35 Mouth-Watering Apple Recipes


There’s an old saying that goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But who wants to eat boring apples every day! Make your apples standout by doing these apple recipes and you will never eat apples the same way again! Who knows, it can even prevent doctor visits!

35 mouth watering apple recipes

1Apple Chips

This is probably the easiest apple recipe you can do; it would only take five minutes of prepping time. The recipe requires the apples to be slowly cooked in the oven for 2 hours to achieve crispiness you and your kids would surely love. This apple recipe is perfect for family picnics, long trips, or even on family movie nights! Get this easy-to-do recipe here.

2Amish Apple Fry Pies

Commonly known as “Fried Pies”, this apple recipe is taken from the simple Amish bakery cookbook, since this is popularly sold in these bakeries. Simple and very easy to do, it only requires basic cooking knowledge since Amish people are known for simple living. You would definitely love the satisfying sweet taste of the apple filling inside this fried pie. You can have a copy of the recipe here.

3Apple Crisp Dessert

Perhaps you have tasted this one when you were just a kid, and your mom used to cook this for you. Now that you’re missing home, why not try this delicious apple recipe as a comfort food? This recipe is so easy to do, and it requires a little time to prepare and cook. Toss some whipped cream on top or some vanilla ice cream if you want it cold. Check out this mouth-watering recipe here.

4Apple Fritter Bread

This delicious apple recipe is loved by families everywhere. You’ll be drooling on its aroma when it’s starting to cook on the oven. The delicious apple flavor fills the entire bread: a single loaf brings satisfaction every time. It is even better than the ones being sold in stores! Try it out now! Get this recipe here.

5Glazed Apple Maple Blondies

Blondies! The perfect “brownie” for vanilla lovers! Want to try something else for your next blondie recipe? Add some apples in it! This amazing dessert does not require a lot of time in preparing, you can even do this one before going on a trip or even bring these to your family vacation trip! Kids would definitely love this sweet apple recipe! You can have this recipe now by checking here.

6Mini Caramel Apples

Want to have some fun time with your kids in the kitchen? Then try this apple recipe now! This quick and easy recipe is an easy favorite for kids and even for young-at-hearts! It’s like lollipops with caramels made of apples! These bite-size desserts are not recommended to be bitten – you simply can’t get enough in just a single bite! Get this tasty dessert here.

7Caramel Apple Mini Cheesecakes

Just a warning: sweetness overload is coming! These tasty little cheesecakes will drive you crazy! Add some caramel and juicy apples in it and you’ve got yourself a tastier treat! This apple recipe won’t take a bite of your time and won’t even hurt at all! So sit back, relax, and grab some of these yummy and delicious mini cheesecakes now! Get this mouth-watering dessert here.

8Baked Apple Cider Doughnut Holes

This tasty little snack is so easy to do; you can even do a whole bunch for your family in an instant. This apple recipe is a perfect snack; you can serve this on any occasion, or even in ordinary days! Healthy and flavorful, this bite-size dish can also be prepared as a snack for your kids in school; he or she can even share it to his or her friends! Check out the recipe here.


If you’ve never heard of appledoodles, here’s a bit of information: it’s the apple version of snickerdoodles. The same old cookie is now even better with apples. Kids love cookies, and this apple recipe is the perfect food if you want them to eat healthy. Quick and easy, you can do this simple recipe in no time. Have this recipe by checking here.

10Apple Pie Bites

Want to feed your family but don’t have time to prepare an elaborate dish? Why not try these quick and easy Apple Pie Bites? For sure, your entire family would love the taste of apples in a croissant-like snack. This apple recipe only takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook; you can even invite the whole family for a fun time in the kitchen! Get this tasty snack here.

11Easy Brown Bag Apple Pie

Do you love pies? Do you love apples? Why not combine them into one exciting dish! This apple recipe is inspired by Amish cooking, known for its simple lifestyle. This pie dish can even feed an entire family; you can even serve this for your friends, or just having a fun time. Get this mouth-watering pie dish here.

