10 Unique Must-Have Craft Tools


Isn’t it a bit impressive how some YouTubers and bloggers make cool stuff out of nothing? Now you can too. This list contains the essential items you will need to make your own DIY’s, crafts, and other cool stuff. No need to put holes in your pocket, just a few benjamins and you are ready to go.


B0062TMN1M - Sax Blanc 60 Page Hard Cover Sketch Books

Okay, it can be quite hard to find a sketchbook with a cover that suits your taste and also has the quality paper that is perfect for watercolors and thick paints. Now with this sketchbook, you can already showcase your artistic skills starting from the front cover. Since it is plain white, you can make it look anything you want. Fill it with glitter or splatter some paint on it do what you like since it is yours. Besides this sketchbook being your personal canvass, it is made of fine quality paper that can handle your hardcore artistic skills while also being handy to carry anywhere. Click here to buy.

2Handheld Sewing Machine

Too broke to buy a big sewing machine? Not to worry, this handheld sewing machine is easy to use, affordable and durable. You can use it to make your own creations without the hassle of multi-tasking both your arms and legs. It is perfect for any materials and cloth like silk, denim, leather, and wool. You can use it to make your own handkerchief, apron, gloves etc. It is also perfect for making your crafts and embroideries. Aside from being easy to use, it is also compact and portable so you can bring it with you when travelling, so if you ever have any clothing mishap than just pull this out of your bag, sew and your ready to go. Buy it on Amazon here.

3Paint Brush Set

B0027AANDA - Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set

With the rising stardom of the art of calligraphy you’ll surely be wanting your own prized set of brush. We got you fam. This is a twenty-four piece brush set that comes in a variety of both flathead and pointed long handle brushes. It is easy to carry since it comes with its own pouch and you can use it for painting your sketchbooks or creating colors on your DIY’s. Its bristles are made using synthetic and natural hairs and you can use it along with oils and acrylic paint. Click here to buy it on Amazon.


Most crafts and DIY’s require the use of scissors, you rarely see any DIY’s that don’t snip or cut in some way. You don’t need to tour around crafts store to find the perfect and precise scissors, jut a click on the mouse will do the trick. This scissor is portable and handy, you can just fold it and hang it on your keychain or place it in your wallet. It’s grip is very comfortable and are made to fit your fingers comfortably. And aside from its design being practical it is also made of fine stainless steel that it suited for cutting more than just art and craft materials. Buy it now on Amazon.

5Brush Pen for Calligraphy

Do you want to do calligraphy the easy and more modern way? We got you. This brush pen set is perfect for font ‘benders’ and people who are just starting to learn calligraphy. It’s brush tip is made of durable and flexible tips that allow users full control of its strokes with total comfort and precision. The ink is imported from Japan and Germany and it blends well with water making your art have that gradient effect. It can be used by both professional and budding artist and plus its ideal for presents. Aside from calligraphy you can also use it for lettering, and scrapbook making. It is non-toxic and your satisfaction is surely guaranteed. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

6Glue Gun

B00CEHFIVI - Adtech High Temperature Glue Gun, Mini, Black Daisy

Glue gun is the easier counterpart of sewing machines. If you don’t have the knack for sewing things together then you can just stick things together. This glue gun isn’t your typical black and orange glue gun, this glue gun comes in a cute design, its got flowers and its black and pink, super adorbs right? You can use it for quick fixes and for your crafts and it can stick any art materials together. Buy it here on Amazon.

7Electric Pencil Sharpener

Manual Sharpeners are old school, this electric sharpener does the same job BUT even better! The result a manual sharpener gives doesn’t even come close to the product of this one. Each and Every pencil is sharpened to have the perfect point to ensure the precision of your drawings. Don’t worry it’s kid friendly, its got an auto-stop feature that stops it from sharpening if any part is missing. Click here to buy this on Amazon.

8Fabric Markers

B01C1LF7VM - Fabric Markers Permanent MINIMAL BLEED

Are you an aspiring designer? Or, maybe you just want to mess your shirt up then this fabric marker is perfect for you. It’s got permanent ink that is designed for any material and its ink releaser is improved to bleed less. Its got vibrant colors that is made with a selection of highly pigmented colors that are bold and very suitable not just for shirt but also for other items like shoes, handbags and table cloths. The ink is fade resistant and washable so don’t worry about having to reapply it for over 100 times. It’s also safe and non-toxic. Buy this on Amazon now.

9Tape Dispenser

B00O5OBQSM - Squirrel Tape Dispenser

Okay, you probably already have your own Tape Dispenser but who doesn’t want a tape dispenser like this? It’s got a unique look and it’s very convenient and easy to carry. It’s also got a shear on the other side of the tape. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

10Digital Drawing Tablet

If you got a bit of moolah to spend and you want to go digital then this Digital drawing tablet is perfect for you. You can now draw with ease because it comes with a pen that replaces your mouse so you won’t have shaky pictures anymore. It’s battery-free and you can control the thickness or thinness of your lines depending on pressure you apply on your pen. It’s compatible for both left and right hand users and you can carry it anywhere too. Click here to check it out on Amazon.