BarkShop Review (UPDATED 2020) – 8 Things You Need to Know!


Every dog is special. That’s why pet parents nowadays pour extra love and attention to their furkids who had been loyal to them since the beginning.

If you are going home every day with a wild canine waiting for you at the door and wagging their tails, you should know how much your dog loves you.

In return, you should also express your love to your beloved companion by making sure they have everything they need to keep their lives comfortable.

That’s why BarkShop is born. They are bound to make your canine feel unique as they are. BarkShop ensures that every canine is a happy client all year long.

1Introducing BarkShop

If you are wondering, what is barkshop? Allow us to add one of the well-known manufacturers when it comes to canine products.

This company makes sure that your dog gets to have all the necessary nutrients in his body to function correctly. Aside from food items, they also provide a variety of options for the entertainment of your canine.

Their service focuses on both the health and happiness of your dog. If you want to have a healthy and happy dog, you should consider the services that they offer. This bundle will help you save a lot in the long run.

2What’s in the box?

Should you order from the BarkShop, expect to receive the following items for you and your canine:

  • Presents – every box has a special gift for your dog. It may be a new cool-looking Frisbee, a large chew toy, or a plush toy they are free to rip into pieces. Rest assured that every time you open the box, you have something to give to your waiting dog.
  • Food items – the box also contains dog food of best qualities made only for your canine. You can call the company and specify the food items in the box especially if your dog is allergic to a particular ingredient.
  • Toys – aside from the present, you will also receive toys for your canine. It can be a plush toy, a chew toy, a Frisbee, or another form of entertainment that will undoubtedly appeal to your dog.
  • Canine clothes – if you like to dress up with your doggie, good news for you because the BarkShop also includes clothes for your dog. It also comes with matching accessories and harnesses that you can use in the long run when going out with your buddy.
  • Dog nest – for those who are traveling with their dogs, you will surely love the dog nest included in the package. Your dog can use it on a regular basis or for travel purposes.
  • Pet owner’s items – of course, you also have some for yourself. Most of the time, you will receive a variety of books and stationery to keep you busy, some apparel and home goods.
  • Collections – start collecting the Destroyers Club, Shop the Box, and Bundles & Boxes.

All of these items can be found in just one box from the BarkShop. This box will provide everything you and your dog will need in the long run.

3BarkShop Benefits

If you are still contemplating on subscribing to their services or not, allow us to highlight some of the benefits of the BarkShop once you avail their services:

  • You can save money in the long run

Instead of buying individual toys, dog food treats and presents for your dog; you should consider their bundle instead. You can save a lot of money by merely availing the company’s services. Everything you could ever need for is inside the box. And best of all, this box is affordable for most pet owners.

  • Different gimmicks every month

Bonding with your dog is essential to building a good relationship with them. Hence, you should consider this package as it will introduce a variety of activities for you and your dog. You will never run out of ideas to keep your canine entertained and promote exercise in the long run.

  • New outwears every month

Not all pet owners can afford to buy their dogs a new outfit regularly. But with BarkShop, you can play dress up with your dog however you want.

All you need to do is open the box and see what’s in store for your dog. Rest assured that the company will only send outwears that are suitable for your dog’s breed, size, height, and weight.

  • Dog toys can help in easing negative feelings

Similar to human beings, dogs also have their nature to play. You might’ve experienced having some of your furniture destroyed by your dogs, and we don’t want that.

Instead, introduce them to dog toys that they can rip apart to ease their anxiety and other negative feelings. Studies have proven that destructive behavior in dogs can stimulate their mind and help them calm down.

  • Improved interaction

If you want to tighten your bond with your buddy, it is essential that you provide everything they need from food, toys, treats, and outwears. In that way, you’ll be able to keep your dog entertained for hours while making sure you spend quality time with them.

  • Affordable price

Did we mention that their services are affordable? Yes, it is. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to keep your dog happy. You only need to tap the company and see what they have for your canine.