12Inside Out Caramel Apple Slices

I know you love sweets and apples too. Why not combine them? This tasty apple recipe makes use of the outer layer of the apple including the skin; you can use the removed parts for another delicious apple recipe. You can top it with pecans or anything you like, or eat it bare, use your imagination and you can make it even tastier! Get this recipe here.

13Apple Coffee Cake Muffins

Do you want something to eat anytime you want it? Perhaps this delicious muffin is the answer you’ve been looking for. This apple recipe is really tasty: the combination of flavors from the apples and the cinnamon is perfect; adding streusel mixture on top makes it even more delectable. Everyone would love these muffins: make yours now. Check out this tasty recipe here.

14Homemade Crock Pot Applesauce

Sometimes you feel like you’re lazy, you can’t do anything on a single day. But you still need to feed yourself; otherwise you’ll be the first one to die from laziness. I’m just kidding. This apple recipe is all you need: five minutes of prepping time, 5 ingredients to be used. Just leave them in the crock pot and slowly cook it. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve on a “lazy day”. Get this simple recipe here.

15Salted Apple Pie Caramel Bars

An easy candidate for “Kids’ Favorite Caramel Bar”, this apple recipe is so delicious, even adults will applaud you in satisfaction. The yummy apple pie plus salted caramel is simply perfect. If you love sweet foods, this is a must-eat dish, you’ll be asking for more servings for sure. Check out this mouth-watering recipe here.

16Apple Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Apple cakes, anyone? This apple recipe is similar to an apple cake but with a twist. Pumpkin puree is added to create a distinct mix of flavors, topped with caramel sauce and pecans. Kids would certainly rush on the dining table when you’ve served this cake, make sure you’ll have your own serving too! Get this amazing cake recipe here.

17Apple Pie Smoothie

Need an idea for a quick summer drink? Then this apple recipe is your solution. It’s an easy to do recipe that uses only 4 ingredients and in just five minutes you’re done. You and your friends will certainly enjoy this one, perfect on a hot summer day, whether you’re at home or somewhere else. Plus, it’s low carb! Get this delicious smoothie recipe here.

18New England Apple Cider Cake

This simple apple recipe can easily feed an entire family, plus a couple more for sure. This cake recipe is popular back then, your granny would be amazed how you did your own version of this one, and it would certainly unlock old memories of the happy times when they first tasted this. It’s a definite food for the soul, if you like to call it like that. Get this delicious cake recipe here.

19Caramel Apple Monkey Bread

Do you love monkey bread? This delicious yet sticky bread is simply awesome. Let’s try to recreate this bread by mixing some apples and caramels in it to make a more delicious and more satisfying monkey bread! This apple recipe is easy to do, and can feed an entire family in a breeze. It is perfect for snacks or family gathering, and they’ll surely love it. Try this sticky bread recipe here.

20Caramel Apple Nachos

Three words: caramel, apple, nachos. The third one is probably un-related but I guarantee you, this is real; you can have sweet nachos! Kids would certainly love this apple recipe. You just need to cut the apples (you don’t even need to peel them), put some caramel and white chocolate on top, and it’s done! Get this delicious apple dish here.

21Apple Pie Pancakes

We love trying to mix dishes and turn them into a yummier one. This time, we will mix apple pies and pancakes into one. This apple recipe is so simple and easy to do, and can feed an entire family or your group of friends when you’re having a get-together. It’s also perfect for breakfasts and snacks; you can even eat it anytime you want it! Check out this yummy dish here.

22Apple Cake with Maple Buttercream and Pecan Trim

Perhaps you have bought a bunch of apples, aside from eating it raw, what will you do with it? Consider this apple recipe for your next dessert. This dish is best served as a snack or as a dessert, kids and even the entire family would love dish. Forget eating raw apples: do this instead. Check out this mouth-watering recipe here.

23Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread Pudding

Want to have something for a snack, yet you don’t have too much time to prepare for it? Here’s an apple recipe you can prepare for ten minutes, then you can sit back and relax or do something else while it cooks in the oven for less than an hour. This apple pie cinnamon pudding is best served with icing; you can even share it with the entire family for a wholesome snack! Get this delectable dish here.

