget to dispose of your trash responsibly!