Now you can enjoy monthly services for your beloved companion, try a variety of activities, dress them however you want, and reward them with mouth-watering treats and dog food.

4Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of availing their services? Let’s check it out one by one.


  • Their services are suitable for pet owners on a budget
  • Their services include all the necessary things that your dog might need
  • They have excellent customer service
  • They make sure to give the best for your canine
  • You can feed your dog the right nutrition that they need
  • It’s less hassle on your part because you no longer need to shop for dog food, treats, toys, and outwears
  • It can help to improve your relationship with your dog


  • If you want to return an item, you’d have to wait for a long time because they don’t have any physical store
  • All of their products and services are only available online. You can visit their official website here.

5Side Effects

BarkShop is a well-known company and ensures to give the best quality of dog treats and food for your little buddy.

However, it is still important to consider their ingredient list, especially if your dog is sensitive. Some dogs react negatively to chicken-flavored pretzels or beef strips.

So, before you order a box from them, make sure to inform them of your dog’s existing diet first. In that way, your dog can avoid any side effects. Because they use all-natural ingredients, there is a slim chance of adverse reaction.

But if your dog did experience it such as puking, fatigue, sleepiness, or loss of energy, immediately stop him from consuming the product and visit the nearest veterinarian’s clinic for consultation.

Note that if your dog had some surgery and is still recovering, some items in the list might not be suitable for them even if it’s all natural. We recommend that you talk to your veterinarian first for the possible diet you can provide to your recovering dog.

6Some Factors to Consider

Before you place an order, you should sit down first and ensure that the package they are going to deliver at your doorstep is most suitable for your dog.

  • Always specify the food items

We put a strong emphasis on determining the food items for your canine. Just like how all dogs differ from size, shape, breed, and weight, they also have different nutritional needs.

That’s why you should talk to the sales representative first regarding the ingredients that they are going to put in the food items. It can help you to avoid potential adverse effects once your dog consumes the product.

  • Know what your dog needs

Is your dog not interested outdoors and are always lazing around the house? Perhaps it’s time to introduce them into a hyperactive activity that will get their joints and muscles moving.

Just like how exercises are essential to human bodies, it is equally necessary for dogs as well. Dog activities can improve the blood flow in your canine’s body and help ward off potential diseases in the long run.

  • Do not opt for the most expensive bundle

Especially if it’s your first time buying their services, you should never choose for the most expensive package. Start with their budget-friendly options and see how your dog reacts to the contents of the box.

If your dog likes the products they are offering, then you can gradually improve the services you want to have. Some dogs react well to dog toys, treats, and presents. But some are more sensitive and would rather play with you than all the toys you could offer.

7Where to Buy BarkShop Services

For pet parents who are interested in buying their services, you may go directly to their website here. Keep in mind that they only have one and official website for their dog services. Make sure that you do not opt for other vendors offering the same service at a lower price.

You can also find all the bundles they offer on their website and additional information when ordering their services.


Is it effective?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a concrete answer because it will depend on your dog. Some pet parents are happy with their services because their dogs liked all the treats, toys, and products they received in a box. Other pet parents may think that they have wasted their money because their dogs paid no attention to the products offered.

However, as a pet parent, you will know if your dog is a fan of dog toys or not. So before you order, you might want to consider your buddy’s preferences first.

  • What if my dog doesn’t like any of the products?

Do not worry! You can replace the items in the box to make sure that none of their clients is a disappointed pup. But if your dog doesn’t like any of the returned items, you are not committed to the company. You are free not to renew the next monthly delivery.

  • Are the dog toys safe?

We understand that dogs like to put almost anything in their mouths. Rest assured that all of the toys are dog-friendly and are safe to chew. Most dog treats in the box are also delicious and can easily entice your dog. No harmful chemicals are added. It is purely for your dog’s health and enjoyment.

9Our Final Verdict

All pet owners want to spoil their dog without burning a hole in their pocket. So, if you are on a budget and is looking for quality dog toys and foods, their services are most suitable for you. We recommend their services for both long-term and seasons pet owners.