24Caramel Apple Cider

Do you like apple cider? If you don’t, this apple recipe will make you love it. The sweet taste of caramel combined with cinnamon and sweet cream is so yummy, you’ll end up drinking this straight up and asks for more. Add some whipped cream on top for a more fantastic experience. This drink is perfect on cold nights, preferably served during holiday season. Check out this delicious drink here.

25Apple Cider Caramels

Running out of ideas for kiddie treats? Here’s an idea for you. This is probably the sweetest apple recipe you’ll ever do, and surely your kids will love this one, not just sweet but healthy treats for them. You can even share these to your friends, loved ones, and to your colleagues! Try these tasty apple cider caramels now! Get this recipe here.

26Apple Caramel Crunch Pie

Everyone loves pies, and apple pies are one of the well-loved pies out there. This apple recipe is a bit different from the conventional apple pie: it has a crunchy texture and a sweeter punch. Pecans and chopped apples are included in the filling to make it crunchy. You would certainly love this pie because it’s worth the effort! Get this delicious pie recipe here.

27Caramel Apple Trifles

Love desserts? Try this one! This apple recipe is perfect for people who love desserts. This trifle is really mouth-watering, and the taste is so perfectly sweet, you would notice it’s better than the ones you’ve tried somewhere. This dessert is highly adaptable, you can easily change some ingredients if you want a lighter taste, or add some texture if you want. Check out this delicious dessert here.

28Apple Crisp Stuffed Baked Apples

Perhaps you have tried apple crisp before. We’ll make things more interesting by stuffing them inside apples! This apple recipe is quick and easy, in less than an hour you can turn your ordinary apples into a work of art, worthy of being the centerpiece in your dining table. This dish is perfect for desserts; it’s also applicable as snacks. Get this yummy recipe here.

29Apple Dumplings

This apple recipe is easy to make, it uses store bought ingredients for a less time spent in the kitchen. It also uses croissant rolls, thus you can easily call this one “Apple Croissants” for a more elegant (and deliciously) sounding name. This snack/dessert is full of surprises: it even uses Mountain Dew soda for its flavor! Want to try this one? Check out the recipe here.

30Apple Pie Bars

Want something sweet for dessert? Let’s do some magic in the kitchen! I know you love apple pies; why not add some magic touch to make it more appealing not just to you but also to your family and friends too? This apple recipe is your magic guide. Let’s make apple pie bars! Adding some diced clementine oranges makes this even sweeter; skip this part if you don’t like it. Get this mouth-watering recipe here.

31Salted Caramel Apple Crumble

Need something hot for your cold holiday nights? Try this apple recipe. This dessert is an easy to do one; fifteen minutes in the kitchen is enough. This apple crumble is perfectly served warm, feeds the entire family, and makes family nights even warmer on cold winter nights. Check out this recipe here.

32Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies

Forget boring cookies – this apple recipe is all you need to eat healthy and yummy cookies! This cookie recipe uses oatmeal as its base, nutritious and low carb. This is perfect for persons who are in a strict diet, or for those who want something to eat without worrying of getting fat. You can also serve this as a snack for your kids or for the whole family. Get the recipe here.

33Apple Fritter Pull-Apart Bread

Do you love apple fritters? You would love this apple recipe if you love them. This dish is so easy to prepare; you’ll only need ten minutes of prepping time and the remaining time is spent for baking. Best served as a dessert, it also works as a snack if you want some bread. Everyone would love to have this dish on their menu. Check out this mouth-watering recipe here.

34Apple Pie Taquitos

No ideas for snacks later? No problem. This simple apple recipe is done within thirty minutes – including prep. The crispy tortillas are also used for this apple pie. The aroma of the slowly cooked tortillas is satisfying, and the sweet apple filling will ultimately make you crave for more. Kids would certainly love this one. Check out this delicious recipe here.

35Apple Tart

This is a simple apple recipe perfect for your lazy days. You won’t need a lot of time in the kitchen at all for this. All you need is to chop those apples (core them first), put some puff pastry; pop it in the oven, then voila! It’s a sweet treat for you and the whole family. You can also add some vanilla ice cream on top to make it yummier. Get the recipe here.